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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Weiner-Szász Kamaraszimfonikusok (Budapest Chamber Symphony)

Orchestra, choir, ensemble

The BCS was founded in 1992 by Judit Réger-Szász and can claim to be a unique orchestral formation in Hungary. Its aim is to present orchestral works as though they were chamber music, in the best Hungarian tradition. The artistic principals of the BSC come from the legacy of Leó Weiner and József Szász with a standard repertoire of the works of Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, Stravinsky and Britten, as well as the Hungarian composers Bartók, Kodály, Liszt and Weiner. The BCS has premiered many works in Hungary from the Baroque period until the 20th century and has recorded and performed many works of contemporary Hungarian composers. The Hungarian Radio is the media sponsor of the BCS and regularly broadcasts its concerts and recordings as well as distributing them via the European Broadcasting Union´s program exchange.

The BCS´s recordings were released under the BMC, Echiquier, Gramy, Hungaroton, Mega Records and Tibor Varga Collection labels. These include composers´s CDs (Giovanni Bottesini, Fekete Gyula, Szőllősy András, Weiner Leó), performers´s CDs (János Bálint, Tamás Érdi, Zoltán Gyöngyössy, László Hadady, Gergely Járdányi) and compositions by Lajos Huszár, György Kurtág, József Sári, László Sáry and Zsolt Serei.

The BCS has represented Hungary on several cultural and diplomatic occasions, appeared in Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Thailand, performed for the King of Spain, and the Emperor of Japan. It has worked with such outstanding musicians as Mario Cioli, Isabelle Faust, Kim Kashkashian, Cyprien Katsaris, András Keller, Zoltán Kocsis, Alexander Lonquich, Elsbeth Moser, Miklós Perényi, Jean-Marc Phillips-Varjabedian, Victor Pikayzen, László Polgár, Thomas Riebl, Andrea Rost, György Sebők, János Starker, Sándor Végh, Cantemus Mixed Choir, Trio Wanderer, and the Vienna Boys Choir.

The orchestra´s Europe via Music, On Serenades´s Wings, and Echoes of the Renaissance series with Hungarian Radio won public and critical acclaim not only in Hungary but also in several member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Now the orchestra performs all Haydn´s named symphonies in a series ending in 2010, whose 30 concerts are recorded by Hungarian Radio.

The BCS is directed by an artistic board whose members are: Judit Réger-Szász - founding president, Imre Rohmann - pianist, conductor (Salzburg), Gábor Takács-Nagy (Geneva), Spartakus Juniki and Péter Somogyi - orchestra leaders, and Mihály Szilágyi - artistic manager.

The BCS is proud to attract financial support from Samsung Electronics Hungary Plc.(main sponsor); Hungarian Development Bank - MFB Plc. (subscription series main sponsor); Hungarian Aluminum Ltd., Hunviron Plc. (sponsors), the Ministry of Education and Culture, the National Cultural Fund, the City of Budapest and the Leó Weiner Foundation.

Current performances of Budapest Chamber Symphony
Koncertkalendárium (
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1990 Hollós Máté: Fölfelé hulló levelek éneke Pannon Classic PCL 8006
1995 Druschetzky Georg: Missa solemnis; Bengraf: Templomi zene
(Druschetzky, Georg: Missa solemnis; Bengraf: Sacred Music)
Hungaroton HCD 31609
1996 Werner, Gregor Joseph: Vesperae de apostolis Hungaroton HCD 31646
1999 Weiner Leó album BMC Records BMC CD 018 Own
2000 Fekete Gyula: Római láz; Elégia
(Fekete, Gyula: Roman Fever; Elegia)
Hungaroton HCD 31914
2001 Horgas Eszter Arcai II. - Hazafelé Gramy Records GR-028
2002 Bottesini, Givoanni: Kompozíciók nagybőgőre IV. - kettősversenyek
(Works for Double Bass, Vol.4 - Double Concertos)
Hungaroton HCD 32100 Complete edition / First recordings
2002 Oláh Kálmán & Lehel Péter feat. Budapest Chamber Simphony, Trio Midnight: Hungarian Rhapsody GOOD International co. GI-3052
2002 Kurtág, Szőllősy, Sáry, Serei, Sári, Gyöngyössy BMC Records BMC CD 074
2003 Bach, J.S.: Oboaversenyek
(Complete oboe concertos)
BMC Records BMC CD 089
2003 Szőllősy András: Zenekari és kamarazenekari művek
(Szőllősy, András: Works for orchestra and chamber orchestra)
BMC Records BMC CD 080
2004 Music Colors - Hungarian Contemporary Music (1989-2004) BMC HMIC BMC PCD 015 Not for sale - only for promotion
2004 Bottesini, Givoanni: Kompozíciók nagybőgőre V. - Versenyművek
(Bottesini, Givoanni: Works for Double Bass, Vol. 5 - Concertos)
Hungaroton HCD 32230 Complete edition
2008 Kiss Gy. László: Transfiguratio Hungaroton HCD 32579
2009 Joseph Haydn - Anniversary Album 2009 BMC Records BMC CD 156 Own
2009 Haydn, Joseph: A Megváltó hét szava a keresztfán, Hob. III:50-56 (xx:1b)
(Haydn, Joseph: The Seven Last Words of Our Saviour on the Cross , Hob. III:50-56 (xx:1b))
BMC Records BMC CD 157 Own
2014 Lajtha László: Vonószenekari művek (összkiadás)
(László Lajtha: Complete Works for String Orchestra)
BMC Records BMC CD 189