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Vidovszky László


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

25 February 1944 Békéscsaba

He started to play the piano at the age of five and studied composing from 1959 in the Szeged Secondary School for Music with Géza Szatmári. Between 1962 and 1967 he was pupil of Ferenc Farkas at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy, and after graduation he became scholarship holder of the Fund of Art for three years. Thanks to a half-year UNESCO scholarship, he studied in Paris (1970), where he visited the courses of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales of the French Radio and the composing classes of Olivier Messiaen at the Conservatoire.

Encouraged by Albert Simon, he founded the New Music Studio with Péter Eötvös, Zoltán Kocsis, László Sáry and Zoltán Jeney in 1970. The studio soon became an internationally renowned workshop for composers and performers, and introduced more than 600 contemporary music works between 1972 and 1990. As composer and performer he contributed to the concerts the orchestra. Since 1972 he’s been teaching permanently: first he started to work at the Teacher Training Institute of the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy, and since 1984 he’s been teaching at the University of Pécs and since 1999 at the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy of Budapest, too.

His major works are: ASCH (2007), Duet (2003-2007), The Death in my Viola (2005), Etudes for MIDI piano I-IV. (1990-2003), Twelve String quartets (2000), Silly Old Muzak (1997), Movie (1993), Music to the Hungarian Pavilion of the Sevilla World Expo (1992), Twelve duos (1987-1989), Romantic readings (1983), Narcissus and Echo (1980-1981), Voice-Color-Space (1980), The death of Schroeder (1974-1975), Autoconcert (1972), instrumental and electro acoustic compositions, voice installations. Between 1973 and 1989 he composed a number of soundtracks, for example to the movies of Gábor Bódy (Narcissus and Psyche, Night song of the dog), Ildikó Enyedi (My twentieth century), Ágnes Háy and János Tóth.

He was awarded with the Erkel Prize (1983), the Bartók-Pásztory Award (1992), the title Merited Artist (1996), the Artist Prize of the Soros Foundation (2001), the Knight’s Cross of Merit of Order of the Hungarian Republic (2004), and the Kossuth Prize (2010). He is ordinary member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and Arts.
Title Type Year
αντιστροφή Instrumental solo 2022
αντιστροφή / Antithesis Chamber Music 0
-e; -p (epitaph) Computer music 2016
...about John Live and tape music 1992
1 pc Piece Chamber Music 2000
10 000 Sounds for Dezső Tandori Electroacoustic music 1998
190 Ensemble 1984
2hangú felgondolás Chamber Music 2001
3-hangú felgondolások I-IV - for player piano Electroacoustic music 1990
3hangú felgondolások I-IV - for three keyboards Chamber Music 1988
405 Concerto 1979
405 Concerto 1972
78528 Instrumental solo 1978
A 4 / Grande valse concertante Chamber Music 1978
A Simon-pure Tune Composed by a Studious New Musician Chamber Music 1996
The Red Countess Film music 1984
A la recherche du temps Précieux - for player piano Electroacoustic music 1992
A la recherche du temps précieux - for four pianos and four mute metronomes Chamber Music 1992
Message from the Prince No. 1 Unspecified instrument(s) 1976
Message from the Prince No. 2 Unspecified instrument(s) 1980
Message from the Prince No. 3 Unspecified instrument(s) 1980
The Dog´s Night Song Film music 1983
The Repeated Repeater Electroacoustic music 1989
A-Z Chamber Music 1989
Aboriginal Rag Electroacoustic music 1990
Ady: The Black Piano Concerto 1995
Chord-study Electroacoustic music 1992
Albeniz-Mirage Live and prerecorded music 2000
Aldrin Space Opera Multimedia 1976
Alleluja Film music 2006
Aria grazioso. From the opera "Golden Time" Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2002
Auto-repeat Electroacoustic music 1990
Autoconcert Other 1972
The Last Manuscript Film music 1987
My Twentieth Century Film music 1989
Sounds of Baranya Electroacoustic music 0
Baroque Electroacoustic music 1990
Berceuse canonique Chamber Music 1993
Berlioz Electroacoustic music 1992
Black Quartet Chamber Music 1997
Blue Waves Chamber Music 2015
Brahms³ Chamber Music 0
Break Symphony orchestra 2017
Breaking News Electroacoustic music 0
C+A+G+E MUSIC No. 1 Chamber Music 1972
C+A+G+E MUSIC No. 2 Chamber Music 1973
Circus Electroacoustic music 1975
Closing Time Chamber Music 2001
Pigtail Tape music 1979
DECEMBER 27 Live electronic music 1978
December 27 Chamber Music 1978
December 27 Chamber Music 1978
Die Geschwister / The Siblings Film music 1982
Drei Choral-vorspiel-Variationen Electroacoustic music 1992
MEmory Electroacoustic music 2000
Form the Diary of an Eccentric Man Film music 1972
For one or two Cimbaloms Chamber Music 2000
Elegy Instrumental solo 0
Es ist genug Chamber Music 0
Case Film music 1981
Etudes for MIDI Piano Electroacoustic music 1990
Faust´s March Electroacoustic music 1990
Blackout – In memoriam János Tóth !to be determined 2019
Fin(n)ish Electroacoustic music 1996
Fuga à una voce Nr. 2 Chamber Music 2022
Futaki Song (Inventor rutili) Electroacoustic music 1992
Flue-Piano Sonata Chamber Music 1997
GAGA Chamber Music 1976
Gaga Chamber Music 1975
German Dances Chamber Music 1999
German Dances String orchestra 1990
German Dances Chamber Music 1989
Plasticine Film music 1977
Mechanical Bride´s Dance Electroacoustic music 1989
HOMMAGE A DOHNÁNYI Chamber Music 1977
HOMMAGE A KURTÁG Live and tape music 1985
Danse Macabre Film music 1992
Hamburg Film music 1986
Sound-Colour-Space Other 1980
Tamás Hencze: Frozen Gestures Film music 1989
I´am Hesitating Film music 2004
Hommage à Dohnányi Chamber Music 1977
Hommage à Dohnányi Chamber Music 1979
Hommage à Kurtág Live and tape music 1975
Hommage a Veszelszky Electroacoustic music 1992
Hoquetus Chamber Music 2000
Songs from Horace Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1966
Wave Electroacoustic music 1997
Violin-Radio Sonata No. 1 Other 2001
Violin-Radio Sonata, no. 2 Electroacoustic music 2008
In Memoriam Gábor Bódy Other 1987
Marche pour la présentation des drapeaux / March to the Procession of Flags Symphony orchestra 1980
Duck Film music 1992
Adventures in the Mirror Film music 1991
Calligraphy Exercises Film music 1999
East European Alarm Film music 1987
Double Chamber Music 1972
Hands Film music 1999
Nine Little Greeting Chorales to Kurtág Chamber Music 1996
Nine Short Chorals Greeting Kurtág - for piano Instrumental solo 1996
Chalk Circle Film music 1978
Two Paraphrases Instrumental solo 2018
La crépuscule d´une aube Electroacoustic music 2001
Le piano & son double Instrumental solo 1992
Le piano et ses doubles Chamber Music 2012
Lear Ballet / Choreographic work 1988
Yesterday´s Song Electroacoustic music 1990
Loco-Dances Instrumental solo 1995
Ludwig in China Instrumental solo 0
Following Machaut I-III. Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1998
Commentaries on Machaut Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2000
Hungarian Landscape with an American Brush Electroacoustic music 1990
Mazur 1a !to be determined 0
Melody Solo voice(s) a cappella 1978
Moholy 1917 Film music 1996
Motet (quantum tibi gratulentur) Choir and solo instrument(s) 1981
Mozart and Salieri Film music 1979
Cinema Live and tape music 1992
Autres gymnopédies No. 1-3. / Other gymnopédies, No. 1-3. Instrumental solo 1994
Other Gymnopaedias No. 4 Chamber Music 1994
Méditations sur le mystere d´O M Instrumental solo 1993
Na-ne Audio Video Games Other 1990
Narcissus and Harpies Chamber Music 1986
Not wanting to say anything about John Electroacoustic music 1992
Notturno Chamber Music 2002
Nymphenchor Choir and solo instrument(s) 1985
Narcissus and Echo Opera 1981
Four Victorian Phantom-Pictures Tape music 1983
Mime Electroacoustic music 1990
O M Electroacoustic music 1992
Oldies but Goldies I. Electroacoustic music 1992
Oldies but Goldies II. Electroacoustic music 1992
Ombres trouvées Chamber Music 2016
Ordinateurs sous la pluie Electroacoustic music 2003
Orkesztrion Symphony orchestra 2014
Pastime - In Search of Precious Time Chamber Music 1992
Polonaise Funebre Instrumental solo 1979
Post scriptum ad missam Maria zart Jacobii Obrecht Chamber Music 2005
Praeludium Electroacoustic music 1992
Praeludium & Walzer - for two pianos Chamber Music 1993
Praeludium & Walzer - for player piano Electroacoustic music 1993
Promenade Ensemble 2015
Narcissus and Psyche Film music 1980
Doubles Chamber Music 2003
RENORAND Electroacoustic music 1975
Repetitive Electroacoustic music 1990
Reprint Live and prerecorded music 2003
Reverb Chamber Music 2011
Romantic Readings No. 1 Ensemble 1983
Romantic Readings No. 2 Symphony orchestra 1985
Songs by Péter Rostás Electroacoustic music 1996
Rottenbiller Street 16-22 Electroacoustic music 1990
Rottenbiller Street 16-22 Live electronic music 1990
SHWAAA 3C273 Stage work 1997
Schroeder´s Death Instrumental solo 1975
Silent Music of Birds after Mozart and Hokusai Film music 2006
Silly Old Muzak Electroacoustic music 1997
Soft Errors Ensemble 1989
Solo with obligato accompaniment Unspecified instrument(s) 1982
Souvenir de J. Other 1977
Souvenir d´ASch Chamber Music 2006
Signals, interludes and postludes for plays of Saint Nicholas Ensemble 1986
Simultaneous Electroacoustic music 1992
Anxious Silence: Pál Deim Film music 1988
Twilight Film music 1990
T for Triptych, T for Tanaka Electroacoustic music 1997
Taarabesque Film music 2003
Encounter Stage work 1980
The Death of my Viola Chamber Music 2005
Honour Lap Chamber Music 1975
Twelve Duos Chamber Music 1989
Fourteen Ensemble 2023
Tree Memories Film music 2001
Fragments Symphony orchestra 1970
Fractional Scales Electroacoustic music 1990
Something Happened? Fragments about the Painter István Farkas Film music 1995
Undisturbed Live and tape music 1974
Une semaine de beauté Electroacoustic music 1983
Street Music Chamber Music 2009
Versus No. 2 Instrumental solo 1968
Vinci, Stand Up! Film music 1996
Visus Film music 1976
Vorbei Chamber Music 0
Castle-Time Film music 1975
Waldszenen Electroacoustic music 1993
Walzer-Choral Chamber Music 1991
Wer nun den lieben Gott läßt – Wer weiß, die nahe mir Chamber Music 0
Wiederholung in Es Ensemble 1985
Music for Győr Symphony orchestra 1971
Zwölf Streichquartette Chamber Music 2000
el - The Death In My Viola No. 2 Chamber Music 1999
Notes of harmonics Chamber Music 2011
Five German Dances Instrumental solo 1990
Festive Fanfare Chamber Music 1998
Message to My Old School Chamber Music 1995