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Pege Aladár

double bass

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

8th October, 1939, Budapest - 23rd September, 2006, Budapest

He received his diploma from the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in 1969, then between 1975 and 1978 he studied in West Berlin under professor Rainer Zepperitz, the solo bass player of Herbert von Karajan at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. He has been giving concerts since 1963 playing classical music and jazz side by side. He has recorded numerous albums, for the last decade he has made two records every year: one classical and one jazz. Since 1978 he has been Associate Professor of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, now, as a retired instructor, he is still active. In 1982 he played at the Carnegie Hall with Herbie Hancock�s orchestra as a guest soloist. On that occasion the instrument of the late Charles Mingus was presented to him by Mingus� widow, who had heard Pege play earlier. Besides playing with other great artists he has given duo performances with Art Farmer, Albert Mangelsdorf, Dexter Gordon, and Walter Norris. Several honors have been bestowed on Aladár Pege. In 1964 he was selected as the Virtuoso of the Prague Jazz Festival, and in 1970 he was voted Best European Soloist at the Montreux Jazz Festival. In his home country he received the Liszt Award in 1977, in 1986 he was named Merited Artist, in 1999 the �For Budapest� Award was presented to him, in 2002 he was given the Kossuth Prize, and in 2003 the Inter Lyra Award. His life and art has been discussed in a monograph written by Géza Riskó.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
Pege: Music for everybody vol.3 Magánkiadás PEGE 13 Own
Pege Aladár: Music for everybody vol.2 Magánkiadás Pege 11 Own
Aladár Pege, Rudi Wilfer: Blues Fuge Rst Records 66.22.698 Own
Aladár Pege: Aladár Pege's 60th Birthday Concert Magánkiadás PEGE 5 Own
1964 Pege Trio: Blues in Bled Qualiton EP 7305 LP
1964 Modern jazz IV-V. - Anthology 64 Hungaroton LPX 7279-80
1965 Aladár Pege: Bass on top Supraphon SUK 35627 Own
1967 Modern jazz VI. - Anthology 67 Hungaroton LPX 17372 LP
1968 Modern jazz VII. - Anthology 68 Hungaroton LPX 17392 LP
1969 Modern jazz VIII. - Anthology 69 Hungaroton LPX 17406
1970 Pege Trió: Montreux Inventions Hungaroton Own
1973 Modern Jazz Anthology X. Hungaroton SLPX 17441 LP
1979 Walter Norris, Aladar Pege: Synchronicity Enja 28MJ 3086 Own
1980 Aladár Pege: Pege Pepita SLPX 17596 Own
1980 Walter Norris, Aladar Pege: Winter Rose Enja enja 3067 Own
1982 Aladar Pege: Solo Bass Rst Records 120 472 Own
1982 Pege: Live Krém SLPX 17742 Own
1984 Pege Aladár: The Virtuoso Double Bass of Aladár Pege Hungaroton SLPX 12140 Own
1984 Pege Aladár: The Virtuoso Solo Bass, Vol. II Rst Records 130472 Own
1986 Tabányi Mihály: Csillogó Harmonika Qualiton LPM 16704 LP
1986 Rolltreppe Rst Records 286130 LP
1988 International Jazz Workshop Hungaroton SLPX 37141
1990 Pege Aladár: The Virtuoso Solo Bass, Vol. III Magánkiadás RST-91532 Own
1991 Hungarian Jazz Antology 1991 Hungaroton HCD 37553
1991 Pege Aladár: Hungarian Jazz Workshop Hungaroton HCD 37519 Own
1991 Walter Norris & George Mraz, Aladar Pege: Drifting Enja enja 2044 2 Own
1991 Hungarian Jazz Workshop Hungaroton Own
1994 Great Jazz Duos Rst Records RST 91572-2 Own
1995 Pege Aladár: Hungarian Jazz Workshop No. 2 Hungaroton HCD 37790 Own
1995 Lajos Dudas: Maydance Pannon Jazz PJ 1003
1995 Babos, Kőszegi, Pege, Tomsits: Take 4 Start H 4034437
1996 Geiger György: Játszom a trombitával Hungaroton HCD 16710
1996 Ace of Bass In+Out Records IOR77032-2
1997 Montreux Inventions Double Records Hungary DR001
1997 Take 4: Take More Magánkiadás
1998 Csárdáskirálynő Jazz Magánkiadás Own
2000 Bubi Beamter: Sentimental Journey Hungaroton HCD 71009
2000 Gitár-dob párbaj
(Guitar-Drums Battle)
Hungaroton HCD 71010 Jazz History 3.
2000 Pege Aladár: The virtuoso Contrabass of Aladár Pege - Classic Live 1999/2000 Magánkiadás 4260305377238 Own
2001 Kőrössy János, Lakatos Ablakos Dezső: Éjfél már
(János Kőrössy, Dezső (Ablakos) Lakatos: It's midnight)
Hungaroton HCD 71044
2001 Éjfél Már
(It's Midnight)
Hungaroton HCD 71044
2001 Lajos Dudas: The Jubilate Box (Unissued & Rare Recordings) Double Moon Records DMCHR 71020
2001 Pege Aladár: The virtuoso Contrabass of Aladár Pege - Classic Live 2000/2001 Magánkiadás Own
2002 Pege Aladár: Pege Live at IBS Concert Hall KCG Records KCG 011 Own
2002 Pege Aladár: The virtuoso Contrabass of Aladár Pege - Classic Live 2001/2002 Magánkiadás Own
2002 Pege Aladár: Music for everybody Hungaroton HCD 71099 Own
2003 Hungarian Jazz History 12. - Modern Jazz Combos Hungaroton HCD 71157
2004 Most és akkor
(Now and then)
Pannon Jazz PJ 1055
2005 Hungarian Jazz Store BMC HMIC BMC PCD 016 Not for sale - only for promotion / 4 CDs
2010 Jazz Hungaricum CD 6 - Jazzhungarians around the world Volume II Pannon Jazz PJ 1066