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Mezei Szilárd


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

February 12th, 1974 (Senta, Yugoslavia, today Serbia) -

Completed his violin studies in Senta and Subotica and studied composition for four years at the University of Arts in Belgrade under prof. Zoran Eric.

As violinist, violist, double bass player and composer and in various formations (from duo to nonett) held many concerts: Senta, Kanizsa (the "Jazz, Improvisative Music..." Festival 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002), Subotica, Novi Sad (all Serbia, then Yugoslavia), Maribor (Slovenija), Szeged (Hungary, 'MASZK' Festival 1994, 1997). His orchestra plays contemporary improvised music, mostly performing his own compositions. As a composer, Mezei is interested in exploring the relationship between improvisation and composition (similarly to Witold Lutoslawski's aleatoric and Anthony Braxton's creative music methods), incorporating elements of jazz and authentic folk music as well. As a young musician he followed the path of B. Bartók and Gy. Szabados. Mezei is also very actively involved in composing scenic music and plays authentic Hungarian folk music on genuine folk instruments (koboz and oud).

His 'String Trio' was performed at the Festival of Contemporary Music 'Ondine '98' in Rovereto, Italy . The composition 'Trio for Flute, Piano and Percussion' won the 3rd prize at the 7th International Review of Composers in Beograd 1998 in the category of student-composers. He got the 'Sterija Prize' for the music of the theatre-piece 'Szelídítések' (Tamings). In 2004 Mezei won also the prize for music at the 54th 'Festival of Professional Theatres' in Vojvodina (for the theatre-piece 'Via Italia'). In 2009 He won the prize for composition in Theater Festival "Joakim Vujic, Sabac, Serbia for the music in theater-piece "Tempest". As a performer Mezei participated in many workshops of improvised and intuitive music (with Tim Hodgkinson in Budapest, William Parker in Győr, among others). Played so far with musicians/improvisors like Matthias Schubert, Tamás Geröly, Róbert Benkő, György Szabados, Mihály Dresch, Michael Hornstein, Tim Hodgkinson, Albert Márkos, Peter Ole Jörgensen, Jens Balder, Joe Fonda, Michael Jefry Stevens, Joelle Leandre, Hamid Drake, Herb Robertson, Frank Gratkowski, Charles Gayle. His writings on music were published in many periodicals in Former-Yugoslavia and Hungary.

Mezei is a member of the Composers Association of Serbia and the Hungarian 'Gyorfree' Jazz, Improvisative, Contemporary and Folk Music Workshop Comitee.

He lead the Szilárd Mezei Trio, Szilárd Mezei Quintet (/ Sextet / Septet / Octet / Ensemble), and plays in many formations (duo, trio, etc.) for improvising music (among others, in duet with György Szabados, and with His orchestra MAKUZ, The Fonda/Stevens Group, Burány Quartet, duet with Albert Márkos).
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
2006 Szilard Mezei Vibes & String Quartet – 49 pillantás a mező felé
(Szilard Mezei Vibes & String Quartet – 49 glances toward field)
Nature Bliss Own
2007 Szilárd Mezei Ensemble: Sivatag
(Szilárd Mezei Ensemble: Desert)
Creative Sources Recordings CS115 Own
2008 Szilárd Mezei Ensemble: Nád
(Szilárd Mezei Ensemble: Reed)
Red Toucan Records RT 9335 Own
2008 Szilárd Mezei Piano Quartet: Masks Vol.1
(Szilárd Mezei Piano Quartet: Masks Vol.1)
GyőrFree SM002 Own
2008 Szilárd Mezei - Albert Márkos: Korom
(Szilárd Mezei - Albert Márkos: Korom)
Creative Sources Recordings CS123 Own
2008 Szilárd Mezei Trio: Bármikor, most
(Szilárd Mezei Trio: Anytime, now)
Not Two Records MW 794-2
2008 Szilárd Mezei Piano Quartet: Live in Magyarkanizsa
(Szilárd Mezei Piano Quartet: Live in Magyarkanizsa)
GyőrFree SM001 Own
2009 Szilárd Mezei Wind Quartet: We were watching the Rain
(Szilárd Mezei Wind Quartet: We were watching the Rain)
Leo Records CD LR 530 Own
2009 Szilárd Mezei: Mint amikor tavasz
(Szilárd Mezei: When Spring)
Not Two Records MW 819-2 Own
2009 Szilárd Mezei Ensemble: Bot
(Szilárd Mezei Ensemble: Bot)
Not Two Records MW 818-2 Own
2010 Szilárd Mezei: Hő
(Szilárd Mezei: Hő)
Aural Terrains TRRN0410 Own
2010 Szilárd Mezei Octet: Tönk
(Szilárd Mezei Octet: Tönk)
Slam SLAMCD 521 Own
2010 Szilárd Mezei Szabad Quartet: Februári Fadöntés NoBusiness Records NBLP 28 Own
2011 Szilárd Mezei - Michael Jefry Stevens: Anzix
(Szilárd Mezei - Michael Jefry Stevens: Anzix)
ARC Music Own
2011 The Jon Hemmersam / Szilárd Mezei Quartet
(The Jon Hemmersam / Szilárd Mezei Quartet)
Red Toucan Records KCD 5277 Own
2011 Szilárd Mezei Wind Quartet - Innen
(Szilárd Mezei Wind Quartet - Innen)
Ayler Records aylCD-12 Own
2011 Underflow
Leo Records CD LR 614 Own
2011 Szilárd Mezei Trio - Tisza
(Szilárd Mezei Trio - Tisza)
Slam SLAMCD 532 Own
2011 Duh: In Just
(Duh: In Just)
Red Toucan Records RT 9341 Own
2011 Szilard Mezei Tubass Quintet - Canons - 2nd Hoisting
(Szilard Mezei Tubass Quintet - Canons - 2nd Hoisting)
NoBusiness Records NBLP 56 Own
2011 Szilárd Mezei - Jon Hemmersam - Michael Jefry Stevens: Upcast
(Szilárd Mezei - Jon Hemmersam - Michael Jefry Stevens: Upcast)
Red Toucan Records ARC-2307 Own
2012 Szilárd Mezei Septet - 100 tű hossza
(Szilárd Mezei Septet - Length of 100 Needles)
Slam SLAMCD 536 Own
2012 Szilárd Mezei Vocal Ensemble - Fújj szél, Zenta, visszhangozz szél
(Szilárd Mezei Vocal Ensemble - Blow Wind Zenta, Echo Wind!)
Not Two Records MW 883-2 Own
2012 Szilárd Mezei Szabad Quintet: Singing Elephant
(Szilárd Mezei Szabad Quintet: Singing Elephant)
Not Two Records MW 893-2 Own
2013 Karszt
Slam SLAMCD 550 Own
2014 Szilárd Mezei / Túl a Tiszán innen Ensemble - Vajdasági magyar népdalok
(Szilárd Mezei / Túl a Tiszán innen Ensemble - Hungarian Folk Songs from Vojvodina)
WMAS Recordings WMAScd252/253 Own
2 CDs
2015 Derengés
Hunnia Records HRCD1508, SLAMCD565