25. November 2023.


25 November 2023. 6:00 pm
Budapest Music Center - Library
1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.

The clarinet's rich and versatile sounds and its  range of 4 octves have made it at home in many musical genres, from classical music to jazz, folk and contemporary music. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the instrument has become a key player in the discovery of modern compositional techniques, while retaining its ties to Hungarian folk music roots in the oeuvre of many Hungarian composers.

Its use reflects not only the changing shape of Hungarian music, but also the adaptability of the clarinet as a tool of artistic expression in the hands of skilled musicians and innovative composers. The concert of the Clarinet Department of the Liszt Academy will present this wide palette through contemporary Hungarian works.



Gergely VajdaLightshadow-trembling
István Láng
: Monodia
Attila Gallai
: Bridge Etudes - excerpts
- Staccato
- Éj
- Hangközök és fordítások
- Szökdécselő
- Túl az oktávon
Máté Bella
: Insomnia
Péter Furák
: Signal for Clarinet Solo
József Sári
Mill of Time - excerpts
József SáriTo Echo


Students of the clarinet department of the Academy of Music: Kincső Puklics, Lara Ramšak, Béla Lakatos, Domonkos Tóth, József Zsupos, Matthew Svec, Kristóf, Oszecsinszkij


Free entry! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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