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Dudás Lajos


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

Budapest, February 18th, 1941 -

Lajos Dudás studied at the Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music between 1958 and 1963 in his hometown, Budapest. After 10 freelancer years, at the beginning of the 1970s, he settled in Neuss as a concert artist and clarinet-saxophone teacher.

He was appointed as an associate professor at the local pedagogical college between 1975 and 1985. Besides of his carreer as a jazz musician he was also introduced many times as a classical musician.

He returned to the classical, melodic jazz after the 1980s atonal style. Been working with Philipp van Endert for 20 years, they also made concerts many tens of times.

He's to be found rarely, but in bigger formations connected with Martin Gjakonovski, Leonard Jones, Kurt Billker and Jochen Büttner. Also to be found in many TV- and Radio-productions and connected with more than 50 LPs and CDs as a participant.

He founded the Neuss Jazz Concert-series accompanied by Alten Ratssaal in 1996. Since his retirement from his teaching career he's been living in Überlingen, next to Lake Constance.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1978 Lajos Dudas: Contrasts Rillophon DEU 137
1980 Detour Rayna Records S1003 Own
1981 Monte Carlo Rayna Records 1005
1985 Lajos Dudas featuring Toto Blanke: Sunshine State Konnex Records ST 5004 LP
1986 CL-4: Alte und Neue Wege Konnex Records ST 5007 Own
1987 Lajos Dudas, Tommy Vig: Mistral (Live at the Jazzfestival Münster) Konnex Records ST 5013 Own
1990 I Remember Pannonton JL 108
1990 Change of Time Rayna Records RaRe 1007
1991 Another Face Ear-Rational Records ECD 1032 Own
1993 Urban Blues Konnex Records KCD 5050 Own
1994 Lajos Dudas plays Bach Rillophon DEU 10494 Own
1995 Juxoli Pannon Jazz PJ 1009 Own
1995 Lajos Dudas: Maydance Pannon Jazz PJ 1003 Own
1996 The Akadimpex Concerts Pannon Jazz PJ 1015
1996 Encore Rillophon DEU 11596 Own
1997 Lajos Dudas: Music for Clarinet Pannon Classic PCL 8007 Own
1997 Lajos Dudas: Chamber Music Live Pannon Classic PCL 8004 Own
1998 Lajos Dudas: Some Great Songs Double Moon Records DMCD 1005-2 Own
1999 Gloomy Sunday In Jazz Pannon Jazz PJ 1039
1999 A History of Hungarian Jazz Pannon Jazz PJ 1042
1999 Gloomy Sunday Sunny Tunes 009 5101
2000 Talk of the Town Double Moon Records CHRDM 71012
2001 Lajos Dudas: The Jubilate Box (Unissued & Rare Recordings) Double Moon Records DMCHR 71020 Own
2002 Nightlight Double Moon Records DMCHR 71030
2003 Seitenblicke Edition Musikat EDM 075 Own
2007 Lajos Dudas: Artistry in Duo JazzSick Records 5014JS Own
2007 Jazz Hungaricum CD 1 - Ragtime in Hungary Pannon Jazz PJ 1061
2008 Lajos Dudas - Jazz on Stage JazzSick Records JS5019 Own
2010 Jazz Hungaricum CD 6 - Jazzhungarians around the world Volume II Pannon Jazz PJ 1066
2011 50 years with jazzclarinet - The Best of Lajos Dudas JazzSick Records 5037JS Own
2011 What's up neighbor? JazzSick Records 9002JSAV Own
2012 Live at Salzburger Jazzherbst JazzSick Records 5067JS Own
2012 Lajos Dudas Quartet - Jazz and the City JazzSick Records 5059JS Own
2013 Live at Porgy & Bess JazzSick Records 5062JS Own
2013 Bergmann - Dudás - Guantes - Lodge out Mudoks Record MR1405-016 Own
2015 Lajos Dudas - Radio Days - Birthday Edition 75 JazzSick Records 5089-JS Own