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Szemző Tibor


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Tibor Szemző (b. 1955) is a native of Budapest. His compositions for live performance incorporate spoken word, film, and other media, but a considerable part of his output is for use as soundtracks for films - both his own productions and those of others. As a musician, Szemző was the founder of the acclaimed Hungarian modern ensemble Group 180 during the 1980s; his current performance group, The Gordian Knot, was founded in 1998.

Skullbase Fracture 20' (video) Bela Balazs Studio 1985
Cuba 32' (8/16mm, b&w) BBS 1993
The Other Shore 20' (8/35mm, colour) BBS / Duna Workshop 1998
What There Is 11' (8mm/video, b&w) Kép-Árnyék 2005
A Guest of Life - Alexander Csoma de Körös (8/35mm, colour) - Mediawave 2000 Kft. 2006

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Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1983 180-as csoport I.
(Group 180 - I.)
Hungaroton SLPX 12545 LP / Reissue on CD: HCD 12545 (1995)
1992 Semmi különös, csak egy kis zene mozgó képekhez
(Ain't Nothing But a Little Bit Of Music For Moving Pictures)
TomK Records 1955 2311 Own
The soundscapes have been originally composed for the
film cycle 'Private Hungary' by Péter Forgács
1993 A Lelkiismeret - Narratív Kamaradarabok
(The Conscience - Narrative Chamber Pieces)
Leo Records CD LR 185 Own
1994 Az utolsó magyar PVC
(The Last Hungarian Vinyl)
Magánkiadás BP 1235 Own
The piece have been composed
for the video work
'Wittgenstein Tractatus'
by Péter Forgács and Tibor Szemző
1995 Tractatus Leo Records CD LR 227 Own
The text and piano fragments are taken from "Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus" and "Vermischte Bemerkungen" by Ludwig Wittgenstein
1995 180-as csoport I.
(Group 180 - I.)
Hungaroton HCD 12545 Own
Reissue of Hungaroton SLPX 12545 (1983)
1997 Magyar hangtájak I.
(Hungarian Soundscapes I.)
HEAR Studio-Hung. Rad. HEAR 101
1998 Viszonylagos Dolgok
(Relative Things)
Leo Records CD LR 250 Own
1999 Solos - XX. századi magyar kompozíciók szóló fuvolára
(20th C. Hungarian Works for Flute)
Hungaroton HCD 31785
1999 Pillanatkép a Szigetről
(Snapshot from the Island)
Leo Records CD LR 227 Own
1999 A Túlsó Part
(The Other Shore)
Leo Records CD LR 281 Own
2000 Szemző Tibor és Forgács Péter: Örvény oratórium
(Tibor Szemző and Péter Forgács: Free Fall Oratorio)
Magánkiadás FOB 021 Own
2000 Balra a Nap nyugszik - filmzene
(Sunset on Left - soundtrack)
Magánkiadás CDB 071 Own
2001 Láthatatlan történet
(Invisible Story)
Leo Records LR 311 Own
Text by Béla Hamvas
2002 Dunai Exodus
(Danube Exodus)
Leo Records LR 352 Own
2003 South Of No North Leo Records LR 361 Own
Title Type Year
33 Movements for String Quartet and Other Instruments Chamber Music 1994
About the Pictures of the Light Film music 1989
The Danube Exodus Film music 1998
The Hobby of The Woodcutter Other 2015
El pero negro / The Black Dog Film music 2005
The Sex Appeal of Death Live and tape music 1981
The Tip of the Iceberg Film music 2011
Sons of the Sun Film music 1991
The Bishop´s Garden Film music 2002
The Other Shore Multimedia 1998
Angelos Film Film music 1999
Father and Three Sons Film music 1988
Golden Age Film music 1988
Arboretuum Music for the theater 2002
Avanti Other 1983
A Guest of Life: Alexander Csoma De Kőrös Multimedia 2005
The Road Film music 1997
Seaside, Dusk Film music 2000
Conversations Other 1991
Conversaions (The Birth of Venus) Film music 1987
Bibó Breviary Film music 0
Children – Kosovo Film music 2000
Comecon Other 1985
Con Anima Music for the theater 0
Chekhov: Gull Music for the theater 1992
Wonder Stag Other 1984
Bones Other 1990
Cuba Other 1994
D. Film Film music 1991
Doppelkonzert Electroacoustic music 1991
Danube Exoduses Film music 1998
What There Is! Multimedia 2005
Hourglass Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2014
Children - Kosovo 2000 Film music 2000
Free Style Swimming Other 1984
Deathful Delay Other 1989
Hamlet Music for the theater 2007
Heroine Film music 2000
Barrels Other 2013
Izmail Rolls - Equal Slices Multimedia 2023
K. Venus Film music 0
Skullbase Fracture Other 1984
Skullbase Fracture #2 Other 1989
Early Sorrows Music for radio drama 2015
Stone-Bread Other 2009
Let’s Go Out and Dance Music for the theater 1985
Invisible Story Multimedia 1998
Twine Film music 2004
Maalstroom Film music 1997
Memory Shards Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2021
Meteo Multimedia 2005
Meteo/The Dreams Of Eckermann Film music 1989
Meanwhile Somewhere/Unknown War No. 5 Film music 1994
Another Snap Music for the theater 1988
Another Planet Film music 2008
Poisoned Idyll Other 1987
Passing Sickness Other 1981
Plant Other 1983
Optimistic Lecture Concerto 1988
Paragraph 175 Film music 1999
Snapshot from the Island Live and prerecorded music 1986
Polio / The Last World Film music 1995
Private Hungary Other 0
Private "Forgácsok"... Film music 2002
Private Hungary Film music 1988
Private Hungary I. - The Bartos Family Film music 1988
Private Hungary II. - Dusi & Jenő Film music 1989
Private Hungary III - Either-Or Film music 1989
Private Hungary IV. - The Diary of Mr. N. Film music 1990
Private Hungary IX. - The Land of Nothing Film music 1996
Private Hungary VII - Bourgeoisie Dictionary Film music 1992
Private Hungary VIII. - The Notes of a Lady Film music 1994
Private Hungary X. - Free Fall Film music 1996
Private Hungary XI. - Class Lot Film music 1996
Private Hungary XII. - Kádár’s Kiss Film music 1997
Private Exits Multimedia 1989
Quintet Chamber Music 1992
SZJ60 Other 2014
Shonenko – Emerald Horizon Film music 2005
Silverbird and the Cyclist Multimedia 2020
Simply Happy Film music 1993
Gull Chamber Music 1992
Snap Two Live electronic music 1993
Sunset On Left Film music 2000
Sunyi Other 1992
Symultan Other 1996
Siberian Summer Film music 1989
Beach, Nightfall, a Small Post Office Film music 1993
Tractatus Other 1995
Transit Other 1993
Trio Other 1992
Mirrors Music for the theater 1982
Uran Film music 1995
Iron Age Other 0
Echo Other 1985
Water-Wonder Live and tape music 1982
I am Von Höfler Film music 2008
Train Trip Film music 1981
Desire to become Indians Other 2014
Twelfth Night, or What You Will Music for the theater 0
We’d Laugh Together, Fool Around And Go Swimming - Dr. Kafka’s Last Smile Film music 2014
What There Is Film music 2005
Wittgenstein Tractatus - 7 Video Etudes Film music 1992
Way Through? Multimedia 1996
Free Fall Multimedia 1999