Windhager, Ákos: Mihalovich, Ödön

ISBN9786158060134 2019


Ödön Mihalovich (1842–1929) was an acknowledged composer of Hungarian high romanticism at home and abroad.

His work is a link between the art of Mosonyi, Liszt and Wagner, and the tentative attempts of young Bartók, Kodály and Weiner. His impressive oeuvre contains four symphonies and four operas, nine symphonic poems and six song cycles, all regularly performed in his lifetime. His long tenure as director of the Music Academy significantly contributed to the promotion of the institution to world class.
In the words of a later-day critic, "“Mihalovich, the soft-spoken poet of subtle lyricism in his songs, was a composer whose exquisite elegance of expression was exactly like him, a man of the world and an aristocrat, who conquered the public for the captivating beauty of the Hungarian romantic style with his monumental music drama.”"

Author: Ákos Windhager
Editor, series editor: Melinda Berlász (Institute for Musicology, Research Centre for Humanities)
Coeditor: Katalin Szőnyiné Szerző
Published by Budapest Music Center
Publishing director: László Gőz
Contributing editor of BMC: András Kégl
Compositor: Enikő Zágoni Szakács

The publication can be purchased in person at the BMC Library for a price of HUF 1,500, and can also be ordered from the Editio Musica Budapest webshop.

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