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Láng István


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

1 March 1933 Budapest - 23 October 2023

He studied composing at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music as pupil of János Viski and Ferenc Szabó between 1950 and 1958.

From 1957 to 1960 he worked as music teacher assistant at the Theater and Film Academy, and between 1966 and 1984 he was music consultant at the State Puppet Theater. In 1961 he won a prize with his composition Concerto per archi at the composers' contest in Ludwigshafen. Since 1973 he’s been lecturer, reader, and then university professor at the chamber music department of the Music Academy. Between 1970 and 1990 he was member and president of the jury of various international music contests (for horn, trumpet, brass wind chamber music, oboe, composing and choir). As guest performer he held lectures at following universities: University of Colorado (1973), CNM Mexico City (1985, 1987) and New Mexico State University (1988).

From 1978 to 1990 he was secretary general of the Association of Hungarian Musicians. Between 1984 and 1988 he was member of the Executive Board of the New Music International Association (ISCM). In 1958 he was the first who wrote about the importance of the setting-up of an electronic music studio. Since 1974 he’s been constantly taking part in the work of the HEAR Studio with recorded and live electronic music compositions. The oeuvre of the artist, who is equally active as teacher and as composer, is versatile and varied: it ranges from the opera, the symphonic and chamber music all the way to the electro-acoustic music. His style can be characterized by strong affinity towards the theater, his dramaturgic sense shows even in his most abstract instrumental pieces.

As admission of his activity as composer he was awarded with the Erkel Prize (1968, 1975), the title Merited Artist (1985), the Bartók-Pásztory Award (1994), the Artisjus Prize (2005) and the Middle Cross of Merit of Order of the Hungarian Republic (2009).

He died at the age of 90 on the 23rd of October, 2023.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1970 Mihály András, Maros Rudolf, Székely Endre, Láng István, Balassa Sándor, Lendvay Kamilló művei Hungaroton LPX 11494 LP
1972 Hidas Frigyes: Fúvósötös No.2; Bozay Attila: Fúvósötös, Op.6; Láng István: Fúvósötös No.2; Petrovics Emil: Fúvósötös
(Hidas, Frigyes: Wind Quintet No.2; Bozay, Attila: Wind Quintet, Op.6; Láng, István: Wind Quintet No.2; Petrovics, Emil: Wind Quintet)
Hungaroton LPX 11630 LP
1976 Magyar rézfúvós kamarazene
(Contemporary Hungarian Brass Chamber Music)
Hungaroton SLPX 11811 LP
1979 Mai magyar művek cimbalomra
(Contemporary Hungarian Cimbalom Music 2.)
Hungaroton SLPX 12012 LP
1988 Éneklő Ifjúság 10
(Singing Youth)
Hungaroton SLPX 31102 LP
1996 Bazsinka József: Hullámok Hungaroton HCD 31642
1996 Magyar kortárs zeneszerzők rézfúvós kamarazenéje
(Brass Music by Hungarian Contemporary Composers)
Hungaroton HCD 31680
1997 Láng István: Szonáta hegedűre és zongorára, Szonáta gordonkára és zongorára, Canto per flauto solo etc.
(Láng, István: Sonata for Violin and Piano; Sonata for Cello and Piano; Canto per flauto solo etc.)
Hungaroton HCD 31641 Own
1997 ISMEAM - selected passages HEAR Studio-Hung. Rad. HEAR 103
1999 Kortárs magyar szerzők orgonaművei
(Hungarian Contemporary Organ Music)
Hungaroton HCD 31858
2001 Psy: A cimbalom varázsa
(Psy: Charm of the Cimbalom)
Hungaroton HCD 32015
2001 Párhuzamos monológok - kortárs magyar zene cimbalomra
(Paralel Monologues - Contemporary Hungarian Music for Cimbalom)
Hungaroton HCD 31997
2001 Magyar Hangtájak II.
(Hungarian Soundscapes II.)
HEAR Studio-Hung. Rad. HEAR 104
2002 Dervistánc
(Dervish Dance)
BMC Records BMC CD 059
2005 Láng István: Inquieto, Sempre in tensione, Ist es möglich ohne B-A-C-H, VII. Szimfonia
(Láng, István: Inquieto, Sempre in tensione, Ist es möglich ohne B-A-C-H, Symphony No.7)
Hungaroton HCD 32357 Own
2006 Magyar elektroakusztikus zene
(Hungarian ElectroAcoustic Research)
Hungaroton HCD 32449
2006 Wohltemperiertes Cymbal Hungaroton HCD 32359
2009 Lebegés - Elektroakusztikus Zene
(Floatation - ElectroAcoustic Research)
Hungaroton HCD 32637
2009 Brass5 Hungaroton HCD 32632
2009 Láng István: Broken off Paragraphs, 6th Smyphony for 39 strings, Diamond in the Dust of Earth - Cantata Based on the Lines of Ottó Orbán Hungaroton HCD 32575 Own
Title Type Year
"Interrupted Processes" Electroacoustic music 2007
3 Winzigkeiten / 3 Short Drafts Chamber Music 2000
Four for Piano Four Hands Chamber Music 2016
5 Studi breve / 5 Short Pieces Instrumental solo 1991
5 Bagatelles Chamber Music 2017
7 studi / 7 Studies Instrumental solo 1984
The Great Jeweler Music for the theater 1961
The Paul Street Boys Music for the theater 1963
The Magic Firetool Incidental music 1962
The Clerk of Debrecen Music for the theater 1957
The Tree Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2019
The Black Jar Music for the theater 1956
The Coward Opera 1967
The Third Version Instrumental solo 1996
Bells of the Crater Tape music 2001
The Great Dramatist Opera 1960
The Silent Masters Speak Film music 1962
Inez de Portugal Music for the theater 1966
The Barber of Seville Music for the theater 1958
Days of the Leap-month Instrumental solo 2007
The Dragon Incidental music 1967
Borken Off Paragraphs Symphony orchestra 2003
About 6 Minutes Instrumental solo 1985
Ad Nominem Mahler Chamber orchestra 2006
Adagio String orchestra 2004
Affetti Chamber Music 1986
Nightfall Electroacoustic music 0
Amadeus mit Igor in Osmindorf bei Basel Chamber Music 1989
Fathers School Music for the theater 1964
In Golden Net Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1963
Portrait from Inside Solo voice(s) with orchestra 1970
Aria di coloratura Instrumental solo 1984
Car Showroom Music for radio drama 0
The 1002. Night Music for the theater 1958
Secret of the Golden Flag Music for radio drama 1958
The Backward West Film music 1970
The First Year Film music 1966
The Last Phrases - Remembering the Poem by Miklós Radnóti (1909–1944) Ensemble 2009
The New God Male choir 0
To Bacchus Choir with accompaniment 1960
Waiting for the Barbarians (Chamber Cantata No. 4) Live and tape music 2010
Surrounded Opera 1989
Bernarda Alba’s House Opera 1959
Bartholomew Fair Music for the theater 1975
For Vinedrinker Mixed choir 1954
Broken Consort Chamber Music 2007
Concerto for Viola Concerto 1957
Budapest Liszt Ferenc Square Tape music 2000
Enchanting Mixed choir 1959
C.A.G.E. Notes Instrumental solo 1992
Canto Instrumental solo 1994
Capriccio metronomico Electroacoustic music 1998
Cassazione Chamber Music 1971
Cello Sms Instrumental solo 2017
ШАГАЛ Flies Away over His Sleeping ВИТЕБСК Chamber Music 1985
Cimbiofonia Concerto 2012
Cimbiosis Concerto 1991
Close Connections Orchestral work 2014
ConcerDUOtante Concerto 2010
Concertino Electroacoustic music 0
Concertino per silofono Concerto 1961
Concerto bucolico Concerto 1971
Concerto per archi / Concerto for Strings String orchestra 1960
Concitato Instrumental solo 2010
Crescendo Incidental music 1975
Sonata for Cello and Piano Chamber Music 1993
Sonata for Violoncello Instrumental solo 1960
Silence Chamber Music 2016
Starfighters Ballet / Choreographic work 1971
Knotes on the Line Chamber Music 1993
Song About the Hyenas of the War Choir a cappella 1962
Die letzten Stätze Chamber Music 2010
The Love of Don Perlimplín and Belisa in the Garden Music for radio drama 1962
Dramma breve Instrumental solo 1970
Duo per flauti Chamber Music 1963
Duo for Two Cimbaloms Chamber Music 0
Egloga Symphony orchestra 1976
Egyptian Story Film music 1962
Constellations Chamber Music 1975
Prelude to the Unwritten Poem by Ottó Orbán Chamber Music 2019
Nightfall Live and tape music 1996
Farthings for Fafló and Flófa Chamber Music 1989
Faust Music for the theater 1957
Exclamations Live and tape music 2011
Surface-Metamorphosis Electroacoustic music 1974
Supplication Choir a cappella 1969
Frammento grazioso (Study for orchestra) Symphony orchestra 1968
Fluteline Chamber Music 2013
Gestures Instrumental solo 2011
Mourning-Song Choir a cappella 1961
Diamaond in the Dust of Earth Choir and orchestra 2004
Steam Film music 1970
If You Tell It, I´ll Deny it Music for the theater 1967
Aubade and Round-Dance Choir a cappella 1971
From Dawn to Noon Film music 1964
My Thirty-two Names Film music 1972
Harphonia Instrumental solo 1990
Harpsounds Instrumental solo 2021
Resemblances Instrumental solo 2015
Sonata for Violin and Piano Chamber Music 1990
Concerto for Violin Concerto 1977
Hyperbola Ballet / Choreographic work 1963
Waves No. 1 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1975
Wawes No. 2 Chamber Music 1976
Waves No. 3 Chamber Music 1989
Waves No. 4 Chamber Music 2006
Three Songs on Poems by Attila József Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1956
Three Chinese Epigrams Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1958
Three Microludes Chamber Music 2020
Three Sentences from the Romeo and Juliet String orchestra 1970
Three Orchestral Songs Symphony orchestra 1985
Seven Haiku Instrumental solo 1999
7 Short Pieces for Percussions and Piano Chamber Music 1989
Everyday Ballad Film music 1969
Wind Quintet No. 1, Op. 2 Chamber Music 1964
String Quartett No. 1 Chamber Music 1961
Wind Quintet No. 2 Chamber Music 1965
Symphony No. 2 Symphony orchestra 1974
String Quartett No. 2 Chamber Music 1966
Wind Quintet No. 3 Chamber Music 1975
Symphony No. 3 (Episodi) Symphony orchestra 1982
String Quartet No. 3 Chamber Music 1978
Symphony No. 4 Symphony orchestra 1983
String Quartet No. 4 (Version for String Orchestra) String orchestra 0
Improvization for Cimbalom Instrumental solo 1973
Impulsioni Concerto 1969
In Memoriam N.N. Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 0
Inquieto Electroacoustic music 2005
Intarsia Around a Bartók Theme Chamber Music 1989
Intermezzi Instrumental solo 1972
Interpolations Instrumental solo 1988
Iocasté (Chamber Cantata No. 2) Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1979
Ist es möglich ohne B-A-C-H? Instrumental solo 2000
O, What Orphan Is This Forest Female choir 1963
Scene Without Text No. 2 Incidental music 1979
Scene String String orchestra 2016
Come May Solo voice(s), choir & solo instrument(s) 1963
Toward our Future Choir with accompaniment 1960
Mystery at the Duck Nest Incidental music 1966
Chamber Cantata Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1962
Christmas Carol Film music 1964
Double Concerto Concerto 1980
Day-off Choral music 1963
Little Suite Chamber Music 2019
Crying Silence Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1969
The Prince and the Pauper Music for the theater 1960
The Forced Marriage Music for the theater 1966
Two Children´s Choruses on the Poems by Sándor Weöres Children's choir 1963
Two Preludes for a Postlude Chamber Music 1977
King Louis Divorces Music for the theater 1957
Laudate Hominem Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 1968
Floatation Electroacoustic music 1997
Arrested Ballet / Choreographic work 1968
Flies Music for the theater 1966
Courage Test Music for radio drama 1960
Lento Chamber Music 1983
Butterfly-Song Mixed choir 1961
Libero Instrumental solo 1984
Line Before Background Live and tape music 2019
Linea melodica Instrumental solo 1985
Lorca’s Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1961
Concatenations Instrumental solo 1976
Flaming Neon Choir a cappella 1962
Threbbed Threats Chamber Music 2015
Mario and the Magician Ballet / Choreographic work 1962
Micropezzo Instrumental solo 2016
Mirandolina Music for the theater 1961
Sentences Choir a cappella 1973
Sentences (5th Chamber-Cantata) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2014
Monodia Ballet / Choreographic work 1965
Monologue for Horn Instrumental solo 1974
Movimento Chamber Music 0
Movimento Chamber Music 2001
Musica funebre Symphony orchestra 1969
So Long As You Breath Male choir 1974
Moses Music for the theater 1966
I Won´t Wait Until Tomorrow... Film music 1967
No Man Is an Iland, Intire of It Selfe Electroacoustic music 2001
Summer and Smoke Music for the theater 1965
Wedding-song Choir a cappella 1965
Off and On Electroacoustic music 1995
Off and On (Second version) Electroacoustic music 1996
Memory of October Choir with accompaniment 1966
Organissimo Instrumental solo 1982
Concerto for Organ Concerto 1987
Ottorgano Chamber Music 2009
Zany Film music 1957
Master Pathelin Opera 1958
Perpetuum mobile II. Chamber Music 2014
Pezzo strepitoso Instrumental solo 2013
Prelude, 3 Mobils and Postlude Chamber Music 1980
Preludio Instrumental solo 1997
Quartetto d´archi No. 2 / String Quartett No. 2 Chamber Music 1966
Traceries Chamber Music 2018
Alert Film music 1961
Ritornelli Chamber Music 1963
Rondino Chamber Music 1971
Miss Rosina Music for the theater 1964
Rubin Flower Film music 1968
Rhymes Ensemble 1972
Sassonanti Instrumental solo 2000
Scapin the Schemer Music for the theater 1966
Scherzo strepitoso Instrumental solo 2013
Sempre in tensione Chamber Music 2002
Sensa allegro Instrumental solo 2006
Sinfonietta Symphony orchestra 2009
The Seagull Music for the theater 1966
Soliloquium Instrumental solo 1982
Staccatissimi Instrumental solo 2015
Staccatissimi Instrumental solo 2015
Suonitrascolori No. 1 Tape music 2006
Suonitrascolori No. 2 Tape music 2006
Szadkó Music for radio drama 1957
Measure for Measure Music for the theater 1972
Serenade Mixed choir 1961
Island Music for the theater 1968
Close Connections Symphony orchestra 2013
Chair History Incidental music 1975
Theater on the Back of the Whale Music for the theater 1973
Solo Instrumental solo 1975
Meeting With a Young Man Electroacoustic music 1997
Corn-Shell Mixed choir 1963
Tenvio Duo Chamber Music 0
The Bores Music for the theater 1965
Tre schizzi / Three Sketches Instrumental solo 1988
Trio Chamber Music 1959
Duo for Trumpets Chamber Music 1972
With Dance and Song Mixed choir 1964
Dance-Song Mixed choir 1964
Fragments Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1972
Cicada Film music 1963
Mirror Film music 1967
Fire Choir a cappella 1974
Frank V Music for radio drama 1963
Symphony No. 5 Symphony orchestra 1992
Symphony No. 6 String orchestra 1994
Symphony No. 7 Solo voice(s) with solo instr. and orch. 1997
Symphony No. 7 - On the Poem by Dezső Kosztolányi Solo voice(s) with orchestra 1997
YWM 1973 Choir with accompaniment 1973
Someone is Ringing Film music 1968
Variazioni e Allegro (Symphony No. 1) Symphony orchestra 1961
Variazioni senza tema Instrumental solo 2015
Veemenza Assai Chamber Music 2004
Retablos di Romeo y Julia Ballet / Choreographic work 1969
Wax Magic Film music 1968
Vibrating Object on Parabola Line Electroacoustic music 2003
Flashes Instrumental solo 1973
Glances Back Instrumental solo 2000
Viviofa Chamber Music 1995
Wexed Streams Live and tape music 2008
Music 2-4-3 Ensemble 1979
Zénóphonia Chamber Music 1984
poco a poco dim. Instrumental solo 1977
Dream About the Theatre Opera 1981
At the Feast of April Children's choir 1966
Streams Chamber Music 2017
Chaffing Mixed choir 1961
Arcs in Space Chamber Music 2005
Arcs in Space No. 2 Chamber Music 2012
Arcs in Space No. 3 Chamber Music 2012
Five Epigrams Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1963
Five Short Pieces Chamber Music 1975
Wake up for a New Joy Choir with accompaniment 1962
Autumn Nightfall Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1958