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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Drahos Béla

flute, conductor

He started to play flute when he was 8 and already in 1966 was member of the Kaposvár Symphony Orchestra. In 1967 he became 1st Flutist of the Kaposvár Theatre Orchestra. He entered the Győr Conservatory in 1969 and in 1971 won 1st Prize at Concertino Praha - 1 International Music Competition - later in 1972 Main-Prize at the Flute Competition of Hungarian Television and in 1973 UNESCO Grand Prize in Bratislava. In the meantime between 1970-73 he established a string chamber orchestra giving successful concerts everywhere. Mr.Drahos continued his studies at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest being parallel (1973-78) 1st Flute player to the Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera. In 1976 he was taken to be Solo Flute player of the Hungarian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra (until 1993). In 1976 he established the Wind Quintet of the Radio Orchestra gaining Main-Prize at the most important Wind Quintet Competition in Colmar (France).
In 1985 he was awarded the Liszt Prize by the Hungarian Government for his outstanding results; in 1986 he was elected Artist of the Year, and in 1988 he was awarded the prestigious Bartók-Pásztory Prize. He played innumerable concerts in the most important concert-halls of the world: London (Barbican), New-York (Carnegie Hall), Tokyo (Suntory Hall), Moskow (Main Hall of the Conservatory), Munich (Hercules Hall), Salzburg (Festspielhaus) as soloist, chamber musician or solo-flute player in orchestra.
In 1988 soloist of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra in New Zealand, and in 1989 soloist of the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra at the Berlin Philharmonia Hall, in 1990 solo recital at the same place. In 1991 Berlin again thereafter in the same year: Paris.
In 1990 Mr. Drahos recorded Mozart: Flute Concertos for Hungaroton, in 1991 C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas and in 1992 Vivaldi: Il Pastor Fido, Op. 10 Sonatas for NAXOS.
Playing in orchestra with great Maestros (Bernstein, Matacic, Inbal, Doráti, Zecchi, Ferencsik) his ambitions of conducting became stonger. In 1991 took part at the Masterclass of Prof. Karl Österreicher in Vienna, who also later gave him help and advise - for his debut with the Radio Orchestra in the same year conducting a Beethoven program at the Main Hall of the Music Academy in Budapest. In 1992 conducted the Hungarian State Orchestra in Eisenstadt and in the same year was invited to be chief conductor of the Kaposvár Symphony Orchestra, where in 1994 he was awarded the For Kaposvár Prize. In the meantime in 1993 he became solo-flute player and assistant conductor of Kobayashi Ken-Ichiro at the Hungarian State Orchestra, conducting them on tours in England, Germany and Austria.
In 15 March 1994 he was given The Little Order of the Hungarian Republic by the Hungarian President, for his outstanding musical results. His first recording as a conductor for Naxos was a symphony of Haydn, later further Haydn symphonies, and in 1997 he was invited to conduct all of the Beethoven symphonies for the Jubilee Publication of the 10 years old Naxos - gaining highly successful critical acclaim with them (like formerly from HC Robbins Landon, the great American musicologist in BBC Music Magazine, Sept 1996 - writing about his Haydn recordings). Mr. Drahos began recording all of the Haydn symphonies recently.
He conducted in New Zealand in 1988; in the meantime at home working with the Radia Orchestra, MÁV Symphony Orchestra and the most important Hungarian regional orchestras.

Year Title Publisher Code Remark
The Best Music of the Classical Era Classic CD 128
1008 Armand Amar: La Jeune Fille et Les Loups naive K1636
1988 A Rádiózenekar fúvósötöse
(The Hungarian Radio Wind Quintet)
Radioton SLPX 31084 LP
1990 Masters Of Classical Music Vol.1-5 Laserlight 35800 5 CDs
1990 Masters Of Classical Music Vol.1 - Mozart Laserlight 15801
1991 Vivaldi, Antonio: The Best of Vivaldi Naxos 8.551105
1994 The Best of Naxos 3. Naxos 8.550003
1995 Hommage Magyar Rádió MR 011 4 CDs
1995 Bach, J.S.: Brandenburgi versenyek
(Bach, J.S.: Brandenburg Concertos)
Hungaroton HCD 12618-19 2 CDs / Complete edition
1997 Ten Years of Success Naxos 8.554103
1997 Fantasia Naxos 8.551166
1997 Beethoven, Ludwig van: Adagio Naxos 8.552240
1998 Meditation: Classics for Relaxing and Dreaming
(Meditation: Classics for Relaxing and Dreaming)
Naxos 8.556614
1998 Rhapsody: Classics for Relaxing and Dreaming Naxos 8.556617
1998 Beethoven, Ludwig van: Triple Concerto - Piano Concerto in D major Op.61a Naxos 8.554288
1998 Discover the Symphony - 1998 Edition Naxos 8.554337-38
1999 Skona Grona Dagar - Beautiful Green Days Naxos 8.503068
1999 Mozart, W. A.: Fuvolaversenyek (K. 313, K. 314), Andante fuvolára és zenekarra (K. 315) Hungaroton HCD 31383 Own
1999 A bécsi klasszicizmus lassú tételekben II.
(The Vienna Classicism in Slow Moments Vol. 2)
Hungaroton HRC 1048 Echo Collection
1999 Anglar
Naxos 8.503096
1999 Voices of Angels Naxos 8.503071
1999 Madarász Iván: Flautiáda; Concertuba; Musica solenne Hungaroton HCD 31830
1999 Discover the Classics 3: The Concerto Naxos 8.554486-87 2 CDs
1999 Allaga Géza: Magyar cimbalomkoncert
(Allaga, Géza: Hungarian concerto for Hungarian Hammered Dulcimer)
Hungaroton HCD 31825 Recorded in 1991
2000 Haydn, Joseph: Nelson Mass - Little Organ Mass Naxos 8.554416
2000 Classics at the Movies - Suspense Naxos 8.556810
2001 Klassiska Favoriter Guld - Det bästa av det bästa ur Klassiska Favoriter
(Gold Classical Favorites)
Naxos 8.503129
2001 Credo - Classical Music for Reflection and Meditation Naxos 8.556708
2002 Hofmann, Leopold: Obor Concertos - Concertos for Oboe and Harpsichord Naxos 8.553979
2002 Naxos-Artaria Editions Sampler Naxos 8.520103
2002 Classical Moments 1: Classical Music to Wake Up to Naxos 8.555357
2003 Love and Peace Naxos 8.557362DX
2004 Family Symphony Naxos 8.557479DX
2004 A Musical Journey - Vienna: A Musical Tour of the City's Past and Present Naxos 2.110502
2004 Music for Kids CD8: Music from Planet Earth Naxos 8.558021
2005 Magyar zenei mozaik
(Hungarian Music Mosaic)
Hungaroton HCD 32330
2005 Beethoven for Meditation Naxos 8.557751 Swedish edition
2005 Cinema Classics 2005 Naxos 8.556814
2005 Discover Music of the Classical Era Naxos 8.558180-81 2 CDs
2005 Discover Music of the Romantic Era Naxos 8.558155-56 2 CDs
2005 Discover Music of the Baroque Era Naxos 8.558160-61
2005 The Very Best of Beethoven Naxos 8.552105-06
2006 Perfect Spring Wedding Naxos 8.557976
2006 Chill with Beethoven Naxos 8.556790
2007 Meditation Naxos 8.571075
2007 Beethoven for Meditation Naxos 8.570905
2007 20 Klassiska Favoriter
(20 Classical Favorites)
Naxos 8.570566
2008 Eternal Beethoven Naxos 8.572131
2008 Panda Classics - Issue No.4: Toon Time Naxos 8.578011-12 2 CDs
2008 Stimulerande - Musik för Kropp och Själ
(Stimulant - Music for Body and Soul)
Naxos 8.572148
2008 Discover the Symphony - 2008 Edition Naxos 8.558208-09 2 CDs
2009 McCleery, David: Discover Music of the Romantic Era (Unabridged) Naxos NA495212
2009 Unger-Hamilton, Clive: Discover Music of the Baroque Era (Unabridged) Naxos NA495912 4 CDs
2009 The A to Z of Classical Music (3rd Expanded Edition, 2009) Naxos 8.558212-13 2 CDs
2009 Hajdu Mihály: Szőkül a fűz - Kamaraművek, kórusok, zongoradarabok
(Hajdu, Mihály: Blonde Willows - Chamber Works, Choruses & Piano Pieces)
Hungaroton HCD 32614
2010 Adagio 2 Naxos 8.578062-63 2 CDs
2010 Beethoven, Ludwig van: The Naxos Beethoven Album Naxos 8.578109
2011 My First Beethoven Album Naxos 8.578206
2011 Fanga Dagen
(Seize the Day)
Naxos 8.578216
2012 Great Baroque Masterpieces - 10-CD Box Set Naxos 8.501061 10 CDs
2012 Vivaldi, Antonio: Concertos RV93, 356, 406, 428, 454, 406 and 502 Naxos 8.572972
2012 Min Forste Beethoven
(My First Beethoven Album)
Naxos 8.578235
2013 Beethoven, Ludwig van: Symphonies, Concerto and Overtures Naxos 8.501204 12 CDs
2013 Klassik Ohne Krise: Gelassen geniessen Naxos 8.551300-01 2 CDs
2019 The Masters Collection: Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchestra Hungaroton HCD 32837-39 3 CDs