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Kalló Zsolt


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Zsolt Kalló acts as the concertmaster, soloist and artistic director of Capella Savaria. He was born in Győr in the 6th of March 1967. He studied violin as Eszter Perényi’s student at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest and graduated in 1990 as an honoured violin artist. He also studied with Sándor Végh in Salzburg between 1988 and 1989.

As a concertmaster, he has played with several acclaimed chamber orchestras including Sonora Hungarica, Aura Musicale, Concerto Armonico, and the Orfeo Ensemble but he has also impressed audiences as a soloist via his numerous CD, radio and TV recordings. He is also renowned for founding the Trio Antiqua and the Authentic Quartet. He is also known as the first artist to play the violin concertos of Tomasini, Kraus and Michael Haydn for Hungarian audiences.

He has been invited as a professor to various early music courses. He had been a teacher at the Szombathely Conservatory of Music until 2019 and he is a professor at the ’Varga Tibor’ Institute of Musical Art, Széchenyi István University in Győr.

He was honoured with the Halász Ferenc Prize for his outstanding educational work in 2008. He earned his DLA degree in 2010. In 2012, he was awarded with the prize “For the Culture of Vas County”. In 2014 he received the Liszt Prize, and in 2018 he habilitated. He became Merited Artist of the Republic of Hungary in 2022.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger: Three String Quartets Op.7 Nos. 4-6. Hungaroton HCD 32495
1995 Telemann, Georg Philipp: Hegedűversenyek Hungaroton HCD 31601
1996 Muffat, Georg: 12 concerto grosso Hungaroton HCD 31666-67 2 CDs
1997 Haydn, Michael: Szimfóniák Hungaroton HCD 31706
1997 Händel, Georg Friedrich: Latin motetták Hungaroton HCD 12908
1997 Haydn, Joseph: Az énekesnő; B-dúr szimfónia No. 35
(Haydn, Joseph: La Canterina; Symphony in B flat major No. 35)
Hungaroton HCD 31664
1999 Haydn, Michael: Szimfóniák az 1780-as évekből Hungaroton HCD 31810
2000 Valentini, Giuseppe: 7 Bizzaria Op.2(összkiadás)
(Valentini, Giuseppe: 7 Bizzaria Op.2 (complete))
Hungaroton HCD 31864
2004 Lappi, Pietro: Brescia ünnepi zenéi - 12 canzone
(Lappi, Pietro: Ceremonial Music of Brescia - 12 canzone)
Hungaroton HCD 32295
2004 Georg Lickl: Vonósnégyesek
(Georg Lickl: 3 String Quartets)
Hungaroton HCD 32220 on period instruments
2006 Fesca, Friedrich Ernst: String Quartets Op.1 Hungaroton
2008 Wölfl, Joseph: Három vonósnégyes Op. 4
(Wölfl, Joseph: 3 String Quartets Op. 4)
Hungaroton HCD 32580 First recordings
2008 Walckiers, Eugene: Fuvolás kamarazene
(Walckiers, Eugene: Chamber Music with Flute)
Hungaroton HCD 32562 First recordings
2010 6 Fugues a 4 - 6 Quarttets Op.16 - Sonata in C (pro festo Paschalis) Hungaroton HCD 32653
2011 Förster, Emanuel Aloys:3 String Quartets Op.21 Hungaroton HCD 32705
2013 Vivaldi: The Four Seasons plus Violin Concerto in D major, RV 222 & in D minor, RV 237 Hungaroton HCD 32729
2013 Végh János: String Quartets Hungaroton HCD 32726
2014 Bach, J. S.: Hegedűversenyek
(Bach, J. S.: Violin concertos)
Hungaroton HCD 32749 Own
2014 Joseph Martin Kraus: Szimfóniák és hegedűversenyek
(Joseph Martin Kraus: Symphonies & Violin Concertos)
Hungaroton HCD 32733 Own
2015 Joseph Haydn: Hegedűversenyek
(Joseph Haydn: Violin concertos)
Hungaroton HCD 32771 Own
2015 Pleyel, Ignace Joseph: String Quartets Op.41 Nos 1-2 & Op.42 Nos 1-2
(Pleyel, Ignace Joseph: String Quartets Op.41 Nos 1-2 & Op.42 Nos 1-2)
Hungaroton HCD 32783 First recordings
2016 Schubert, Franz: Symphony No. 5 - Works for Violin and Orchestra Hungaroton HCD 32794
2016 Bach, J. S.: Brandenburg Concertos Hungaroton HCD 32786–87 Own
2 CDs
2017 Mozart: The Complete Works for Violin and Orchestra Hungaroton HCD 32761–62 Own
2 CDs
2019 J. S. Bach: Double & Triple Concertos - Capella Savaria on Period Instruments and Zsolt Kalló Hungaroton HCD 32836 Own
2020 Mozart Serenades - Capella Savaria on Period Instruments Hungaroton HCD 32850 Own
2021 Georg Philipp Telemann: Double & Triple Concertos Hungaroton HCD 32860 Own
2022 Michael Haydn - Violin & Flute Concertos Hungaroton HCD 32865 Own
2022 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Double Concertos Hungaroton HCD 32866
2023 Franz Benda: Symphonies & Concertos Hungaroton HCD 32893 Own
2023 Early European and HUNGARIAN Dances Hungaroton HC 32881