9 February 2024


9 February 2024. 6:00 pm
Budapest Music Center - Library
1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.

As usual since 2018, at the beginning of the calendar year, this time on 9 February, three composers, Máté Balogh, Péter Tornyai and László Sándor will once again present a joint composers' evening. As a special feature of this concert, the early music ensemble P.O.N.S. Trio (members: Róza Lachegyi, Anna Lachegyi and Dóra Pétery) will perform works by Péter Tornyai and László Sándor, accompanied by several smaller-scale solo pieces and electroacoustic compositions by Máté Balogh, among others.
Máté Balogh's two solo instrumental compositions, both written in the last year, present speech-like, verbal diction using microtonal tools. This program is accompanied by two recitations, which are musical versions of poems by poet Péter Závada.
Péter Tornyai explores new possibilities for old instruments and forms in his compositions. Villa Pisani is a cycle for baroque ensemble, in which musical principles of the baroque (passacaglia, chaconne) intersect. The Zauberbratsche is the composer's latest composition for his favourite instrument.

Not uncommonly for the composer, László Sándor's works on the music of the nature will dominate the program, but this time the nature is approached with play, grotesque humour, unusual tonal combinations and programme music. For example, the flowers of Wild Flowers in the Arka Valley, composed for the P.O.N.S Trio, are presented as "characters" in a dramaturgy created by fantasy.

The concert was supported by the MOL-New Europe Foundation in the framework of the Felhangolva! program.
Further details and programs: felhangolva.hu



P.O.N.S. Ensemble:
Róza Lachegyi - baroque violin
Anna Lachegyi - viola da gamba
Dóra Pétery - harpsichord

Flóra Bagi - recorder
Bottyán Balogh - horn
Máté Balogh - recitation
Zsolt Bartek - clarinet
Péter Tornyai - viola
Péter Závada - recitation




Free entry! Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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