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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Grencsó István

saxophone, saxophone - alto, flute

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Saxophonist and flautist István Grencsó is an outstanding figure in Hungarian avant-garde jazz.

His career started in 1979 with the founding of the Masina Jazz Group, but he became more widely known in the 1980s as György Szabados’s partner.

In 1984 he formed Collective, which has been his main vehicle ever since. With this continually changing line-up he has released ten albums, amongst which the most important are Plays Monk (1996), Villa Negra (1997), Black Bread (1999), Seven Songs to the Last Mohicans (2000) and Dream Car (2003).

Grencsó’s repertoire is extremely varied, and as a composer he is considered the master of formal changes. “I always like to search for something exciting,” as he puts it.

As well as experiments in improvised music he has arranged countless jazz standards, and regardless of current trends and fashions has played pop, rock, and ethno music. He also reinterpreted Hungarian dance music of the sixties, chansons, and composed a suite which veers towards classical music. He plays with Kampec Dolores, is a permanent member of the MAKUZ led by György Szabados and of the electronically inclined Budbudas. Recently he has also appeared several times with the Moroccan-rooted Gnawa Trio, his own neobeat group AMA, and has worked with the noise rock band Pozvakowski.

He has played in concerts and recorded with Paul Termos, Peter Kowald, Tobias Delius, Peter Brötzmann and the Noise Orchestra from Russia.

His ars poetica, to think free of convention, is set out in the portrait film Szabad vagyok (I am free) made by Duna TV.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1985 Dresch Quartet: Sóhajkeserű Magánkiadás Jazz Studium No. 3 (MC) MC - Bem rakpart, Budapest, 3th May 1985
1985 Dresch Quartet - Peti Jubilarni Internacionalni Susret Dzez Muzicara "Naissus Jazz '85" Magánkiadás LPD-20001244 LP - Nis Philharmonic Orchestra Hall, Nis, Yugoslavia, 28. October 1985
1987 Dresch Mihály: Hazafelé Magánkiadás Jazz Studium No. 6. (MC) MC
1987 Tickmayer Formatio: Monumentomanija Maleroznog Prvoborca Nikad Robom 008 cassette (MC)
1988 Dresch Quartet: Live in Cologne Hungaroton LP - 10th Jazzhaus Festival, Cologne, 22 April 1988
1989 Dresch Quartet: Sóhajkeserű Krém SLPX 37212 LP
1989 György Szabados, MAKUZ-Zenekar: A Szarvassá vált fiak Krém SLPX 37215 LP
1990 Dresch Mihály Quartet: Gondolatok a régiekről Adyton 002 LP
1990 Grencsó Tickmayer Duo: Chamber Music Libellula No.1 Own
1990 Tickmayer Formatio: Comedia Tempio MCMCX Théatre Jel TJ 4501
1991 Szabados György és a MAKUZ: Homoki zene
(Sand Music)
Hungaroton Adyton 005
1995 Szamaba Trio: Anima Tandem Records TR-1006 CD
1995 WOMUFE - World Music Festival Budapest Hungaroton HCD 31603
1995 Grencsó Kollektíva: Ébredés
(Grencsó Collectiv: Revival)
Pannon Jazz PJ 1006
1996 SzaMaBa: Opus Magnum Tandem Records
1997 Grencsó Big Collective: Villa Negra Fonó Records FA-033-2 CD Own
1997 Grencsó Kollektíva: in ragtime Mediawave Records MWR 001
1998 Major Balázs: Betyársors
(Balázs Major: Fate Of Outlaw)
Oktopus Multimédia Intézet OMI-9801 CD
1999 Grencsó Kollektíva: Fekete Kenyér
(Grencsó Collective: Black Bread)
KVB Records KVB 002
1999 Ágoston Trio: Lakni, lakni
(Live and Live)
Periferic Records BGCD 046
1999 Szabados György: Az események titkos története
(The Secret History of the Events)
Fonó Records FA-068-2 2 CDs. Also contains the album Sons Turned into Stags first released as: Hungaroton SLPX 37215, 1989, LP
2000 Grencsó Kollektíva: Rejtély
(Grencsó Collective: Mistery)
KVB Records 0003
2003 Grencsó Surprise Kollektív: Dream Car
(Grencsó Surprise Kollektív: Dream Car)
KVB Records KVB 006 Own
2005 Hungarian Jazz Store BMC HMIC BMC PCD 016 Not for sale - only for promotion / 4 CDs
2006 Grencsó Bio Kollektív: Bio Deep Music 003
2006 Grencsó Bio Kollektív: Zumzoo Deep Music 003 Own
2007 Szabados György és a Magyar Királyi Udvari Zenekar (MAKUZ): Készülődés a csatára GyőrFree HCD 347
2009 Szőttes fekete-fehérben
(Homespun in Black and White)
BMC Records BMC CD 161 Own
2011 Alba Hyseni: Inner Mission Chameleon Records CAM 44
2011 Local Time BMC Records BMC CD 181 Own
2014 Trió Kontraszt - Grencsó - Tickmayer - Geröly BMC Records BMC CD 215 Own
2014 Eleven spontaneous music pieces Hunnia Records HRCD1403
2014 Síkvidék
BMC Records BMC CD 205
2015 Derengés
Hunnia Records HRCD1508, SLAMCD565
2015 Rétegzene
(Marginal Music)
BMC Records BMC CD 222
2016 István Grencsó, Bálint Bolcsó: Fejtörés
(István Grencsó, Bálint Bolcsó: Rattled)
PrePost Records PPR003 Own
2016 Little bird in the Lee - BMC records 2014-2016 BMC Records BMC PCD 033
2017 Trió Kontraszt: A dionüszoszi hangszikráktól az elmúlás csöndjéig
(Trió Kontraszt: From Dyonisian Sound Sparks to the Silence of Passing)
BMC Records BMC CD 247
2017 Hátrahagyott dolgok apály idején
(Things Left at Ebb Tide)
Hungaroton HRCD 1607
2019 Grencsó Collective Special 5 with Ken Vandermark: Do not slam the door! BMC Records BMC CD 271
2019 Grencsó Poetry Collective - Ajtótól kapuig
(Grencsó Poetry Collective - From Door to Gate)
Hunnia Records HRCD1903 Own
2019 Grencsó String Collective - Folyami zene
(Grencsó String Collective - River Music )
Adyton AGZE09CD Own
2020 Trió Kontraszt: A feledésbe merült idő rejtélyes képfoszlányai
(Trió Kontraszt: Cryptic Scattered Images of Time Forgotten)
BMC Records BMC CD 290