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Kovács Béla


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

1 May 1937 Tatabánya - 7 November 2021

Excellent clarinet artist, teacher of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music Budapest.

He started his music studies 1946 in the music school of Tatabánya. First he learned to play the piano, and later he changed to clarinet. In 1951 he was accepted to the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, where he became student of György Balassa. From 1956 to 1981 he was solo clarinet player of the Hungarian State Opera House and the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.

Between 1962 and 1972 he was member of the Hungarian Wind Quintet, and from 1967 he's been member of the Budapest Chamber Ensemble. As soloist and chamber musician he presented works by numerous contemporary Hungarian composers. His performance inspired many composers to creation of clarinet works.

His activity as teacher is equally significant. In 1975 he was requested to accept the position of clarinet teacher at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. In 1989 he won the application for clarinet professor at the Universität für Musik in Graz, then the title Professor Emeritus. As guest professor he was invited to the Conservatorio di Musica (Udine) in 2004. In September 2008 he received the title Professor Emeritus from the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. For beginners he released the Everyday scale exercises for clarinet (1979), the I learn to play the clarinet I. (1983) and the I learn to play the clarinet II. (1983) workbooks.

Throughout his career, Béla Kovács was awarded many times. He received the (joint) Liszt Prize (1964, 1967), the title Merited Artist (1972), the title Excellent Artist (1978), the Kossuth Prize (1988), the Bartók-Pásztory Award (2002), and the Leó Weiner Memorial Prize (2016).

He died in the 7th of November, 2021.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1968 Bartók, Béla: Contrasts - Suite Op.14 - Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion Hungaroton LPX 1280
1969 Contemporary Hungarian Music - Durkó Zsolt: Una rapsodia ungherese; Psicogramma; I. vonósnégyes; Szimbólumok; Fioriture
(Una rapsodia ungherese; Psicogramma; String Quartet No.1; Szimbólumok; Fioriture)
Hungaroton LPX 11363 LP
1970 Mihály András, Maros Rudolf, Székely Endre, Láng István, Balassa Sándor, Lendvay Kamilló művei Hungaroton LPX 11494 LP
1972 Durkó Zsolt: Fire music; Iconography No.1; Iconography No.2; Altamira Hungaroton SLPX 11607 LP
1986 Kocsár Miklós: Capricorn Concerto; Változatok zenekarra; Öt tétel: Metamorfózisok
(Kocsár, Miklós: Capricorn Concerto; Varianti per orchestra; Five Movements; Metamorphoses)
Hungaroton SLPX 12134 LP
1990 Masters Of Classical Music Vol.1 - Mozart Laserlight 15801
1993 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Piano Trio K.498 'Kegelstatt' - Violin Sonata No.26 Naxos 8.550439
1994 Kocsár Miklós: Concerto - in memoriam ZH; Sequenze; Episodi; Elegia; Five Movements Hungaroton HCD 31188
1995 The Top 100 Masterpieces Of Classical Music Delta 35815 5 CDs
1997 Brahms, Johannes: f-moll zongoraötös Op. 35; h-moll klarinétötös Op. 115
(Brahms, Johannes: Piano Quintet in f minor Op. 35; Clarinet Quintet in b minor Op. 115)
Hungaroton HCD 11596 Own
1997 Beethoven, Ludwig van: Adagio Naxos 8.552240
1998 Meditation: Classics for Relaxing and Dreaming
(Meditation: Classics for Relaxing and Dreaming)
Naxos 8.556614
1998 Nocturne: Classics for Relaxing and Dreaming Naxos 8.556620
1999 Chamber Music Favourites Naxos 8.554429
1999 Ravel, Maurice: Zongoraversenyek
(Ravel, Maurice: Piano Concertos)
Hungaroton HRC 1037 Echo Collection
1999 Nostalgia Big Band: Moonlight Serenade Hungaroton HCD 16856
1999 A bécsi klasszicizmus lassú tételekben II.
(The Vienna Classicism in Slow Moments Vol. 2)
Hungaroton HRC 1048 Echo Collection
2000 Kocsár Miklós: Repliche No.1; Évszakok zenéje; Repliche No.2; Kassák-dalok; Repliche No.3; Capricorn concerto
(Kocsár, Miklós: Repliche No.1; Music of the Seasons; Repliche No.2; Songs on Poems by Lajos Kassák; Repliche No.3; Capricorn concerto)
Hungaroton HCD 31959
2000 Mozart, W. A.: The Best Of W.A. Mozart Laserlight 24465
2000 Ferenc Farkas: Fruit Basket/ Omaggio a Pessoa/ Rose Madrigal/ Correspondances/ Aspirationes Principis Hungaroton HCD 31978
2001 Durkó Zsolt: Magyar rapszódia; Hegedűverseny; Széchenyi-oratórium
(Una rapsodia ungherese; Violin Concerto; Széchenyi Oratorio)
Hungaroton HCD 32027
2002 Classical Moments 5: Classical Music to Dine to Naxos 8.555361
2004 A Musical Journey - Vienna: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present Naxos 2.110502
2004 Donizetti, Gaetano: Double Concerto - Flute Concertino - Clarinet Concertino Naxos 8.557492
2005 Beethoven for Meditation Naxos 8.557751 Swedish edition
2007 Meditation Naxos 8.571075
2008 Välbefinnande - Musik för Kropp och Själ
(Wellness - Music for Body and Soul)
Naxos 8.572149
2011 My First Beethoven Album Naxos 8.578206
2012 Välbefinnande - Klassisk musik for kropp och sjal
(Wellbeing - Classical Music for Body and Soul)
Naxos 8.578220
2012 Min Forste Beethoven
(My First Beethoven Album)
Naxos 8.578235
2019 The Masters Collection: Tátrai Quartet Hungaroton HCD 32817–19 3 CDs