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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Peresztegi Attila


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

Courses, Prizes:

1993. Mastercourse of Roger Bobo , Budapest
1997. Verso il Millenio - International Tuba Conference, Italy
1997. Artisjus prize
1998. Donald Beyer Tuba Competition, special prize
2004. International Tuba and Euphonium Conference, Arnold Jacobs Orchestral Excperts competition 3rd prize


1988- 1991. Bartók Béla Music School, Szombathely. Teacher: János Mérei
1991 - 1995. College of Music, Szombathely. Teacher: Sándor Samu
1995 - 1996. Bartók Béla College of Music, Budapest. Teacher: Gábor Adamik
1996 - 2001. Liszt Ferenc University of Music, Budapest. Professor: László Szabó
2001. Degree: Tuba artist - Teacher

Places of Work:

1995-2018 Danubia Symphony Orchestra
2002-2014 Sándor Frigyes Music School - Teacher
2003-2014 Egressy Béni College of Music - Teacher
From 2006 Tubist of Ewald Brass Ensemble
2013-2015 Tubist of the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra
From 2012 Honvéd Male Choir - Singer
From 2019 Music supervisior - Catholic Radio


2004 and 2010 Artisjus Award
2008 Junior Prima Award