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Szabó Sándor


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Sándor Szabó was born in 1956 in Törökszentmiklós, Hungary. He started his studies with a private teacher of classical guitar. After trying different styles from the middle of the seventies, he began to focus on improvisation and composition. His career started in 1980. From the beginning of his carreer he belongs to the exotic players and composers. In his compositions he blends the Far-Eastern music with the Hungarian folk traditions in an improvised context. He plays all kind of guitars, ouds, guzheng,esraj. He soon became known internationally with his original style, modern pieces, and deep spirituality. His music can be heard on more than 60 records, which has been released in England, USA, Italy, Germany, Venezuela, Norway and Hungary.

He collaborates in several duo projects with such artists like Kevin Kastning (US), Balázs Major (Hungary), Veronique Gillet (Belgium), Roland Heidrich(Hungary), Claus Boesser Ferrari (Germany), Edoardo Bignozzi (Italy), Dean Magraw (US), Juan Gaspar (Mexico), Michael Manring (US), Claus Boesser Ferrari (Germany), Ralf Gauck (Germany) Alex De Grassi(US), Fernando Freitez(Venezuela), Alf Wilhelm Lundberg (Norway) just to mention a few.

Szabó is a world touring musician, performed throughout Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, India, South-Korea as a solo guitar player. He also did some master classes in the US, France, Italy and India introducing his special harmony concept. He is a master of playing 16 string guitars, baritoneguitars, double neck fretless koboz, and guzheng. Szabo is not only an acoustic guitar player, he plays processed electric guitars and composes modern electronic music (Echolocation I. album). Since 2008 Sándor works for the American Greydisc label as a sound engineer and sound designer. Sándor Szabó launched a web site about his researches for ancient Hungarian Oriental Music. Sándor Szabó is a committed composer of modern Oriental contemporary music. He produced two significant albums in this style: Modern Hungarian Maqam (2010), Curse Ousting Music (2016).

In 2012 he has published his first book in Hungary titled The Metaphysics Of The Music. In 2010 he finished his monumental composition called Hungarian Guitar Raphsody. In 2015 he published his second book called The Musicmaker Ancient East. He took part on the Sharq Taronalari festival in 2013 and 2015 as an independent musicresearcher representing Hungary. He was also invited to Oriental Music Conference in 2014 to Baku, Azerbajan.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1988 Sándor Szabó & Balázs Major featuring László Bagi: Ritual of a Spiritual Communion Leo Records LR 157 Own
1988 Sándor Szabó / Balázs Major / Gilbert Isbin Trio: The Clear Perception of Provenance Within HWYL Records HWYL 2 Own
1991 Selected New Music, Vol. 3.: Inner Landscapes Clear Productions CM 9001
1991 Sándor Szabó: Sanctified Land HWYL Records HWYLCD5 Own
1993 SzaMaBa: Hypnos Tandem Records TR-HSJR 2002 CD Own
1995 WOMUFE - World Music Festival Budapest Hungaroton HCD 31603
1995 Szamaba Trio: Anima Tandem Records TR-1006 CD Own
1996 SzaMaBa: Opus Magnum Tandem Records Own
1996 Major Balázs: "Határok közötti végtelen"
(Balázs Major: "Infinity Between Boundaries")
Tandem Records TR-1007 CD
1997 Sándor Szabó: Alexandria Acoustic Music Records 319.1118.242 Own
1997 Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol. II Acoustic Music Records 319.1120.242
1998 Sándor Szabó: Gaia and Aries (Solo 1998) Acoustic Music Records 319.1156.242 Own
1999 Hwyl Nofio: The Singers And Harp Players Are Dumb HWYL Records HWYLN17CD
1999 Sándor Szabó: Echolocation I. Tandem Records Own
2000 Sándor Szabó: Dreams Within Dreams Acoustic Music Records 319.1215.2 Own
2000 Massimo De Mattia: Metonymic Splasc(h) Records CDH 816.2
2001 Sándor Szabó: Soul of the Tree Tandem Records Own
2001 Szabó Sándor: Földközelség
(Sándor Szabó: Nearness of Earth)
Tandem Records Own
2002 Georgian Contemporary Unit: The View You Never Get Solponticello SP-009 Own
2002 Hwyl Nofio: Hymnal HWYL Records HWYLN18CD
2003 Sándor Szabó: Hungarian Jazz Rhapsodie Zoller Records AZ 2002 0910 Own
2003 Acoustic Christmas - Guitar instrumentals by an international selection of acoustic guitarists Acoustic Music Records 319.1320.242
2004 Sándor Szabó: The Art Of The 16 String Guitar I. Magánkiadás SZS 01 CD Own
2004 SzaMaBa Trio: The Historical Tata Concert Pannon Jazz PJ 1056 Own
2005 Szabó/Major/Isbin Trió: Constellation Pannon Jazz PJ 1057 Own
2005 Sándor Szabó: Acoustic Poetry Magánkiadás SZS 02 CD Own
2005 Szabó Sándor - Sztereó Sound&Vision magazin melléklet
(Sándor Szabó - Stereo Magazine CD attachment)
Sztereó Sound&Vision magazin Own
2006 WYL Nofio: Hounted By Fury HWYL Records HWYLN19CD
2006 Sándor Szabó: The Art of The 16 String Guitar II. Magánkiadás SZS 03 CD Own
2007 Sándor Szabó / Veronique Gillet: Strings without Borders - Borders without Strings Wonderland Records WR 9054 Own
2007 Sándor Szabó: Deeper Reality Magánkiadás SZS 04 CD Own
2007 Sándor Szabó: Folk Songs of Hungary WesCan Own
2007 Sándor Szabó / Kevin Kastning: Resonance Greydisc Records GDR 3503 Own
2008 Sándor Szabó / Kevin Kastning: Parallel Crossings Greydisc Records GDR 3504 Own
2009 Szabó Sándor & Heidrich Roland: Bolyongó lélek
(Sándor Szabó & Roland Heidrich: Roaming Soul)
Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület AGZKHE01CD Own
2009 Sándor Szabó / Edoardo Bignozzi: Shamans And Scientists Magánkiadás Own
2009 Michael Manring & Sándor Szabó Duo: Inner smile Acoustic Music Records 319.1425.2 Own
2009 Sándor Szabó / Kevin Kastning: Parabola Greydisc Records GDR 3505 Own
2010 Fernando Freitez Gassan: Evocación Magánkiadás Own
Digital Album
2010 Kevin Kastning & Sándor Szabó: Returning Greydisc Records CDB5637633858.2 Own
2010 Szabó Sándor: Modern magyar makam
(Sándor Szabó: Modern Hungarian Maqam)
Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület AGZKHE 03 CD Own
2010 Sándor Szabó / Ralf Gauck: Daybreak Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület Own
2011 Sándor Szabó / Kevin Kastning / Balázs Major: Triptych Greydisc Records GDR3509 Own
2011 Szabó Sándor: Magyar gitár rapszódia
(Sándor Szabó: Hungarian Guitar Raphsody)
Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület AGZKHE 05 CD Own
2012 Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó: Book of Crossing Greydisc Records GDR3512 Own
2012 Szabó-Major-Gauck Trio: Wizzard Dance GAUCKwerkstatt Own
2012 Sándor Szabó / Dean Magraw: Reservoir Acoustic Music Records 319.1495.2 Own
2013 Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó / Balázs Major: Becoming Greydisc Records GDR 3514 Own
2013 Sándor Szabó / Alf Wilhelm Lundberg / Balázs Major: Hidden Dimension Acoustic Landscapes Own
2014 Sándor Szabó / Claus Boesser Ferrari: The 12 States of Consciousness Greydisc Records GDR 3522 Own
2014 Euro-Oriental Consort: Clouds On The Lake Greydisc Records GDR 3523 Own
2014 Sándor Szabó: Book Of Contemplations Greydisc Records Own
2014 Sándor Szabó / Michael Manring / Claus Boesser Ferrari / Balázs Major: Fractal Greydisc Records GDR 3520 Own
2014 Sándor Szabó / Fernando Freitez Gassán: Convolution Greydisc Records GDR 3518 Own
2015 Sándor Szabó: 21st Century Lute Greydisc Records Own
2015 Sándor Szabó: Art of the 16-string guitar III Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület AGZKHE 06 CD Own
2015 Sándor Szabó & Roland Heidrich: The Last Sunbeams Of The Golden Age Greydisc Records Own
2015 Sándor Szabó & Roland Heidrich: On The Path Of Manes Greydisc Records Own
2016 Sándor Szabó / Kevin Kastning: Perspectives Greydisc Records GDR3531 Own
2016 Szabó Sándor / Balázs Major Duó: Átokűző zene
(Sándor Szabó / Balázs Major Duo: Modern Hungarian Oriental Music)
Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület AGZE 07 CD Own
2017 Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó: Ethereal I. Greydisc Records GDR 3540 Own
2017 Szabó Sándor: 21st Century Lute Op.1 Akusztikus Gitárzene Közhasznú Egyesület AGZKHE 08 CD Own
2017 Sándor Szabó / Michael Manring / Balázs Major: Asymmetry Greydisc Records Own
2017 Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó: Invocation Greydisc Records GDR 3534 Own
2018 Szabó Sándor: Echolocation III / Crossing Time Greydisc Records GDR 3539 Own
2018 Sándor Szabó: Echolocation Trilogy Greydisc Records Own
3 CDs
2018 Szabó Sándor: Echolocation II / Hymn to the Earth Greydisc Records GDR 3539 Own
2018 Sándor Szabó / Kevin Kastning / Balázs Major: Ethereal II Greydisc Records 5639411370 Own
2018 Sándor Szabó / Alf Wilhelm Lundberg: Door To The Unknown Greydisc Records Own
2018 Szabó Sándor: Echolocation I / Sacred Spaces Greydisc Records GDR 3539 Own
2019 Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó: Ethereal III Greydisc Records Own
2019 Sándor Szabó / Robert Jürjendal / Balázs Major: Echolocation IV Greydisc Records Own
2019 Sándor Szabó / Emil Gherasim / Balázs Major: Echolocation VI, Unknown Language Greydisc Records Own
2019 Grencsó String Collective - Folyami zene
(Grencsó String Collective - River Music )
Adyton AGZE09CD
2019 Sándor Szabó & Roland Heidrich: Acoustic_Electric PROJECT Greydisc Records
2019 Sándor Szabó, Mark Wingfield, Balázs Major & Roland Heidrich: The Ocean Never Seen Greydisc Records
2019 Sándor Szabó / Robert Jürjendal / Balázs Major: Echolocation V Greydisc Records Own
2020 Kobza Vajk: Illanás
(Vajk Kobza: Evanescence)
Magánkiadás KV-11
2020 Szabó Sándor / Bakai Márton: A Hold útja
(Sándor Szabó / Márton Bakai: The Way of the Moon)
Magánkiadás AGZE 10 DD Own
2020 Sándor Szabó / Robert Jürjendal / Balázs Major: Echolocation VII, Deep Dream Greydisc Records Own
2020 Sándor Szabó / Robert Jürjendal / Balázs Major: Echolocation VIII, Clouds Greydisc Records Own
2020 Kevin Kastning / Carl Clements / Sándor Szabó: Convergence I Greydisc Records GDR3556 Own
2020 Kevin Kastning & Sándor Szabó: Nógrád Greydisc Records Own
2020 Szabó Sándor / Kobza Vajk: RÓ Magánkiadás KV-10 Own
2020 Robert Jürjendal / Sándor Szabó / Balázs Major: Echolocation IX, Aquarius Greydisc Records Own
2021 Kevin Kastning / Sándor Szabó / Balázs Major: Ethereal IV Greydisc Records Own
2021 Szabó Sándor & Kobza Vajk: Rejtek
(Sándor Szabó & Vajk Kobza: Concealment)
Magánkiadás KV-12 Own