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Jeney Zoltán


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

4 March 1943 Szolnok - 28 October 2019 Budapest

Composer, head of department and professor at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy, a significant figure of the Hungarian contemporary music.

He started his composing studies with Zoltán Pongrácz in the Zoltán Kodály Secondary School for Music (Debrecen, 1957-1961). Later on, he studied at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy (Budapest, 1961-1966) as pupil of Ferenc Farkas, and at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome, 1967-1968) as pupil of Goffredo Petrassi.

Returning from Rome and encouraged by Albert Simon, Jeney founded the New Music Studio with Péter Eötvös, Zoltán Kocsis, László Sáry and László Vidovszky in 1970. The studio soon became an internationally renowned workshop for composers and performers, and introduced more than 600 contemporary music works between 1972 and 1990. In 1972, Zoltán Jeney visited the lectures of György Ligeti, Mauricio Kagel, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Christian Wolff and Iannis Xenakis on the composing courses of the Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik. Especially the personality and music of Christian Wolff made deep impact on him.

In order to research unknown connections of soundings, from 1973 he's started to get involved in diverse non-music materials (texts, chess games, meteorological data, telexes and from 1979 even fractal lines) to rewrite them into music processes. Between 1975 and 1984 he sang in the choir of Schola Hungarica, conducted by László Dobszay and Janka Szendrei. Being acquainted with the Gregorian music praxis significantly influenced his thinking about music and composing. Based on two, each other completing antique Greek tones, he developed a so-called pseudo modal scale system (Delphi, 1978) that was first used in his composition To Apollo. In 1982 he studied computer music at the IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) in Paris.

In 1985 he was research professor for four months at the Columbia University, New York. From June 1988 he was scholarship holder of DAAD in West Berlin for a year. From 1986 he’s been teaching at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy. First he taught practical skills of composing, and then in 1995 he became head of the composing and conductor-training department. Since 2002 he’s been head of the doctoral school as well. In 1999 he taught as guest professor at music department of the Northwestern University, Chicago (School of Music). In 1993 he was elected to member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Art – his inaugural concert was in October, 1996. He was chairman of the Association of Hungarian Composers (1993-1996), board member of the ISCM, International Society of Contemporary Music (1993-1999), and in frames of the latter organization he was also vice president between 1996 and 1999.

Among his works we can find orchestral compositions, chamber works, songs, choir works, electronic and computer music works, co-operations with other composers and incidental music (theater, movie). He permanently worked with Gábor Zsámbéki and Zoltán Huszárik (Jeney composed the soundtrack of Huszárik’s movie, Sindbad). With László Vidovszky he composed music for the Hungarian pavilion of the Sevilla World Expo in 1992. In 2005 he finished his monumental oratorio, Funeral ceremony, which he had permanently worked on since 1987. The premiere of the six-piece work was held 22 October, 2005, in the Palace of Arts with the National Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, conducted by Zoltán Kocsis.

Many of his works premiered abroad as well. He's been regularly invited to Ny Musik of Boras. In frames of a ten-concert series, the orchestra introduced more than thirty works by him in Sweden, 1984. A number of his CDs were published by Hungarian and foreign record companies. In 1979 he received the Kassák Prize from the literary periodical Magyar Műhely that was published in Paris.

He was honored with the Ferenc Erkel Prize (1982), the title Merited Artist (1990), the Kossuth Prize (2001), the Artisjus Music Prize (2001) and the Aegon Art Co-Award (2006). He also received the Bartók-Pásztory Award two times (1988 and 2006).
Title Type Year
& silence everywhere Ensemble 2001
"Aere di cupo terror!... Palpiti al cor!" Chamber Music 2008
"which half is never the same?" Chamber Music 2013
12 Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1983
60 Sounds for László Sáry Chamber Music 2000
>>Quand j´etais jeune, on me disait<< Unspecified instrument(s) 1994
The Medium Film music 1979
The Chinese Poem Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1996
Movements of the Eye I. Instrumental solo 1973
Movements of the Eye II. Chamber Music 1973
Movements of the Eye III. Chamber Music 1973
Prosecution Film music 1996
Absolve domine Mixed choir 1990
Adam’s Sleep Solo voice(s) a cappella 2007
Agony - Songs to Poems by György Petri Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2013
Alef - Hommage a Schönberg Symphony orchestra 1972
To Apollo Choir and solo instrument(s) 1978
Aritmíe - Ritmiche Chamber Music 1967
Arthur Rimbaud in the Desert Instrumental solo 1976
Arupa Ensemble 1981
Auf meinen lieben Gott !to be determined 2016
Aus Tiefer Not Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 0
Avec un grand oubli du présent Chamber Music 2014
The statue of streaming Solo voice(s) a cappella 1965
Songs of Innocence and of Experience Solo voice(s) a cappella 2013
From the Brook to the Ocean Unspecified instrument(s) 1987
The Eternal Corridor Choir and solo instrument(s) 1983
Bach Choral-Remakes !to be determined 2016
Being-time I Unspecified instrument(s) 1979
Being-time III Unspecified instrument(s) 1979
Being-time IV Unspecified instrument(s) 1991
Being-time V & VI Unspecified instrument(s) 1985
Frogs Solo voice(s) a cappella 1996
Farewell To Ligeti Instrumental solo 2006
Cacti No. 6 !to be determined 0
Cantos para todos Solo voice(s) with chamber orchestra 1983
Capriccio Film music 1969
Caput - Tropics Choir and solo instrument(s) 1977
Coincidences Ensemble 1973
Coincidences - For 3 pianos and 3 chamber ensembles Ensemble 1981
Communio: Gustate et videte Mixed choir 1995
Consolazione (something lost: echo) Chamber Music 2001
Constellazioni !to be determined 2018
Daisy Opera 1999
Songs to Poems by László Márton Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1987
December 27 Chamber Music 1978
December 27 Chamber Music 1978
Desert Plants Live and tape music 1975
A Story of Cowardice Film music 1966
The End of a Game (Epitaphium S. Altorjai) Chamber Music 1980
Syncronisty Film music 1985
El Silencio Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1986
For Péter Esterházy – Soliloquium No. 5 (Charlie "Bird" Parker to Bruno) Instrumental solo 2016
Eszterlánc Film music 1985
Ouverture étrusque Chamber Music 1989
Etwas getragen (Sonstenuto - Zweite fassung) Chamber Music 1988
Thousand Years - Quodlibet Tape music 1992
F-E-A Instrumental solo 2012
Fantasia Su Una Nota Unspecified instrument(s) 1984
Flowing time Chamber Music 0
Catch and Carry! Film music 1979
For Quartet Chamber Music 1973
Shavings Instrumental solo 1995
Four Pitches Unspecified instrument(s) 1972
Fungi - Epitaphium John Cage Instrumental solo 1992
Bathing Film music 1974
Gaga Chamber Music 1975
Gaga Chamber Music 1976
When there is nothing to be done Solo voice(s) a cappella 2016
Funeral Rite Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 2005
Hard Edge - Earl Brown in memoriam Instrumental solo 2002
Hilf uns, Herr, unser Gott – Cantata Choir and orchestra 0
Hommage à Dohnányi Chamber Music 1977
Hommage à Dohnányi Chamber Music 1979
Hommage à Kurtág Live and tape music 1975
Hommage à Kurtág - For Four Pianos and Tape Live and tape music 1986
Huszárik-breviarium Film music 1982
Three Songs to Poems by Apollinaire Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1962
Heraclitus in H Unspecified instrument(s) 1980
Heraclitus in Off Season Unspecified instrument(s) 1988
Heraclitus´ Watermark Unspecified instrument(s) 1983
Heraclitus Adverbial Instrumental solo 0
Heraclitus´ Watermark Again Instrumental solo 2013
Heraclitus-interpretation Unspecified instrument(s) 1984
Heraclitien Tear-drop Instrumental solo 2013
Heraclitian Water-plane Chamber Music 2015
Impho 102/6 Chamber Music 1978
In memoriam Gyöngyössy Imre Film music 1997
Infinitive Mixed choir 1995
Installation Music for the World Expo in Seville Electroacoustic music 1992
Interludium in Hoquetus Electroacoustic music 1988
The Revolt of Job Film music 1983
Kalah Instrumental solo 1983
Kalah Film music 1980
Kalah (Electronic music) Electroacoustic music 1988
Kato NK 300 July 22, 1979, 10.30 AM. - Liptó Street, Budapest Unspecified instrument(s) 1979
Complements Instrumental solo 1976
The Treasure-seeking Little Jacket Film music 1973
Historical Song 2019 !to be determined 2019
Márta Kurtág´s Watermark Instrumental solo 2019
Two Dances for Piano Instrumental solo 2013
Chinese Jug Film music 1973
Chinese Temple Symphony orchestra 2015
Interlude with Sounds Unspecified instrument(s) 1979
From Ladislaus de Madae´s Secular Songs Mixed choir 1971
Laude Symphony orchestra 1977
Les adieux (Two Mushrooms) Ensemble 1977
Lungo i muri dei cimiteri del mondo - For Bass Flute Instrumental solo 1996
In the Shadow of Flames Mixed choir 1982
Bird Call Children's choir 1982
When you write it down, I´ll come... Other 1990
Mandala Chamber Music 1972
Meditazione su un tema di Goffredo Petrassi Instrumental solo 1984
Memories of Delphoi Ensemble 2009
Miserere mei (Psalmus 50) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1993
Miserere mei (Psalmus 50) Mixed choir 1993
Miserere mei (Psalmus 50) Solo voice(s) with chamber orchestra 1994
Miserere mei (Psalmus 50) - For solo voice Solo voice(s) a cappella 1991
Monody Mixed choir 1974
Monody Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1977
Mr. Marlowe Tracks Down yvar´s Lost Tango Instrumental solo 1984
Marie´s Lament Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1995
Never Seek to Tell thy Love Solo voice(s) a cappella 1996
Eight Songs to Poems by Dezső Tandori Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1987
Four Small Drawings - Pn Poems by Sándor Weöres Solo voice(s) a cappella 1997
Four Victorian Phantom-Pictures Tape music 1983
O Admirabile - Chime-bells, Jingles Chamber Music 1984
OM Live and tape music 1979
Omaggio (Alla notte) Symphony orchestra 1966
Orpheus´s Garden Chamber Music 1974
Panegyricus Ensemble 2004
Pater noster Male choir 1991
Pater noster Mixed choir 1991
Pavane Orchestral work 2007
Pontpoint Chamber Music 1978
Psalmus 101 Choir and solo instrument(s) 1989
Psalmus 116 Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 1986
Psalmus 137 (Confitebor tibi Domine) Solo voice(s) with chamber orchestra 1989
Psalmus 5 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1989
Psalmus 50 (Miserere mei) Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1991
Psalmus 6 Choir and chamber orchestra 1992
Psalmus 7 Solo voice(s), choir & chamber ensemble 1992
Quemadmodum String orchestra 1975
Ricercare Instrumental solo 1992
Ricercare 8+8 Electroacoustic music 1989
Ricercare a 8 voci String orchestra 1993
Ricercare in Variazioni Sopra il Motto Dal Rito Funebre Instrumental solo 1988
Rimembranze Symphony orchestra 1968
Rondellus Unspecified instrument(s) 1981
Rottenbiller Street 16-22 Live electronic music 1990
Round Chamber Music 1972
Round Film music 1975
Round Chamber Music 1972
Self-Quotations Chamber Music 1991
Soliloquium No. 1 Instrumental solo 1967
Soliloquium No. 1a (Cancrizans) Instrumental solo 1982
Soliloquium No. 2 Instrumental solo 1978
Soliloquium No. 3 Instrumental solo 1980
Soliloquium No. 4 Instrumental solo 1980
Solitaire Electroacoustic music 1978
Solitude Choir and solo instrument(s) 1974
Songs to Poems by William Carlos Williams Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1984
Sostenuto Symphony orchestra 1979
Spaziosa calma... Solo voice(s) with chamber orchestra 1984
Subvenite Choir and chamber orchestra 1979
St. George and the Dragon Music for the theater 1972
Sindbad Film music 1971
Hundred Year´s Average Live electronic music 1977
I dream of coloured inks Film music 1980
The Locust Tree in Flowers Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1995
Homage to Old Ladies Film music 1971
Transcriptions Automatiques Instrumental solo 1975
Trio Chamber Music 2000
Tropi Chamber Music 1975
Landscape ad hoc Live electronic music 1980
Space Painting Film music 1983
Movements From the Funeral Rite Solo voice(s), choir & chamber orchestra 1987
Fragmente Instrumental solo 1975
Undisturbed Live and tape music 1974
Unisono and Divided Arpeggios in Minor Seconds and Major Sevenths Instrumental solo 2009
Unisono and Divided Arpeggios in Minor Seconds and Major Sevenths Chamber Music 2014
Ursus Instrumental solo 2012
Valse triste Unspecified instrument(s) 1979
Variation on a Theme by Christian Wolff Unspecified instrument(s) 1980
Four Songs to Poems by Rilke Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1962
Vigilanti Film music 1993
Those Waiting Film music 1974
End Game Instrumental solo 1973
Was hast du verbrochen? Chamber Music 2015
Was hast du verbrochen? - Epitaphium Ildikó Vékony Instrumental solo 2017
Wei wu wei Ensemble 1968
Wie leicht wird Erde Sein Mixed choir 1981
Wie leicht wird Erde sein Choir and chamber ensemble 1986
Wohin? (For any number of players any number of melody instruments) Instrumental solo 2003
Wohin? 2013 Chamber Music 2013
Yantra Unspecified instrument(s) 1972
a leaf falls Chamber Music 1975
a maunderin tongue in a pounderin jowl Instrumental solo 1993
on y revient toujours Ensemble 2007
something found Ensemble 1981
something like String orchestra 1980
something lost Instrumental solo 1975
something round String orchestra 1975
My Adored Fallen to the Foot of the Crucifix Female choir 1987
My Adored Fallen to the Foot of the Crucifix Choir and solo instrument(s) 1995
My Way Home Film music 1964
Five Songs to Poems by Attila József Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1963
Five Pieces for Piano Instrumental solo 1962
For Glass and Metal Tape music 1979