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Zámbó Jonatán


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Jonatán Zámbó (1992) is a Hungarian composer who studied at the Béla Bartók Music School in Pápa, the János Richter Conservatory in Győr and the Academy of Music in Budapest (from 2011). His teachers were Attila Reményi and János Vajda, and he graduated in 2017.

After his studies, he became involved in teacher training, teaching solfege, music theory and composition both in institutions and privately. During his university years, he worked as a piano teacher and tutor in music schools, first at the Péceli Music School and then at the Kiss Music School in Pesthidegkút, and as a private tutor he prepared several current students for the Music Academy Budapest entrance examinations in solfege, composition and music theory. In addition to teaching, composing is an integral part of his life, and he is almost constantly thinking of ideas for pieces. As a composer, he believes that good pieces are written in the most economical way possible, and that every good piece has an idea behind it, which is transformed into a composition by being turned into musical events and supported by them.

In 2014, he won first prize in the Vándor Kórus competition (for his work A Nap fivérének imája), in the same year he won first prize in the Night of Choirs competition (for his work Este van már), and in 2016 he was awarded first prize in the competition for the 100th anniversary of the birth of György Gulyás, a joint project of the Zoltán Kodály Music College in Debrecen and the University of Debrecen. In 2017, he was awarded second prize at the UMZF Composition Competition for his piece Méditation. In 2018, he was awarded third prize at the János Arany Composition Competition of the Liszt Academy for his work János pap országa.

He has been awarded several scholarships: three Kodály scholarships, scholarships from the Friends of the Liszt Academy and New National Excellence Programme. He is currently a doctoral student at the Liszt Academy, where his research is focused on the music of Paul Hindemith.
Title Type Year
στήλη (stēlē) Solo voice(s) with ensemble 0 creavit illum Instrumental solo 0
14 Bagatelles Chamber Music 2020
Cantata No. 2 - Prester John´s land Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 0
Cantata No. 3 - The Birth of the Sun Solo voice(s) with chamber orchestra 0
Canticle of Brother Sun Mixed choir 0
Adagio und allegro !to be determined 2019
Twilight Choir a cappella 0
Apollo´s Lyre Instrumental solo 2018
Ave Maria Mixed choir 2014
Ballad Mixed choir 2016
Barcarola Chamber Music 0
Canon Duplex À 5 Sopra - Jesu, Der Du Meine Seele Instrumental solo 2014
De profundis Mixed choir 0
Double Canon - hommage á Stravinsky Chamber Music 0
Evening Choir a cappella 0
Evening comes Mixed choir 2014
Fantasia – Canon of foure parts Instrumental solo 2024
Fantasia sopra: Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu Dir Instrumental solo 2013
Third Cantata (Birth of the Sun) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 0
Second Cantata (The Country of Priest John) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2018
Meditationes Sophianaensis Instrumental solo 2022
Miroirs Ensemble 0
Missa Brevis Mixed choir 2022
Méditation Ensemble 0
Métamorphoses Chamber Music 2017
Ode to the West Wind Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 0
Parthenia Instrumental solo 2023
Passacaglia-pavane Instrumental solo 0
Prelude and Fugue Instrumental solo 2014
Pygmalion String orchestra 2020
Rondo Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2018
Sonata in the Old Style Chamber Music 0
T(rio) de Janeiro Chamber Music 2019
Valses mémorables Chamber Music 2022
Dream Fairies Mixed choir 2019
Five Choral Preludes Instrumental solo 0
Message to Home Mixed choir 0