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Futó Balázs


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Balázs Futó was born in 1981 in Kaposvár. He began his musical studies at the Liszt Ferenc State Music School in Kaposvár as a pianist, later he studied composition (István Győrffy), music theory, choir conducting (Nóra Keresztes) and percussion (Ferenc Szabó, Géza Bánky) at the Pécs Secondary School of Arts. In 2000 he enrolled at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, where he studied composition with renowned artists such as Zoltán Jeney, Balázs Horváth, Zsolt Serei and András Wilheim. In 2003 he began studying music theory and teaching under the guidance of Katalin Komlós.

Since 2001, he has been working as a tutor and music assistant at the Music Academy of Budapest, where he teaches singing and opera. Since 2003, he has been teaching music at the University of Theatre Arts with Balázs Kovalik.

In May 2003 he was invited and commissioned to compose a 7-minute piano piece in Kyoto (Japan). In 2003 he was commissioned by the Budapest Spring Festival. In August 2003, he participated in a 3-week masterclass and festival with Christian Wolff, Tristan Murail, Alvin Lucier, Petr Kotík and other composers and performers as part of the 2003 Ostrava Days (Czech Republic). In autumn 2004, he was invited by the Budapest Autumn Festival to compose a poem by a Swedish poet of his choice.

His piece Book of Job was honoured with Artisjus Prize in 2024 in the category classical music of the year.
Title Type Year
.org Instrumental solo 2012
A nő és a férfi dalai / Songs of the Woman and Man Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2006
Pillowman Music for the theater 2007
Der Theatermacher / The Theatremaker Music for the theater 2012
About Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2011
Addig is / Until Then Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2001
Agnus redemit oves Instrumental solo 2017
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Instrumental solo 2002
Always C.C. Chamber Music 2001
Alice! Music for the theater 2008
Antithesis Instrumental solo 2015
Ballada a jól fűszerezett levesről Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2008
Bardo tödol Symphony orchestra 2020
Bardo tödol Ensemble 2016
Inner Worlds Electroacoustic music 2002
Canterbury Tales Stage work 2006
Codetta Chamber Music 2021
Daily exercises for a pianist Instrumental solo 2024
Deux esquisses perdues Chamber Music 2017
Elég(ia) String orchestra 2015
Etudes Chamber Music 2010
Fülemet a földre hajtva Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2004
HORROR VACUI Chamber Music 2005
The Prince of Homburg Music for the theater 2009
Homburg-Moment Chamber Music 2010
Hommage à Boulez Electroacoustic music 2003
Seven intermezzi Instrumental solo 2011
Impromptu Instrumental solo 2007
In ihm leben, in ihm sterben Chamber Music 2013
In memoriam Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2014
In search of... Chamber Music 2018
Instronsorium Concertem Chamber Music 2004
Intermezzo (...mir nimmer blühen kann) Chamber Music 2016
Just a song Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2004
Book of Job Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2022
Two Compositions Chamber Music 2015
Two Female Choruses Female choir 2008
Lo stesso ma non troppo Chamber Music 0
Burn! Music for the theater 2013
Message to myself Live and tape music 2005
Milton tükrei / Milton´s Mirrors Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2006
Mass Instrumental solo 2008
What Does God Give Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2020
Music for him Chamber Music 2003
Music for him 2 Chamber Music 2008
Müller-Schubert: Der Leiermann Electroacoustic music 2003
Culthouse Music for the theater 2014
Neutral grounds Instrumental solo 2017
Four Intermezzi for Flute and Piano Chamber Music 2017
Ulysses Tours Music for the theater 2005
On the Margin Chamber Music 2009
Russian Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2012
Period Chamber Music 2013
Plasma Music for the theater 2007
Psalm 140 Instrumental solo 2021
Pulse Chamber Music 2017
Pillow Man Music for the theater 2007
Sadismusique Instrumental solo 2003
Salus Chamber Music 2015
Showdown Ensemble 2019
Brave New World Music for the theater 2011
The Piano in The Sound Machine Electroacoustic music 2003
Toccata Instrumental solo 2013
Toccata Ensemble 2003
Tre soggetti a FUGA Instrumental solo 2022
Trio 543 Chamber Music 2003
Variationen Instrumental solo 2005
budapest pounding around me Instrumental solo 2004
mf Chamber Music 2006
pedig Orchestral work 2006
piano peace Instrumental solo 2001
piece of a piece Instrumental solo 2001
point of (no) return Instrumental solo 2012
rest(s) in (my) piece(s) Ensemble 2020
cursion Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2017
seven ty Live and tape music 2014
three pieces for every day Instrumental solo 2006
war and piece Live and tape music 2002
Five Church Songs Chamber Music 2015