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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Pintér Gyula


Place of Birth
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Born in 1954, in Jászberény, Hungary. Learnt the piano under Lidia Csebiss, the composition under Zoltan Pongracz and Janos Kautsky (Holland). Besides composition, he is engaged in fine arts too. From 1978 he has made experiments of electroacoustic music in his studio designed by himself. From 1980 he has participated in different musical and art events and festivals. He took part in several performances and technical events both in Hungary and abroad. During the last years won several prizes at competitions. Appeared in the Festival of ISCM and the Gaudeamus Foundation in 1989, in Amsterdam. In 1990 he participated in the electronic festival of Bourges.

2012 - Erkel Prize
2022 - Artisjus-Prize
Title Type Year
Ekidé and Monici Electroacoustic music 1998
Epigrams Ensemble 2008
Gestures No. 2 Live and prerecorded music 2007
Green Ensemble 2018
Ikaromania !to be determined 0
Ikaromania, No. 2 Ensemble 2008
Icons Live and tape music 0
Improvisation No. 1 Live and prerecorded music 0
Improvisation No. 3 Chamber Music 2015
Signs No. 2 Chamber Music 2020
Grumbled Angel Live and tape music 1997
Mandala Concerto 0
Mandala Irregular Electroacoustic music 0
Night of the Magicians Live and tape music 1999
Night Piece Electroacoustic music 2009
Armoured Smile Electroacoustic music 1991
Les cloches de flammes roses / The bells of pink flames Live and tape music 0
Shades Electroacoustic music 2020
Dashed Circles - For Violin and Electronics Electroacoustic music 0
Toccata Tape music 2001
White Electroacoustic music 0
Mask and Mirror Live and tape music 2001
Pictures of Őrség Tape music 1996