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Markó Ádám


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He was born in Budapest on 26th January 1982. His parents are both classical musicians and for that reason, music determined his childhood. At 4 years of age he started to "drum the beat" with toys and decided to play the drums when he grows up. From 1988 he studied at the Aelia Sabina Music School (Budapest) as the student of Tibor Kovács and Oszkár Balázs until 1996. In the autumn of 1996 he started learning to improvise and acquiring a way of thinking suitable for a drummer with the help of Iván Nesztor. This was the era when he met jazz music. In 2001 he was admitted to the Kőbánya Music Studio where he studied under János Sramkó, János Solti, Vilmos Jávori, Gyula Babos, János Rudolf Tóth and obtained his diploma in 2006.

He has played in different bands since 1996. In spring 2003, with former schoolmate and friend, Zoltán Cséry, they formed Special Providence. With this jazz-fusion band they only play self-written songs. They released two albums, and played successful concerts in Hungary and abroad (United Kingdom, Slovakia, Romania). In 2009 they were invited to the famous London Jazz Festival.

With his Slovak fiend David Kollar in 2009 formed a jazz/experimental trio. They performed all over Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece) and were invited to the Technopolis Jazz Festval in Athens.

Ádám Markó regurarly appears in pop and rock productions as a session musician (Róbert Hrutka, Ganxta Zolee, Zoltán Miller).
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
2007 Special Providence: Space Café Hunnia Records HRCD701
2008 Special Providence: Labyrinth Hunnia Records HRCD 802