Composition database

This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

3-hangú felgondolások I-IV - for player piano


Original / Hungarian title
3-hangú felgondolások I-IV - gépzongorára
Foreign language / English title
3-hangú felgondolások I-IV - for player piano
Year of composition

Electroacoustic music
player piano [performer, synth. (Yamaha FM), computer]
22 min

Movements, parts
I. age nunc...
II. eleje Kosztolányi......vége Jeney / starting with Kosztolányi......ending with Jeney
III. ...ten years after...
IV. ...alles gut

Premiere information
28th January 1991, Pécs; László Vidovszky
Publisher / Source
the composer´s property
1 min. sample
1 I. age nunc...
Remarks, other info
See also:
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The sound data of the composition are contained in a MIDI file. The work can be performed on any MIDI keyboard. The velocity value should be adjusted to suit the acoustics of the concert hall.