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Tihanyi László


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

21 March 1956 Budapest

Between 1970 and 1974 he learned composing in the Béla Bartók Secondary School for Music - his teachers were Elek Huzella, Béla C. Nagy and István Fekete Győr. He continued his music studies in 1974 at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, where he studied composing from Rezső Sugár and conducting from András Kóródi. In 1981 he graduated in composing and music theory teaching, the next year in conducting.

From 1979 he’s been teaching at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music - since 1999 he’s been reader, between 2000 and 2004 he was deputy rector, and since 2004 he’s been professor of the music theory department. He habilitated in 2000. From 1978 to 1990 he taught solfeggio and music theory in the Béla Bartók Secondary School for Music.

His first introduction as author was in 1989, while his first album was released in 1992. Afterwards, a number of his works were presented in Hungary and abroad. He primarily composed music for symphonic orchestras, chamber orchestras and ensembles. Most of these works were composed for request. The chamber concerto “Irrlichtspiel” for violin and orchestra was composed in 1991 for the Hungarian Radio, the “Summer Music” was made in 1992 for the Ensemble Contrechamps. The “Epitaph du Soldat” is a special epilogue to Stravinsky’s "Story of the soldier", which Tihanyi composed 1994 for the French Radio.

The “Serenata for four instruments” was composed for the Bath Festival (1996), while the “Schattenspiel” for the Fountain Chamber Workshop (1997). The Swiss Pro Helvetia and the Zuger Kulturstiftung Landis & Gyr ordered the “Matrix” for four hands (1998), while the “Atte” was composed for the debut concert of UMZE in Berlin (1999). In 2002, the Musikfabrik presented the concerto “Matrix / Cosmos” for four-hand piano and ensemble.

His second order from a radio orchestra, the “20 Night Meditation” was also presented in the Juillard School, New York (2007). He composed the opera “Genitrix” for the French State, based on the novel by François Mauriac. The opus was first presented in the Bordeaux Opera House (25 November 2007), and the Hungarian premiére was held in the Palace of Arts, in frames of the Budapest Spring Festival (19 March 2008). Since 1994 his works are published exclusively by Editio Musica Budapest. Most of his works were released by Hungaroton Classic and BMC Records.

The composer and conductor László Tihanyi is one of the most active and most employed members of the Hungarian music society. Between 1980 and 1988 he was leading conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Budapest Technical University. He is founder and art director of the Ensemble Intermodulation (1985), which plays contemporary and twentieth century music. He has worked with most of the Hungarian orchestras and has performed in almost every music center of Europe with such outstanding contemporary ensembles as Ensemble Modern, the Contrechamps and the Musikfabrik. Péter Eötvös requested Tihanyi to be his co-conductor when performing and touring with Bruno Maderna’s Hyperion. It was also Eötvös who asked him to conduct the second orchestra on the premiere of the opera “Three sisters” in Vienna (Wiener Festwochen, 2002) and in Budapest.

László Tihanyi’s been member of the Széchenyi Academy of Arts since 2007.

He was honored with the Albert Szirmai Prize (1981), the Special Prize of the Association of Hungarian Musicians (1988), the Artisjus Prize (1986, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993 and 1998), the Erkel Prize (1997) and the “Merite Culturel” Award from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Science (1999), the Bartók-Pásztory Award (2001) and the Hans Martin Ziegler Award from the German town Kassel.

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Title Type Year
"Piano" music, Op. prius 2 Ensemble 1976
2 sonatas Hommage à O. Messiaen, Op. prius 3 Chamber Music 1977
20 Night Meditations, Op. 33 Symphony orchestra 2002
3 bagatell in mem. Gy. L., Op. 38 Chamber Music 2006
3 Stanzas to Tábita, Op. 61 Concerto 2013
4 Intermezzo Ensemble 2023
50 misure a S. / Fifty bars for S., Op. 56. Chamber Music 2011
8 Scenes From The Genitrix, Op. 41. Solo voice(s) with orchestra 2008
80 notes for András Szőllősy, Op. 30 Instrumental solo 2001
The passing of Neptune, Op. 20 Instrumental solo 1996
On the Banks of the Styx Chamber Music 0
Silence of the Winds, Op. 1 Chamber orchestra 1984
Chord canon, Op. 16 / Akkordkanon, Op. 16 Ensemble 1994
Genitrix, Op. 39 Opera 2001
Arabesque - Semi-opera Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2020
Arkhé, Op. 10 Symphony orchestra 1989
Arnis, Op. 51. Ensemble 2010
Atte, Op. 26 Concerto 1999
Attis, Op. 6 Instrumental solo 1986
In the Forests of the Night, Op. 67 String orchestra 2015
Bach-Comment, Op. 59 Instrumental solo 2012
Back from the Embankment, Op. 34 Ensemble 2003
Bagatelles, Op. 84 Chamber Music 2021
Farewell, Op. 68 - For Solo Flute Instrumental solo 2015
Clausula No. 1., Op. 46 Instrumental solo 2009
Clausula No. 2., Op. 48 Chamber Music 2009
Clausula No. 3., Op. 50. Chamber Music 2010
Clausula No. 4., Op. 58 Chamber Music 2012
Clausula No. 5, Op. 60 Instrumental solo 2013
Clausula No. 6, Op. 62 Chamber Music 2013
Clausus No. 10 Ensemble 0
Concertino Piccolino, Op. 35 Ensemble 2004
Dessin, Op. 27 Ensemble 2000
Double, Op. 4 Chamber Music 1986
Ductus, Op. 3 Instrumental solo 1986
Duettino, Op. 22 Chamber Music 1996
Enodios, Op. 5 Symphony orchestra 1986
Epilegomena (Jan Jansson on the Milky Way), Op. 47 Concerto 2009
White Rose, Op. 72 Stage work 2016
White Words, Op. 9 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1988
Frieze , Op. 70 Concerto 2015
Genitrix – Suite No. 1., Op. 44 Solo voice(s) with orchestra 2009
Genitrix - Suite No. 2., Op. 45 Solo voice(s) with orchestra 2009
Interval-Play, Op. 71 Instrumental solo 2016
Hymn fragments, Op. 42. Choir and solo instrument(s) 2008
Three Haikus, Op. 80 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2019
Three Note Papers, Op. 73 Chamber Music 2016
Three Little Dirges - In memoriam Zoltán Jeney Chamber Music 2023
With Closed Eyes, Op. 78 Chamber Music 2018
Irrlichtspiel, Op. 13 Concerto 1991
6 songs for the verses of Chinese poets, Op. prius 1 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1974
Jan Jansson´s Journey from Denmark to Denmark, Op. 7 Instrumental solo 1987
Scene for Five Characters, Op. 28 Chamber Music 2001
Krios (The month of Ram), Op. 2 Symphony orchestra 1985
Blue Vortex, Op. 79 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2019
Two imaginary dialogues, Op. 55 Ensemble 2011
La nuit, Op. 74 Solo voice(s), choir & chamber ensemble 2017
Linos, Op. 31 Instrumental solo 2002
Epitaph of the Soldier, Op. 17 Ensemble 1994
Léthé Orchestral work 2024
Mahlers Wunderhorn, Op. 36 / Mahlers Magic Horn, Op. 36 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2005
Matrix / Kosmos, Op. 32 Concerto 2002
Matrix, Op. 25 Chamber Music 1998
Motetus, Op. prius 4 Ensemble 1981
Nachtszene, Op. 12 / Nihgt scene, Op. 12 Chamber Music 1991
Nebula vitae Orchestral work 2023
Nereid, Op. 19 Ensemble 1995
Eight Invocations to the Lunar Phases, Op. 53 Chamber Music 2011
Nächtliche Klauseln, Op. 29 / Night Clauses, Op. 29 Instrumental solo 2001
Opera Magna, Op. 66 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2014
Passacaglie, Op. 49 Concerto 2009
Pimpalin´s Gown, Op. 24 Ensemble 1998
Prelude, Invocation and Postlude, Op. 54 Chamber Music 2011
Prophet als Vogel, Op. 37 Instrumental solo 2006
Psychopompos for 16 Woodwinds Ensemble 1985
Pylaios, Op. 8 Ensemble 1988
Rundherum, Op. 57. Chamber Music 2012
Satie-ricon, Op. 77 Instrumental solo 2017
Schattenlos I, II, III Chamber Music 1997
Schattenspiel, Op. 23 / Shadowplay, Op. 23 Chamber Music 1997
Sequenza, Op. 40 Chamber Music 2008
Serenata, Op. 21 Chamber Music 1996
Summer Music, Op. 14 Chamber Music 1992
Petal, Op. prius 5 Instrumental solo 1984
In Hundred Nights, Op. 76 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2017
Tra-duzioni, Op. 15 Solo voice(s) with orchestra 1992
Tractus, Op. 43 Instrumental solo 2009
Triton, Op. 18 Concerto 1995
Song of the Distant Mountains, Op. 75 Chamber Music 2017
Song of the Distant Mountains, Op. 75/b Chamber Music 2018
Une porte sur l’abîme, Op. 52. Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2010
Red Glow, Op. 69 Stage work 2015
Winter Scenes, Op. 11 Ensemble 1991
Stills, Op. 85 Chamber Music 2020
Eternal Dream Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2023