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Reményi Attila


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Attila Reményi composer and music professor was born in Győr (West-Hungary) in 1959, began his musical studies at the János Richter Music School (piano, and composition).

He graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in 1982 as a disciple of prof. Rezső Sugár and Emil Petrovics.
At the present Mr. Reményi teaches composition and musicology at the János Richter Music School. He won a lots of prize at home and in several country. He was awerded Erkel Award in 1990, and Bartók-Pásztory Award in 2008.

"As a composer who respects tradition, particulary those of 20th century Hungarian music, and possessing and individual, personal tone, Reményi is no blind follower of ramifying 1980's tendencies of the avantgarde experimenting with techniques and means of expression. However, he is fully familiar with such watters, and may even apply them himself, just to the extent that his message requires, as enrichment of his personal idiom." (János Breuer)

1990 Ferenc Erkel prize
2008 Bartók Béla - Pászthory Ditta prize
Title Type Year
"Solo" for Flute and Piano Chamber Music 1984
Psalm 115 of the Geneva Bible Mixed choir 2010
12 Miniatures Chamber Music 1995
Psalm CXXI Children's choir 1986
Psalm 126 Mixed choir 1992
Psalm 127 Mixed choir 1993
Psalm 131 Mixed choir 1985
Psalm 23. Mixed choir 1982
3 Bagatelles Chamber Music 1983
3 Movements for Cello and Piano, for Children Chamber Music 1994
3 Movements for Violin Solo Instrumental solo 1981
30 Canons fro Mixed Choir and Equal Voices Choir a cappella 1989
Psalm 32 Mixed choir 1984
Psalm XXXVII. - In memoriam Zoltán Kodály Female choir 1992
5 Movements for Chamber Ensemble Ensemble 1993
6+1 Movements Chamber Music 2003
7 Microludies String orchestra 2004
Al tramonto del mondo / At the Twilight of the World Chamber orchestra 1984
Amadinda for Amadinda Chamber Music 1995
Apocalypsis Chamber Music 1983
Asadoya-yunta Choir a cappella 2001
Ascendit Chamber Music 2007
The Last Message Orchestral work 1986
Bell-Games Chamber Music 1998
Bridge Chamber Music 1987
Caleidoscope Ensemble 1997
Cantus Chamber Music 2006
Capriccietto No. 2 per Flauto Piccolo Instrumental solo 2006
Capriccietto per Flauto Piccolo Instrumental solo 1993
Christmas Songs Instrumental solo 2005
Circle Games Instrumental solo 2019
Contrapunctus per fagotto Instrumental solo 2010
Contrast for Piano Instrumental solo 2000
Cricket Music Chamber Music 2002
Cry of Shrine Ensemble 1999
Desire for olden times Instrumental solo 1998
Duo for Trombone and Piano Chamber Music 1977
Strokes Instrumental solo 1990
One-minute Pieces for Two Bassoons Chamber Music 2019
In Memoriam Chamber Music 1997
Epilogue Symphony orchestra 1988
Epilogue I Chamber Music 1983
Epilogue II Chamber Music 1983
Exodus Instrumental solo 1983
Fanfare Richter Chamber Music 2016
Fantasy for Organ Instrumental solo 1995
Fantasy Chamber Music 2010
Fantasy for Harp and Marimba Chamber Music 1996
Felszállott a páva... (Hommage á Zoltán Kodály) Instrumental solo 2006
Four Movements for Harp Instrumental solo 1999
Fourth and Fifth Ensemble 1985
Funny Suite for Children Chamber orchestra 1994
Wind Quintet Chamber Music 0
Gregorian Mediation Electroacoustic music 2002
A Song of Ascents Children's choir 1999
Signal of Győr Ensemble 1993
Géza gézben négykézre Instrumental solo 2011
Dawn at the Waterfront Chamber Music 0
Danse Macabre Game Chamber Music 1994
Six Movements for Guitars Chamber Music 1997
Six Movements for Chamber Ensemble Ensemble 1986
Three Songs on Poems by Mihály Váci Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1982
Three Songs on Poems by Sándor Weöres Mixed choir 1985
Three Canons for Two Cimbaloms Chamber Music 1994
Három szabad- és öt kötöttfogású gyakorlat Chamber Music 2001
Three Movements for Ensemble Ensemble 1988
Three Movements for Saxophon Quintet Chamber Music 1995
Three Movements for Percussion Chamber Music 2001
Three Movements for Percussions Chamber Music 1990
Seven Duos for Two Violins Chamber Music 1982
Seven Children´s Choruses Children's choir 1986
Seven Microludes for Piano Instrumental solo 1976
Hírös város az aafődön Kecskemét Mixed choir 1986
Cantata No. 1 Symphony orchestra 1991
Japanese Song Children's choir 2001
Bells of Jászberény Ensemble 2002
Quintet for 5 Clarinets Chamber Music 1992
Two Songs from 1848 Choir with accompaniment 1995
Two Movements for Clarinet Solo Instrumental solo 1992
Le Christ est monté pres de Dieu Mixed choir 1990
Les Jardins de l´existence Chamber Music 1987
Lopsided Songs Chamber Music 1995
L´aurora del mondo / At the Dawn of the World Ensemble 1986
M.A.D.I. Electroacoustic music 1995
Magnificat Choir a cappella 2008
Magnificat... Children's choir 2000
Hungarian Landscapes Chamber Music 2002
Messages Instrumental solo 1992
Microcanons Ensemble 1995
Miniatures for Harp Instrumental solo 1998
Missa for Chamber Ensemble Ensemble 2001
Moo 1982 Tape music 1982
Music for Winds Chamber Music 2007
Musica concertante Orchestral work 1986
Musica per Archi - In memoriam Ferenc Erkel String orchestra 1993
Musica per archi in tempore belli String orchestra 1983
Musica per clarinetto Chamber Music 1988
Nic Daq Symphony orchestra 1982
Nocturno String orchestra 1983
Eight Duos for Two Violins Chamber Music 1985
Four Duos for Percussions Chamber Music 1982
Four Choruses for Children Choir Children's choir 1999
6th of October Choir a cappella 1995
Orion Chamber Music 1987
Praeludium and Chorale Mixed choir 1986
Prelude and Choral Chamber Music 2018
Psalmus XIII. Mixed choir 0
Psalmus XXIII Mixed choir 1982
Psalmus XXXII. Mixed choir 1986
Psalmus ad aeternitatem Symphony orchestra 1997
Psaume CXXVI. Mixed choir 1992
Psaume CXXXI. CXVII. Mixed choir 1992
Quartetto for Drums Ensemble 1991
Quartetto per percussione (In memoriam J.S.B.) Chamber Music 1985
Quartetto per quattro tromboni Chamber Music 1987
Quintetto per fiati Chamber Music 1994
Ragtime for Piano Instrumental solo 1994
Rhapsody for Flute Instrumental solo 1987
Remembrance Voice Chamber Music 1995
Brass Quintet Chamber Music 1966
Sabbato ad Vesperas Hymnus / Sabbath Evening Hymn Choir a cappella 1998
Scala - Trio for 3 Flute Chamber Music 0
Sinfonia Concertante Symphony orchestra 1991
Six Movements for Guitars Chamber Music 1999
Solo "á livre ouvert" Instrumental solo 1984
Solo for Tuba Instrumental solo 1985
Solo for Tárogató in Bb Instrumental solo 2003
Sonata in imitazione sciotta per violino solo Instrumental solo 1986
Strokes for Marimba Instrumental solo 1990
Taragot Chamber Music 2003
Thema con Variazioni per Pianoforte ((Hommage á L. Draskóczy) Instrumental solo 2000
Three Movements Chamber Music 1995
Three Pieces Chamber Music 1995
Fifteen, Twenty-year-old Deads Mixed choir 2005
Triangolo Concerto Concerto 2002
Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp Chamber Music 1994
Trio for Three Flutes Chamber Music 1985
Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano Chamber Music 0
Tromp Instrumental solo 2017
Your Fire My Lord Jesus Mixed choir 2008
Variazioni / Variations Chamber Music 1985
Veni Creator Spiritus per orqano (due esecutori) e tromba solo Chamber Music 1981
Visions and Dreams Wind orchestra 2005
On My Pilgrimage Mixed choir 2002
Five Children´s Choir Children's choir 1982