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Bella Máté


Máté Bella is one of the few composers who became a significant character of the Hungarian music scene before turning 35. His contemporary compositions are played by prominent international orchestras, his popular music tunes are favourites of several radio stations and his musical theatre pieces are performed on the stages of the most distinguished theatres in the country. His seemingly far-reaching activity originates from the recognition of how to grab the attention of the audience within seconds. Máté considers it his mission to integrate Generation Y and Z into the classical music scene. The imprint of his work so far is a musical melting pot that contains pieces composed with a new mind-set, meanwhile preserving the essence of different genres.

He graduated in 2011 from the Liszt Academy with a degree in Music Composition as the student of prof. Gyula Fekete. For a semester in 2013 he studied in the class of prof. Wojciech Widłak at the Academy of Music in Krakow on an Erasmus scholarship. In 2014 he won a scholarship from the Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation for a year, and in 2017 he was sponsored from the scholarship of the New National Excellence Program. He is one of the founders of the Studio 5 contemporary composer group, founded in 2016. He received his Summa Cum Laude DLA doctoral degree in 2018. Currently he is a Senior Lecturer at the Liszt Academy, moreover he is a member of the Artisjus Committee of Classical Music Critics, the Association of Hungarian Composers and the composer section of the Hungarian Film Academy Association.

Several Hungarian and international orchestras play his pieces, such as the Ensemble InterContemporain, the London Sinfonietta, the Ensemble Modern, the Münchener Kammerorchester, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Doelen Ensemble, the UMZE Chamber Ensemble or the Budapest Festival Orchestra. His theatre music is performed in the Hungarian National Theatre, Vígszínház, the Budapest Operetta Theatre, the Budapest Puppet Theatre and the Hungarian State Opera. Amongst his competition achievements and awards the Junior Prima Award, the Erkel Ferenc Award and the Bartók-Pásztory are the most outstanding ones.


- Hungarian Music Awards - Pop-Rock Album of the Year (Mostantól), 2020
- Bartók - Pásztory Award, 2019
- Erkel Ferenc Award, 2016
- Artisjus Award (Classical Music Composer of the Year in Junior Category), 2015
- Tribune Internationale des Compositeurs (Trance), 2014
- Istvánffy Benedek Award (Spring Awakening), 2012
- Theatre Critics Award – Best music theatre (P. Závada: Hungarian holiday, National Theatre), 2011
- Junior Prima Award, 2010
- Istvánffy Benedek Award (Chuang Tzu's Dream), 2010
- Tribune Internationale des Compositeurs (Chuang Tzu's Dream), 2010

Competition results:

- GENERACE Composer Competition – 1st prize, Ostrava, 2015
- UMZF Composer Competition for chamber music – 1st prize, Budapest, 2013
- GENERACE Composer Competition – 1st prize, Ostrava, 2013
- Madách Theatre musical competition – 3rd prize, Budapest, 2010
- Liszt Academy Composer Competition – shared 3rd prize, Budapest, 2010
- Liszt Academy Composer Competition – 1st prize, Budapest, 2009
- Youth Contemporary Music Evening – Special prize, Budapest, 2009
- UMZF Composer Competition for chamber music – 1st prize, Budapest, 2009
- 9th Theatre and Art Festival (Zdarzenia) – Special prize, Tczew, 2008
- Kispest Holiday Song Competition – Special prize, Budapest, 2008
- Youth Contemporary Music Evening – Special prize, Budapest, 2008
- Liszt Academy Composer Competition – Shared 1st prize, Budapest, 2007
- Theatre and Film University – "best songwriter" award, Budapest, 2007
- Youth Contemporary Music Evening – Special prize, Budapest, 2007
- Vántus István Composer Competition – Special prize, Szeged, 2016
- National Composition Competition – 3rd prize, Budapest, 2006
- National Composition Competition – Special prize, Budapest,2004
- 6th International Composition Competition (Farbotony) – 1st prize, Kaniv, 2003
- National Improvisation Competition – 3rd prize, Budapest, 2003
- Weiner Leó Composition Competition – 1st prize, Budapest, 2002
Title Type Year paradise Chamber Music 2010
A Macskadémon Music for the theater 2010
Beneath the Starry Sky Chamber Music 2021
The Imaginary Invalid Music for the theater 2016
Aria of the Miller´s Daughter Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2008
The Butterfly´s Dream Chamber Music 2005
Spring Awakening Opera 2012
About Time String orchestra 2023
Aeolus Chamber Music 2021
To the Unknown Sweatheart Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2013
The Home at Night Children's choir 2014
The Nigth´s Monologue Solo voice(s) with orchestra 2011
Berzsián and Dideki Music for the theater 2009
I Was Your Fool Other 2016
Botond´s Emergency Song Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2010
Peace Mixed choir 2013
Chuang Tzu´s Dream Ensemble 2008
Danton´s Death Music for the theater 2013
De Agnete Chamber Music 2021
El Tango de Viudas Enganadas Chamber Music 2007
Equivalence Ensemble 2007
Crack My Code Other 2017
Fons Chamber Music 2020
Just Drop Dead Film music 2016
Hesperus Concerto 2017
Mother Holle Music for the theater 2017
Hypnos Ensemble 2014
Insomnia Instrumental solo 2008
Insomnia - with commments Chamber Music 2008
It Can´t Be Over Live electronic music 2013
Judas Instrumental solo 2022
Lacrimosa Mixed choir 2015
Laniakea Ensemble 2015
Lethe String orchestra 2014
Love of Hephaestus Symphony orchestra 2023
The Evil Spirit Lumpazivagabundus Music for the theater 2014
L´incoronazione di Poppea / The Coronation of Poppea Opera 2019
Hungarian Feast Music for the theater 2010
Manifestations Chamber Music 2010
Stay Other 2021
Mephisto Music for the theater 2013
Message Instrumental solo 2007
Message 02 Instrumental solo 2007
Monochronic Instrumental solo 2022
Summer Song Mixed choir 2023
O Oriens Mixed choir 2021
Orpheus Electroacoustic music 2011
Phantasm Chamber Music 2013
Preludes Instrumental solo 2007
Psycho Symbioses Chamber Music 2006
Reflections Ensemble 2013
Ritual Chamber Music 2010
Silk Instrumental solo 2008
Something happened... Chamber Music 2009
Sounds of Generation Y Symphony orchestra 2015
Sounds of Generation Y, Part II Concerto 2018
Suite Symphony orchestra 2012
Tabula Smaragdina Choir and chamber ensemble 2018
Study Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2011
The Secret Chamber Music 2009
Titan Chamber Music 2021
Trance Chamber Music 2013
I Gotta Fly Other 2012
Varródermia Chamber Music 2018
Visions Chamber Music 2012
Wekerle March Solo voice(s), choir & chamber orchestra 2008
Who the F**k is Lady Domina? Music for the theater 2009
[anya milyen] Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2012
Ármány és szerelem Music for the theater 2009
Eternal Music Mixed choir 2020
Widows Music for the theater 2007