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Vékony Ildikó


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

1963 - 3 October 2009

Ildikó Vékony was born in 1963 and started to play the cimbalom at the age of seven. She graduated from the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, where she was the student of Ferenc Gelencsér. The school of György Kurtág and Ferenc Rados as well as the composers of the new Music Studio had a great impact on her musical thinking.

She gave concerts in several countries of Europe, was invited to numerous festivals and played the cimbalom with many renowned orchestras (the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic, the WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne). She performed among other venues at Tonhalle in Zurich, in Berlin, and at the Philharmonie in Munich. She was guest artist at the Orlando Festival, the Wiener Festwochen, the Musikfestspiele Saar and the Salzburg Osterfestspiele. She worked with Claudio Abbado, Zoltán Peskó, and Péter Eötvös.

Her repertory spreads from the music of the 12th century through Bach to contemporary music. She was the first performer of several contemporary pieces, and won the award of Artisjus (Hungarian Bureau for the Protection of Authors' Rights), for her interpretation of contemporary Hungarian compositions several times. She participated in many radio and CD recordings.

Artisjus Prize (1986, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006)
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1987 Flowers, Chants, Hymn, Plays and Games for Cimbalom Hungaroton SLPX 12755 LP
1988 Sugár Miklós: Ballada; Musica agile; Chorea; Áttűnések; Találkozások; Mozaik
(Sugár, Miklós: Ballad; Musica agile; Chorea; Dissolves; Meetings; Mosaic)
Hungaroton SLPX 12970 LP
1995 Fiatal zeneszerzők csoportja - IV. Antológia
(Young Composers' Group; Anthology - IV)
Hungaroton HCD 31192
1999 Sári József: Láncolatok
(Sári, József: Convergences)
BMC Records BMC CD 019
1999 Sári József: Kérdések Hillélhez
(Sári, József: Questions to Hillel)
Hungaroton HCD 31857
1999 Csapó Gyula: Kézfogás lövés után
(Handshake after shot)
BMC Records BMC CD 013
2001 Vékony Ildikó: Szálkák
(Vékony, Ildikó: Splinters)
BMC Records BMC CD046 Own
2001 Kondor Ádám: Prelude; Énekgyakorlatok; Hastiéres dalok etc. Hungaroton HCD 31969
2002 Serei Zsolt: Nézek fel: csak fény
(Serei, Zsolt: I look up just light)
BMC Records BMC CD 073 Further contributor: Juniku Spartakus - violin
2003 Sáry László: Tánczene
(Dance Music)
BMC Records BMC CD 069
2003 Metszetek
TOM-TOM Records TTCD 49 Károly Makk: A Long Weekend in Pest and Buda - film music
2005 Sugár Miklós: Mozaik; Musica agile; Áttűnések; Felhő-variációk; Ballada; Chorea; Találkozások
(Miklós Sugár: Mosaic; Musica agile; Dissolves; Cloud Variations; Reminiscences; Ballad; Chorea; Meetings)
Hungaroton HCD 32326
2007 With mallets and strings BMC Records BMC CD 134 Own
2007 Kurtág, György: Játékok; Szálkák; Grabstein für Stephan Ricordi Oggi STR 57002 HAL
2008 Trio Lignum: Trialog BMC Records BMC CD 127
2010 Ligeti and Kurtág at Carnegie Hall BMC Records BMC CD 162