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Binder Károly


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Károly Binder started his classical music studies at the age of five and got a diploma in piano and composition at the Jazz Faculty of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. He is presently Head of Faculty there. He is a well-known performing and recording artist both in Hungary and internationally. He has given concerts and held workshops in London (Royal Festival Hall), Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Cologne, Vienna, Athens, Ankara, Cairo, Duisburg, Essen, Freeburg, etc. He won both the International Jazz Piano Competition in Kalisz in 1981 and the Hungarian Radio Grand Prix in 1986 with a work entitled Kontinentspiel. He also received the eMeRTon Prize as the Pianist of the Year in 1989 and made his first recording for two pianos in the same year in Hungary. His CD Dance Music was Record of the Year in 1991. He has appeared on radio and television and has written the scores for a number of motion pictures and productions for the theatre. He has also composed more than a hundred pieces for piano, orchestra and chamber ensemble. Binder was awarded with the Erkel Prize in 2003. He's been awarded with Artisjus Prize in 2017. In 2024, he was awarded the Prize of Merited Artist of Hungary and the Bartók Radio's György Vukan Jazz Prize.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1985 Binder Károly: In Illo Tempore Krém SLPX 17828 Own
1989 Bernd Köppen, Károly Binder: Diagonalmusic SENTI Records SE CD 01 Own
1989 György Szabados, MAKUZ-Zenekar: A Szarvassá vált fiak Krém SLPX 37215 LP
1989 Binder - Süle: For You. Two Pianos Pannonton JL 117 Own
1989 Binder Károly: Kontinentspiel Krém SLPX 37210 Own
1990 Reich, Steve: Zene ütőhangszerekre, énekhangokra és orgonára; Zene fadarabokra; Sextet
(Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ; Music for Pieces of Wood; Sextet)
Hungaroton SLPX / HCD 31358 Reissue on CD: HCD 31358 (1995)
1991 Binder Károly: Erózió Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9704 Own
1992 Binder Károly: Little Song Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9603 Own
1993 Binder Károly & Szőke Szabolcs - feat. Theo Jörgensmann, Federico Sanesi - Pangea: Live at Music Academy Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9303 Own
1993 Binder-Juhász: Christmas Song Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9302 Own
1993 Binder Károly: Forgotten Pictures Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9301 Own
1995 WOMUFE - World Music Festival Budapest Hungaroton HCD 31603
1995 Károly Binder, Theo Jörgensmann: In Budapest Pannon Jazz PJ 1002
1996 Binder Quintet featuring John Tchicai Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9606 Own
Originally released: Krém (H) SLPX 17759 (LP) - Hungaroton Gong, 1983
1996 Binder Quartet: Senior és Adolphis Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9604 Own
1996 Binder Károly - Ramesh Shotham: Dance Music Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9605 Own
Original release: Krém (Hungaroton) 37501, 1991. Album of the Year
1997 Binder Károly: 17 Opus Binder Music Manufactory BMM 9705 Own
1998 Binder Károly: Retropolis - Old songs, new dreams Binder Music Manufactory 9801/-2 Own
1999 Szabados György: Az események titkos története
(The Secret History of the Events)
Fonó Records FA-068-2 2 CDs. Also contains the album Sons Turned into Stags first released as: Hungaroton SLPX 37215, 1989, LP
1999 A History of Hungarian Jazz Pannon Jazz PJ 1042
2000 Binder Károly: The Prepared Piano 1. Binder Music Manufactory BMM 0006 3220 4435 Own
2000 Binder-Borbély: Hangok
(Binder-Borbély: Sounds)
Binder Music Manufactory BMM 0003-29194234 Own
2002 Binder Károly: The Prepared Piano 2. Binder Music Manufactory BMM 0202 Own
2004 Binder - Borbély: 7 Duets Binder Music Manufactory BMM 0401-44-254943 Own
2005 Hungarian Jazz Store BMC HMIC BMC PCD 016 Not for sale - only for promotion / 4 CDs
2005 Hungarian Jazz History 15. - Binder Károly: Az örök visszatérés mítosza
(Hungarian Jazz History 15. - Binder, Károly: The Myth of Eternal Return)
Hungaroton HCD 71193 Own
2010 Karácsony reggelén Binder Music Manufactory BMM 2010-01-80386457
2011 Binder Károly, Theo Jörgensmann: Blue in Blue Binder Music Manufactory BMM 2011-8238
2016 Eastern European Sounds IF Music IFMR002
2021 Károly Binder / Gábor Juhász: Letters from Soul Binder Music Manufactory BMM 2021/1 Own
2023 Binder Quartet: Csend a hegyeken túl Binder Music Manufactory BMM 2023/1 Own
2023 Béla Bartók: For Children IV. - Binder trio piano, drums and bass iASK (Institute for Advanced Studies) ISRC HU-BGU-23-00001-18 Own
2023 Binder Trió: Úton hazafelé Binder Music Manufactory BMM2022J02 Own