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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Horváth Kornél


27 September 1954, Lövő.

Jazz musician, one of the finest, world-wide appreciated percussion artists. Beside the generally known conga and bongo he also plays such special instruments as the gatham, the gatodrum, the chekere, the udu and the voice.

He began his music studies as flutist, later under the influence of African and Indian music he started to play percussions. He has developed a unique percussion technique, which he successfully introduced 1990 at the Percussion Festival in Philadelphia. At the very start of his career he performed together with the group Kaszakő, Tomsits Band, Bakfark Consort and Things. In 1987 he founded the Trio Stendhal with László Dés (saxophone) and Ferenc Snétberger (guitar). Playing chamber music, this special band became extremely popular and their records have been sold all over the world. They were on concert tours in Austria, Italy, Spain and in other European countries, but also in India.

From 1993 he had been a member of Attila László Band for ten years and from 1994 he performed many times with ESP Group. For the time being he plays in Mirrorworld Quartet, the Black Sea Trio and the Percussion Project, as well as in duo with Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, Zoltán Lantos, Miklós Lukács and Alegre Correa, just like in occasional formations. He has been invited to many prestigious festivals � he performed on the Jazz Jamboree in Warsawa, the Pori Jazz Festival, the Jazz Yatra New Delhi Festival, the Kajaani Festival in Finland, the PASIC�90 Philadelphia Percussion Festival, the Percussion Festival in Praha, the Jazz Days in Lipsia, the Jazz&More 2000 Festival in Munich, the Jazz Across the Border Festival in Berlin, the Euro Jazz Festival and the Varna Summer Festival, as well as on festivals in Freiberg, Sofia, Düsseldorf, Rudersdorf, Elmau and Göttingen.

He had successful concerts in Genf, Paris, New York, Bratislava, Würzburg, Jena and many cities more. During his career he was on stage with almost every famous Hungarian jazz musician and he worked with such international talents as Tommy Campbell, Carlo Rizzo, Stoyan Yankulov, Enver Izmailov, Al Di Meola or Alegre Correa. His own solo record �Rag Handed� was published in 1992.

In 1999 he was awarded with the eMeRTon Prize (Instrumental Soloist of the Year), in 2000 with the Golden Drumstick Prize of the Foundation for the Hungarian Percussion Culture and in 2001 with Artisjus Prize. In 2004 he received the Knight Cross of Merit of the Hungarian Republic and in 2008 the Kossuth Prize for his unique style and his outstanding national and international success.

1975 - 78 Kaszakő I. / Horváth K.- flute, perc.,László A. - guitar, Vajda J.- bass Gaskó M.- perc., Juhász E.- oboe, Péterfy G.- bassoon
1978 - 80 Tomsits Band / Horváth K., Tomsits R.- trumpet, Tóth T.- bass, László A.- guitar, Lakatos Pecek G.- drums
1980 - 84 Kaszakő II. / Horváth K., Csanyi Z. - keyboards, László A.- guitar, Lattmann B.- bass, Lakatos Pecek G.- drums
1985 - 91 Things / Horváth K., Lakatos A.- saxophone, László A.- guitar, Csanyi Z.- keyboards, Oláh K.- keyboards, Lattmann B.- bass, Solti J.- drums
1982 - 86 Bakfart Consort / Horváth K., Benkő D.- flute, Czidra L.- pipe, Harsányi Zs.- bassoon, Pászti Gy.- pipe, Zsoldos B.- perc.
1987 - 93 Trio Stendhal / Horváth K., Dés L.- saxophone, Snétberger F.- classical guitar
1993 - 2003 László Attila Band / Horváth K., László A.- guitar, Lattmann B.- bass, Oláh K.- keyboard, Szendőfi P.- drums
1994 - 95 ESP Group / Horváth K, Gőz L.- trombone, Erdélyi P.- keyboard, Gyenge L.- drums, Studniczky L.- bass, Tóth I.- guitar, Winand G.- saxophone, vocal
1999 - Mirrorworld Quartet / Horváth K., Lantos Z. - violin, Dresch M. - saxophone, Juhász G. guitar
2000 - Percussion Project / Horváth K., Yankulov S.
2001 - Black Sea Trio / Horváth K., Izmailov E. Vapirov A.

1983 - Jazz Jamboree Warsawa / Kőszegi Band
1985 - Genf / Bakfart Consort
Bath, England / Bakfart Consort
1987 - Pori Jazz Festival / Budapest Big Band
1988 - Jazz Yatra New Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, India / Trio Stendhal, Ybs-Innsbruck, Austria / Trio Stendhal
1989 - Kajaani, Finland / Trio Stendhal
1990 � PASIC�90 Philadelphia Percussion Festival, USA / master course
1991 - Paris / Trio Stendhal
1991 - New York, USA / Tátrai Band
Praha Percussion Festival / master course
1992 - Kajaani, Finland / Trio Stendhal
Berlin / Trio Stendhal
1995 - Bratislava / ESP Group
1997 - Kajaani, Finland / Dés L., Lantos Z.
1999 - 2. EuroJazz Festival - Überlingen (Mirrorworld Trio)
Jazz Days of Lipsia (Mirrorworld Quartet)
2000 - Jazz&More 2000 - Munich (Mirrorworld Quartet, guests: Lars Danielsson, Antony Donchev, Izabelle Lee)
Jazz Across the Border - Berlin (Mirrorworld Quartet)
APC Summer 2000 - Kempten (Mirrorworld Quartet)
Varna Summer (Percussion Project)
2001 - Open Jazz Meeting - Lohmar (Back Sea Trio)
Würzburg Jazz (Acoustic Unit)
Jena Jazz Tage (Acoustic Unit)
Summer Festival - Kecskemét/Sopron/Debrecen/Szentendre(Percussion Project � guest: Lantos Z.)
27. Freiberger Jazz Tage (Mirrorworld Quartet)
Sofia Jazz Festival
Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria)
Düsseldorf Percussion Festival
Rudersdorf Jazz Festival (Austria)
St.Wendel Festival (Germany)
Elmau Festival (Germany)
Goettingen Festival

Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1982 Saturnus: Csigaházak Krém SLPX 17693
1983 Benkő Dániel: Ezer év gitáron Hungaroton SLPM 17801 LP
1983 Kaszakő: Édenkert Hungaroton HCD 17763
1985 Reneszánsz Pop
(Renaissance Pop)
Hungaroton SLPX 12575 LP / Reissue on CD: HCD 12575 (1985)
1987 Things featuring Tony Lakatos: Blues for the Last Punk Jazzpoint JP 1026
1989 Trió Stendhal Hungaroton SLPX 37245 Own
1990 Things & Tony Lakatos: Mother Nature Jazzpoint JP 1028
1991 Earthsound Sentemo SNT 30191
1992 Horváth Kornél: Rag Handed Bouvard & Pécuchet BVP 002 Own
1992 Zörr Hungaroton HCD 37669
1992 Trio Stendhal: Something Happened Sentemo SNT 30192 Own
1993 Greg Földvári: Touch Wood Magánkiadás MKB 0002
1994 Trio Stendhal: Live! Bouvard & Pécuchet VBP 014 Own
1994 Running Time - The best of László Dés Hungaroton HCD 37332
1995 László Attila Band: The Only One Bouvard & Pécuchet VBP 030
1995 WOMUFE - World Music Festival Budapest Hungaroton HCD 31603
1995 ESP Group: Waiting Bouvard & Pécuchet VBP 033
1999 László Attila Band: Smart Kid BMC Records BMC CD 034
2002 Földvári Gergely Trió: Süss Fel Nap!
(Gergely Földvári Trio: Sun, Rise!)
Magánkiadás A33-02-1 2 CD
2002 László Attila Band: Once upon a Time BMC Records BMC CD 076
2002 Lantos Zoltán' Mirrorworld: Tiptoe ceremony BMC Records BMC CD 078
2004 Legacies 5 - Amadinda and Friends. Live recordings 1989-1999 Hungaroton HCD 32294
2004 A Híd TOM-TOM Records TTCD-65
2005 Örömkoncert 2005
(Concert of Joy 2005)
Magánkiadás DVD - Not for sale
2005 Hungarian Jazz Store BMC HMIC BMC PCD 016 Not for sale - only for promotion / 4 CDs
2006 Lakatos, Tony: Gypsy Colours Skip Records SKP 9062-2
2007 Dörnyei Gábor: Drums, Music and Friends Hunnia Records HRCD 700
2008 Lantos Zoltán Mirrorworld: Tau X-produkció XP 029
2008 Zoltán Lantos' Mirrorworld X-produkció XP 029
2008 Dés László: A fal mögött Hungaroton HCD 17771
2009 Columbus Jazz Nights Vol.1 - Live At The Columbus Jazz Ship Hunnia Records HRCD 922
2009 Antico e moderno Harmónia Produkció HCD419
2010 Csanyi Lattmann Quartet: A Walk on the Beach TOM-TOM Records TTCD 140
2014 Dés László: Nagy Utazás - Aréna koncert TOM-TOM Records TTDVD208 DVD