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Sugár Miklós

conductor, synthesizer

Place of Birth
Date of Birth

1952: Born on 2 July, Budapest
1971: Enrolls in the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest.
Studied conducting (1974-78) and composition (1975-80) with András Kórodi and Emil Petrovics
1978-84: Conductor at Honvéd Art Ensemble Symphony Orchestra
1978-91: Assistant lecturer at the Academy of Dramatic and Cinematographic Arts
1979-87: Member of the Young Composers Group of the Association of Hungarian Musicians (General Secretary: 1983-87)
1984-88: Conductor of the Békéscsaba Symphony Orchestra
1988-90: Redacteur at the Music Department of the Hungarian Radio
1991: Manager of the National Philharmonics
1991: Founder of the EAR Ensemble for electro-acoustic research for contemporary music
1991-99: Conductor of the Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra
1981: honoured with the prize of the Szirmai Albert Foundation
1984-85: awarded the Kodály Scholarship
1985: 3rd prize at the International Composers Competition of the Budapest Spring Festival
1989: special prize at the Arezzo Choir Composers Competition
1991: the KÓTA's prize for "Gloria" at the competition of the Hungarian Radio
1991 and 1992: received the Soros Foundation
1991: 3rd prize at the János Neumann Society's Electro-acoustic Composers Competition
1992: honoured with the Erkel Award
1993: honoured with the prize of the Lánczos-Szekfü Foundation
1989, 1990, 1994: scholarship in Paris: Les atelier UPIC
1999: scholarship in Berlin: Akademie der Künste
2002: scholarship in Lyon: GRAME
1992, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2003: ARTISJUS prize
2001: Vox electronica prize (with the EAR Ensemble)

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Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1988 Sugár Miklós: Ballada; Musica agile; Chorea; Áttűnések; Találkozások; Mozaik
(Sugár, Miklós: Ballad; Musica agile; Chorea; Dissolves; Meetings; Mosaic)
Hungaroton SLPX 12970 LP
1993 Szakály Ágnes: Cimbalom Preludio PRECD 9304
1994 300 év cimbalomzenéje
(Music of 300 Years on Cimbalom)
Hungaroton HCD 31571
1997 ISMEAM - selected passages HEAR Studio-Hung. Rad. HEAR 103
1999 Madarász Iván: Lót; Refrain Hungaroton HCD 31819
1999 Sugár Miklós: Ear movements; Rövid történet; Fluctus; Modellek; Percupicsy; Írisz
(Sugár, Miklós: Ear movements; Short Story; Fluctus; Models; Percupicsy; Iris)
Hungaroton HCD 31788
2000 Élő elektronikus kompozíciók
(Hungarian Live Electronic Works)
Hungaroton HCD 31868
2001 Szigeti István: Ianus Hungaroton HCD 31955
2002 Madarász Iván: Orfeusz gesztusai; Dionüszosz geometriája; Archai-Archi; Tabulatúra; Egyperces novellák; Talizmán
(Madarász, Iván: Orpheus's Gestures; Dionysus's Geometry; Archai-Archi; Tablature; One-minute Stories; Talisman)
Hungaroton HCD 32147
2003 Sugár Miklós: Vihar után; Dalok; Luxatio; Három dal...; NO.2; Francia dalok; Miniatűrök
(Miklós, Sugár: After Storm; Songs...; Luxatio; Three Songs...; NO.2; French Songs; Miniatures)
Hungaroton HCD 32180
2005 Ear Ensemble: Faragó, Olsvay, Madarász, Sugár M., Decsényi, Szigeti és Csemiczky művei
(Ear Ensemble: Works by Faragó, Olsvay, Madarász, M. Sugár, Decsényi, Szigeti, Csemiczky)
Hungaroton HCD 32347