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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Sándor László


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

13 August 1975 Budapest

Béla BARTÓK Conservatory Budapest
Liszt Academy Budapest

1998. Violin teacher – chamber artist
2014. Composer

2005 – Attila JÓZSEF Composition Competition – Hungary: 1st prise
2008 – Hungarian Composer's Union – Benedek ISTVÁNFFY prise
2011 – UMZF – Composition Competition – Hungary: EMB and B. BARTÓK Conservatory Budapest special prises
2013 – Duna Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition – Hungary: – 1st prise
2013 – UMZF – Composition Competition – Hungary: symphonic category 3rd prise, Fidelio Magazine and Palace of Arts special prises
2014 – Liszt Academy – Composition Competition 1st prise

15th March 2008 State celebration – Symphonic composition – Palace of Arts
22th October 2013 Fanfare (composing and conducting) for the opening ceremony of Liszt Academy – Budapest
9th December 2013. Symphonic composition for the 20th Anniversary of Danubia Orchestra – Budapest in the Liszt Academy
Title Type Year
κραυγὴ τοῦ λίθου / The Cry of the Stone Choir and chamber orchestra 2022 lucis aeternae beatitudine perfrui Instrumental solo 2022
...qui advenit Instrumental solo 2022
Psalm 118 Chamber Music 2016
4th Word - Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani? Chamber Music 2015
50 Steps on the Lombardy Poplar-path Ensemble 2023
Raindrops Falling Up Chamber Music 2016
The Silence of the Lake Ensemble 2009
Ad te levavi oculos meos Choir and solo instrument(s) 2018
Advigilium Chamber Music 2018
Advigilium II. Instrumental solo 2021
Agnus Dei Solo voice(s) a cappella 2019
Miracles of the Night Electroacoustic music 2015
Beata es, Virgo Maria Solo voice(s) a cappella 2021
CANONICON Chamber Music 2020
Canon Duplex in 3-3 voci / Double Canon Chamber Music 2012
Christus ist erstanden – Choral arrangement (Version I.) Ensemble 2016
Christus ist erstanden – Choral arrangement (Version II.) Ensemble 2016
Concerto for Violoncello – "Rosarium Gloriosum" Concerto 2018
Deus creator omnium Electroacoustic music 2018
Dextera Dei fecit virtutem Instrumental solo 2017
Dignus est Agnus Chamber Music 2021
Dignus est Agnus Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2021
Divertimento – "Giuoco dei suoni" Ensemble 2015
A Flower - To add Franz Liszt´s Birthday Bouquet Chamber Music 2010
Et incarnatus est Ensemble 2015
Et incarnatus est Mixed choir 2015
Et transfiguratus est - For Symphony Orchestra Symphony orchestra 2010
Famulus’ Bells Live and prerecorded music 2023
Fanfare – For the Respect of Real Holy Trinity - For 18 Brass Instruments Chamber Music 2013
Grieg – László Sándor: To the Spring Symphony orchestra 2012
When Flowing Water... - For Solo Cello Instrumental solo 2013
When Flowing Water... Instrumental solo 0
When Flowing Water... Instrumental solo 2013
Helioscopia ("Conditor alme siderum") Ensemble 2016
Hodie nóbis de caélo pax véra descéndit... Ensemble 2016
Οδηγήτρια / Hodigitria Chamber Music 2021
Intra tua vulnera absconde me Ensemble 2016
Flowers in July - West-Hungary Chamber Music 2014
Choral-fantasy for Stones and Winds Electroacoustic music 2022
Choral-fantasy with Flowers Chamber Music 2015
Crystal-Bird is Singing Among the Pearly Cherries Chamber Music 2017
Question and answer Chamber Music 2015
Two Folksong Arrangements Ensemble 2016
Levitation - For 10 Instruments Ensemble 2006
Levitation - For 6 Instruments Ensemble 2006
Levitation - For 7 Instruments Chamber Music 2006
Lumen Symphony orchestra 2015
Mira Mater extitisti – Sequentia (Version I.) Ensemble 2016
Mira Mater extitisti – Sequentia (Version II.) Ensemble 2016
May on Bosturnya Instrumental solo 2024
Offertorium musicum Chamber Music 2017
Melting Ice on the Windowpane Ensemble 2019
Preludium for Orchestra Symphony orchestra 2016
Qua habitas, Domine? Symphony orchestra 2014
SaMgiitaMantra Instrumental solo 2011
Signum beatum String orchestra 2007
Three Visions of Saint Teresa Orchestral work 2024
Love Dream / Liebestraum Symphony orchestra 2010
Weeping Willow Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2018
Sonata – “Fracta natura” Instrumental solo 2015
Dance - For 10 Instruments Chamber Music 2009
Tátorján a Váchartyáni országút mellett Chamber Music 2014
Wildflowers in Arka-Valley Chamber Music 0
Variations for Piano Instrumental solo 2011
Vox dilecti mei Concerto 2021
Piano Concerto - In M. György Ligeti Concerto 2014
Boughs Electroacoustic music 2016
Five Maximas - Based on the doodles of László Bertók Live and prerecorded music 2023
Path with Lombardy Poplars Instrumental solo 2022
Miracle of Autumn Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2017