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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Bali János


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Besides working as a choirmaster and a conductor he is also an established flute and recorder artist. He regularly plays in concerts as a soloist with chamber ensembles and baroque orchestras both in Hungary and abroad. His name appears on several recordings (CD, radio, television) as a conductor or musician.

He often performs at the most prestigious Hungarian early music festivals: the Early Music Days in Sopron, the Budapest Early Music Forum and the Dutch-Hungarian Early Music Festivals. He has performed at the Zemplén Festival and in the baroque programs of the Budapest Festival Orchestra.

His speciality is the music of the 14th and 15th century. He practices both the secular and religious repertories of this era.

2010 Liszt Prize

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Title Type Year
„2” Ensemble 2003
17th-century Italian Chamber Music Chamber Music 0
18, 14, 14, 18 Chamber Music 0
The Border Stage work 2006
The Feast Stage work 2005
Addi(c)tion Electroacoustic music 2023
Andante and double (found object, carved) Chamber Music 2016
Introduction to Avantgarde Other 0
Blaha Live and prerecorded music 2016
Carcere Grande Live electronic music 2017
Centrifuga-Etudes Live and prerecorded music 2014
Curved mirrors Electroacoustic music 0
D’arts Electroacoustic music 2023
Defectus Live and prerecorded music 2022
Discordia Chamber Music 2005
Découverte Instrumental solo 2007
Developing Electroacoustic music 2023
Clouds Stage work 2004
Felix cæli porta Live and tape music 2010
Figaro´s Divorce Stage work 2010
Finem lauda Live and prerecorded music 2002
French Renaissance Dances Chamber Music 0
French Renaissance Dances Chamber Music 0
Sphere Ensemble 2007
Hommage à Tatlin Ensemble 2003
Files Other 2021
Imitatio Live and tape music 2011
Interview with the philosopher Chamber Music 0
Cacti from Händel Chamber Music 2017
Chamber Piece Chamber Music 1990
Kontra-linie Stage work 2022
L´âme fugitive Live and prerecorded music 2019
La notte Instrumental solo 2018
Birds Stage work 2009
Minimal Contact Stage work 2011
Oracle - we asked the Oracle of Delphi ( Instrumental solo 2020
Paper Movie Film music 2008
Pietà - Taking Descartes off the cross Stage work 2018
Prometheus Vocal ensemble 2013
Scratch Instrumental solo 2020
Spring Live and prerecorded music 2016
Vilmos Stadler 60 Live and tape music 2008
Wedding music Tape music 2008
X – in memoriam György Pribil Electroacoustic music 2014
aber... Chamber Music 2016
agreement Live and prerecorded music 2016
azavar Stage work 2012
flesh! Live and tape music 2018
latlá röküT Stage work 2022
switched on Vocal music 2013
uuh... Stage work 2007
Á... Chamber Music 0
Transcription - Boismortier: Don Quichotte Suite Chamber orchestra 2008
Ether Electroacoustic music 0
Self-Portrait Chamber Music 2007
Five Dodecaphonic Piano Pieces Instrumental solo 1991