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Lakatos Roby


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As a six-year-old child he went on stage at the Pista Dankó commemorative concert with the artist's violin, making a great success. At 18 he was in Brussels discovering the world - and the world discovering him. He has been living there ever since.

The restaurant almost became his private club where Yehudi Menuhin - and later Stéphane Grapelli and others - first heard him play. Menuhin discovered Roby for the world took him under his wings and helped him along his career as a friend and mentor. Grapelli's last recording was the piece on Roby's album recorded in Japan. On this album: Roby Lakatos With Musical Friends he played with artists like Vadim Repin and Randy Brecker, Giora Feidman, Herbie Hancock and Maxim Vengeroy. His Fire Dance album came out in 2005.

Its exclusive atmosphere results from the combination of stylistic elements of Hungarian gipsy music, classical music and jazz. His virtuosity is likened to that of Paganini, his aura and his love of music always present around him on stage has raised him above technique. The virtuoso who has lately become world famous published his first albums at Deutsche Grammophon, his latest at Universal's member Avanti Classic. His band, which is also exceptional due to the genre, tours the grandest concert halls of the world (Prague, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo) and the most famous festivals from the USA to Australia.

Roby Lakatos is a violinist presented with the Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Republic, who has recently been awarded a similar merit in Mexico. His exceptional musicians are Kálmán Cséki - piano, László Bóni - violin, Ernest Bangó - cimbalom, Oszkár Németh - double bass, Attila Rontó - guitar.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
2001 Roby Lakatos with Musical Friends Universal UCCH - 1002
2006 Lakatos, Tony: Gypsy Colours Skip Records SKP 9062-2