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Zombola Péter


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Péter Zombola (1983) began music at the age of six, studying piano and clarinet. Later he learnt solfeggio and composition, from 1997 at the Béla Bartók Conservatory as a pupil of Miklós Kocsár and Miklós Csemiczky. At the Music Academy he graduated with honours in composition (2006) as a student of György Orbán, Zoltán Jeney and Balázs Horváth and in music theory (2007) as a student of Katalin Komlós.

He participated in the International Bartók Seminar (2002) in Szombathely, the course of the International Summer Academy Vienna – Prague – Budapest (2004), the Ostrava Days 2005 New Music Festival (with Christian Wolff, Alvin Lucier, Louis Andriessen, Phill Niblock, Zsolt Nagy and Petr Kotik), and in the Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam in 2006.

In 1999 he won the 6th Zoltán Kodály National Solfeggio Competition. He won second place in the Béla Bartók Young Composers’ Competition (2001), the International Summer Academy Composer’s Competition in Austria (2003), the Liszt University of Music Composing Competition (2004), and the István Vántus Composing Competition in Szeged (2004). He has twice won the Péter Robitsek Memorial Prize (1999, 2001), and in 2007 won the Zoltán Kodály Music Scholarship.

His pieces have featured in the programme of several festivals, including the Music of Our Time, the Budapest Spring and Autumn Festivals, the Mini Festival, and abroad in the Ostrava Days 2005 New Music Festival. He has recorded with the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir. He is currently a participant on the Liszt Univerity of Music’s DLA composition programme, and a staff member of the singing and music department at the University of Theatre and Film.

He won 3rd prize at the 2009 UMZF composition competition (New Hungarian Music Forum) in category of large orchestra (Symphony No. 1/b).

Prizes, awards:
1999 Péter Robitsek Memorial Prize
2001 Péter Robitsek Memorial Prize
2013 Artisjus Prize for the Requiem (Best Composition of the Year)
2015 Erkel Prize
2020 Béla Bartók-Ditta Pásztory Award
Title Type Year
... and Echo Opera 2019
Psalm 131 Mixed choir 2004
Psalm 138 Mixed choir 2005
1956-68-80/16 Music for the theater 2016
Psalm 23 Mixed choir 2011
3 Etudes for Recorder Instrumental solo 2002
3 miniatures Instrumental solo 2014
Psalm 3 Male choir 2010
Psalm 3 Mixed choir 2010
4 Pictures for Cimbalom Instrumental solo 2014
Symphony No. 4. String orchestra 2008
Symphony No. 5. Symphony orchestra 2009
56 voices Symphony orchestra 2006
56-2016 Music for the theater 2016
Psalm 71 Mixed choir 2003
Towards Masculinity Film music 2006
From Grave to Cradle - Symphonic Poem for the 200th Anniversary of Liszt Ferenc´s Birth Symphony orchestra 2011
Towards Completeness Mixed choir 2001
Agnus Dei (a 8 voci) Mixed choir 2008
Aldegunda Opera 2023
I could not wait Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2008
Ave Maria Mixed choir 2011
Ave Maria Female choir 2006
Ave, maris stella (a 4 voci) Mixed choir 2008
I Hear the Voice of My Lover Mixed choir 0
Bloody Mary Film music 2007
Crime and Punishment Music for the theater 2017
Cantate Domino Female choir 2010
Chaconne Chamber Music 2008
Chaconne Chamber Music 2008
Choral Instrumental solo 2011
Credo Choir a cappella 2006
Our Colts Music for the theater 2014
Cucc - exemplary kindergarten at the playground Music for the theater 2009
Daradar! Music for the theater 2012
De profundis Mixed choir 2002
Decameron 2007 Film music 2007
E.T. Music for the theater 2010
East Side Stories Film music 2012
Man Equals Man Music for the theater 2011
University Fanfare Ensemble 2016
Elegie String orchestra 1999
In memoriam - Symphony No. 1 Symphony orchestra 2005
Epitaphium Ensemble 2011
Epitaphium String orchestra 2011
Etude Chamber Music 2011
Fellegi Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2018
For Z Instrumental solo 2013
Gloria Male choir 2007
Golgotha Film music 2009
Gong fu rong (a 4 voci) Mixed choir 2009
If We Shadows Music for the theater 2018
Logbook ´89-09´ Film music 2009
The Memory of Iduna - Song-cycle on poems by János Arany Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2018
Impromptu 51217 Instrumental solo 2012
Impromptu - For the 200th Anniversary of Liszt Ferenc´s Birth Ensemble 2011
In aeternum Orchestral work 2001
In memoriam Ensemble 2007
In memoriam Cseh Tamás Chamber Music 2009
Inalterabilis I/A String orchestra 2005
Institutio No. 1/A Instrumental solo 2007
Institutio No. 1/B Instrumental solo 2007
Institutio No. 1/C Instrumental solo 2007
Institutio No. 1/D Instrumental solo 2011
Institutio No. 10 Chamber Music 2011
Institutio No. 11 Chamber Music 2012
Institutio No. 2 Chamber Music 2007
Institutio No. 3 Chamber Music 2008
Institutio No. 4 String orchestra 2008
Institutio No. 5/A Concerto 2008
Institutio No. 5/B Concerto 2008
Institutio No. 6/A Chamber Music 2008
Institutio No. 6/B Chamber Music 2008
Institutio No. 8 Chamber Music 2009
Institutio No. 9 Chamber Music 2011
In God´s Hands Film music 2018
Heavenly Shift (Pilot) Film music 2011
Jubilate Deo Children's choir 0
Jubileum, exultemus Mixed choir 2010
Julia and Her Lieutenant Music for the theater 2010
Chamber Symphony String orchestra 2011
Mrs. Karnyó Music for the theater 2006
Waltz String orchestra 1999
Bump Film music 2009
Blue Ermine Stage work 2011
Kérész Művek 54. Music for the theater 2019
Perspective Film music 2011
Strange Stories Film music 2008
L´inferno Mixed choir 2007
Levitation Instrumental solo 2004
Libera me Mixed choir 2009
Ligeti-Comments Chamber Music 2008
Long Ride in a Fast Machine Symphony orchestra 2013
Lux Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2009
Lux aeterna Mixed choir 2010
Magnificat Mixed choir 2003
Makrancos Ballet / Choreographic work 2015
Manjack Film music 2017
Marat / Sade Music for the theater 2014
Mea Culpa Film music 2006
Meditation String orchestra 2018
Nicholas-play Orchestral work 2002
Missa sine nomine Mixed choir 2006
Missa sine nomine – in memoriam Ligeti György Choir and solo instrument(s) 2010
Overture Wind orchestra 2011
Silent Scream Chamber Music 2002
Concerto per Oboe Concerto 2004
Dissolution Chamber Music 2020
Omnia tempus habent Mixed choir 2011
On The Air Music for the theater 2018
Operetta Ouverture Wind orchestra 2011
Otche nash / Our Father Mixed choir 2007
Panem meum Ballet / Choreographic work 2011
Passio Choir and orchestra 2015
Pastel Ballet / Choreographic work 2006
Pater noster Male choir 2006
Perpetuum mobile Instrumental solo 2018
Pilonon Music for the theater 2007
Postludium Chamber Music 2002
Praeceptum Symphony orchestra 2007
Pre-Sonatina Chamber Music 0
Preludium Chamber Music 2004
Pro et Contra String orchestra 2014
Psalm 70 (a 4 voci) Male choir 2019
Pyramidon Music for the theater 2012
Quartet Chamber Music 2003
Quartet Chamber Music 2010
Quintet Chamber Music 2008
Quintet - For string quartet and percussion Chamber Music 2005
Raped Europeans Music for the theater 2013
Requiem – Symphony No. 3 Choir and orchestra 2011
Lullaby String orchestra 2001
Rhythmic exercises Instrumental solo 2008
Rumbling Wagons Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 0
Fox Film music 2005
Own time Film music 2012
Salve Regina Mixed choir 2005
Salve Regina Children's choir 2009
Sanctus (a 8 voci) Mixed choir 2006
Sextet Ensemble 2007
Suite Instrumental solo 2011
Symphony No. 1/b Symphony orchestra 2009
Freedom Flight Film music 2013
Poor Johnny and Princess Arnika Music for the theater 2011
Tender Son: The Frankenstein Project Film music 2010
Tender Son: The Frankenstein Projec Film music 2010
Song of the Siren Music for the theater 2011
Suite Orchestral work 2019
Suite for Chamber Orchestra Chamber orchestra 2022
On the Quiet Film music 2019
Narrowing corridor Instrumental solo 2003
Terra toma Music for the theater 2014
The Singleman Party Music for the theater 2017
With Clean Hands Film music 2010
Toccata Chamber Music 2005
Journey Film music 2005
Varg Veum - I morket er alle ulver gra Film music 2011
Versa est in luctum Choir and chamber ensemble 2024
Vespera Solo voice(s), choir & solo instrument(s) 2005
I Was a Flower (Institutio No. 7) Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2009
Vivat, crescat, floreat! Mixed choir 2011
Quartet No. 1 Chamber Music 2006
String Quartet No. 2 Chamber Music 2009
String Quartet No. 3 Chamber Music 2017
Variations – Hommage à Sári József Instrumental solo 2008
Variable Constant Instrumental solo 2009
Werther Concerto 2016
Green Table Music for the theater 2015
Nights Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2011
Song of Songs Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 2016
Joy Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2006
Five Etudes Instrumental solo 2005
Ünnep Mixed choir 2006
Symphony No. II. Choir and orchestra 2008
Őszikék - Song-cycle on poems by János Arany Solo voice(s) with chamber orchestra 2018