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EAR Együttes (EAR Ensemble)

Orchestra, choir, ensemble


The EAR Ensemble was founded in an associative form, in the spring of 1991, with the aim of establishing a new music genre in Hungary, highlighting the co-operation of acoustic, electroacoustic instruments and musical devices in the newest field of contemporary music.

Such type of ensemble has already existed abroad in many forms, while here in Hungary, even the foundations of the genre were to be laid. Besides their "own" composers, the group could win over several other ones to the new genre, as works were composed for the EAR Ensemble e.g. in the workshops of László Dubrovay, István Láng, Róbert Mandel, József Sári, László Sáry, László Tihanyi, but they also performed pieces of composers who originally did not compose for them, but there was something in common between the genre of these works and the ideas of the band. This way, even the compositions of Zoltán Jeney, László Vidovszky, Iván Patachich, Zoltán Pongrácz and others were presented at their concerts, as well as the works of the youngest generation, represented by the students of the Music Academy, like Judit Varga, Samu Gryllus, Bálint Bolcsó and others, were included in the concert programmes. Altogether 36 composers have written 230 compositions for the EAR Ensemble so far.

In addition to performing Hungarian composers' works, they consider the searching and presenting of foreign pieces of capital importance. The International Meeting of Electroacoustic Music in Sárvár (ISMEAM) – organized already six time by the HEAR Studio of Hungarian Radio - provided an excellent opportunity for this.

In 2007 the group EAR has started a new, independent life since after 33 years the electronic music studio was terminated.

Some of the foreign composers, whose works have been presented so far: Jean-Claude Risset (France), James Giroudon (France), Wayne Siegel (USA), Joao Mendes (Br), Francois Dhomont (Canada), Josefh Waters /USA/, Hector Fiore (RA), Atau Tanaka (Japan), David Keane (USA), Tamás Ungváry (Austria), Wolfgang Seierl (Austria), Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal), Igor Lintz-Maues (Austria), Fabio Cifariello Ciardi (Italy), Andres Levin-Richter (E), Rodrogo Sigal (Mexico), Martin Parker (GB), Koji Asano (Japan), Joseph Maria Guix (E), Rodney Oakes (USA), Simon Vincent (GB), Jep Nuix (E),Gabriel Brncic (E), James Dashow (USA), Diego Minchiacci (Italy), Alain Basso (France), Mauricio Kagel (Argentina) and many others.

It comes form the name: EAR (electroacoustic research) that beside workshop and concert activities, their almost highest aim is to make research work, and to search for the new possibilities of connection between the different instruments and electronics-acoustics, then to use them in the compositions. In these efforts, they are also tightly related to the electroacoustic music studio of the Hungarian Radio, while striving for gaining more knowledge about the most up-to-date international achievements in this musical field, and then presenting them in Hungary.

In the past few years they have given approximately 14-16 concerts a year and they are planning to continue in the same quantity. They are primarily playing in Budapest in the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, in the Nádor Hall of the ARTISJUS, but they have been performed in Dunaújváros, Pécs, Debrecen, Győr, Székesfehérvár and many other cities.

They have introduced the Hungarian and foreign electroacoustic music in abroad as well – they have played in Vienna, Warsaw, Aveiro, Paris, Bourges, Jerevan, Potsdam, etc. The members of the group often perform in various corners of the world, which means that compositions written for EAR are frequently played.

Official members of the EAR – musicians and composers:

István Matuz – flute (Kossuth- and Liszt Prize winner, Merited Artist, university professor)
Gergely Matuz - flute
György Lakatos – bassoon (Liszt Prize winner, university lecturer)
György Geiger – trumpet (Kossuth- and Liszt Prize winner, Merited Artist, former member of the MR Symhony Orchestra)
Róbert Káip – trombone (member of the MR Symhony Orchestra)
Éva Maros – harp (Liszt Prize winner, member of the MR Symhony Orchestra)
Bence Gazda – violin
Balázs Kántor – cello (solo cellist of the Hungarian Opera House)
Béla Faragó – composer/keyboard, piano (Erkel Prize winner, lecturer of the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy)
Endre Olsvay – composer/keyboard, piano (reader of the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy)

István Horváth – sound engineer, (Erkel Prize winner)

Composing members of the Association:

Máté Hollós (Erkel Prize and Bartók-Pásztory Award winner)
Iván Madarász (Erkel Prize and Bartók-Pásztory Award winner, university professor the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy)
István Szigeti (Erkel Prize winner)

Artists regularly co-operating with the Association:

Adrienne Csengery - vocal (Liszt Prize winner, Merited Artist)
Eszter Sára Kővári - vocal
Zsuzsa Skoff – vocal
Ágnes Szakály – cimbalom (Liszt Prize winner)
Lajos Rozmán – clarinet (Liszt Prize winner)
Csaba Klenyán – clarinet (Liszt Prize winner)
Anna Mérey – violin
György Gulyás Nagy– viola
Zoltán Varga – horn (Liszt Prize winner)

Leader of the group/association:

Miklós Sugár composer - conductor (Erkel Prize and Bartók-Pásztory Award winner)

Current performances of EAR Ensemble
Koncertkalendárium (
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1999 Sugár Miklós: Ear movements; Rövid történet; Fluctus; Modellek; Percupicsy; Írisz
(Sugár, Miklós: Ear movements; Short Story; Fluctus; Models; Percupicsy; Iris)
Hungaroton HCD 31788
1999 Madarász Iván: Lót; Refrain Hungaroton HCD 31819 Own
2000 Élő elektronikus kompozíciók
(Hungarian Live Electronic Works)
Hungaroton HCD 31868 Own
2001 Szigeti István: Ianus Hungaroton HCD 31955
2002 Madarász Iván: Orfeusz gesztusai; Dionüszosz geometriája; Archai-Archi; Tabulatúra; Egyperces novellák; Talizmán
(Madarász, Iván: Orpheus's Gestures; Dionysus's Geometry; Archai-Archi; Tablature; One-minute Stories; Talisman)
Hungaroton HCD 32147
2003 Sugár Miklós: Vihar után; Dalok; Luxatio; Három dal...; NO.2; Francia dalok; Miniatűrök
(Miklós, Sugár: After Storm; Songs...; Luxatio; Three Songs...; NO.2; French Songs; Miniatures)
Hungaroton HCD 32180
2005 Ear Ensemble: Faragó, Olsvay, Madarász, Sugár M., Decsényi, Szigeti és Csemiczky művei
(Ear Ensemble: Works by Faragó, Olsvay, Madarász, M. Sugár, Decsényi, Szigeti, Csemiczky)
Hungaroton HCD 32347 Own
2006 Pintér Gyula: Rózsaszín lángharangok
(Pintér, Gyula: Les cloches de flammes roses)
Hungaroton HCD 32438
2006 Magyar elektroakusztikus zene
(Hungarian ElectroAcoustic Research)
Hungaroton HCD 32449
2009 Lebegés - Elektroakusztikus Zene
(Floatation - ElectroAcoustic Research)
Hungaroton HCD 32637
2010 Sugár Miklós: Lüktetések
(Sugár, Miklós: Pulsations)
Hungaroton HCD 32656