Gombos, László: Hubay, Jenő (English)

ISBN9638278315 1998


This volume, the first in a new series on Hungarian composers published by MAGUS Budapest, presents the life and work of Jenő Hubay (1858-1937), from 1919 to 1934 Director of the Liszt Academy.

Hubay was an internationally renowned violinist, who as a teacher founded the modern Hungarian school of violin playing. Among his pupils were Stefi Geyer, József Szigeti and Eugene Ormandy. But it is as a composer that he is least known. His output embraces symphonies, operas, songs, choral works and of course virtuoso pieces for his instrument, many written for the turn of the century salons he knew so well. The time is ripe for a reassessment of his achievement, to which this study forms a contribution. A Hubay revival has already started, both in Hungary and abroad.
Written by scholars in the Institute for Musicology, each volume contains a biography and full catalogue of the composer’s works, as well as a selected bibliography and discograhy.

Author: László Gombos
Series editor: Melinda Berlász
Translated by Peter Woodward
English editor: Paul Merrick
Published by Magus Publications Ltd
Publishing director: Emőke Tóth
Compositor: József Krébecz, ASSA Kft.

The publication can be purchased in person at the BMC Library for a price of HUF 1,500, and can also be ordered from the Editio Musica Budapest webshop.

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Hubay, Jenő (1858-1937)
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Petrovics, Emil (1930-2011)
Pongrácz, Zoltán (1912-2007)
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Sári, József (1935)
Soproni, József (1930-2021)
Sugár, Rezső (1919-1988)
Szokolay, Sándor (1931-2013)
Szőnyi, Erzsébet (1924-2019)
Szőllősy, András (1921-2007)
Vántus, István (1935-1992)
Verebi, Végh János (1845-1918)
Vermesy, Péter (1939-1989)
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Volkmann, Robert (1815-1883)

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