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Trio Lignum

Orchestra, choir, ensemble


The Latin word LIGNUM means "wood".
The Trio was formed in 1997. We started collaborating as an occasional formation at the Bartók Festival in Szombathely with a performance meant to be a musical journey in time. In the programme we carried out a bold idea of confronting the music of Ockeghem and Cage, Sencleches and Kurtág, Mozart and Berio, etc.

And the experiment went on. When assembling the concert programmes to follow, we got in the possession of such an enormous amount of material dating from the 12th century to our present day that the possibility of creating a new genre emerged as an obvious choice. The musical worlds discovered by us and our modern instruments combined in such a new and fresh way that we could not help devising a novel sound never existing before.

Of course, a portion of our repertoire had been composed before our instruments were invented, nevertheless we do not consider these pieces transcriptions, as our "predecessors" played and arranged them with as great freedom and imagination in their time as we do in our time.

Our concerts soon raised the interest of many contemporary composers, which has led to the fact that the majority of our repertoire consists of pieces composed exclusively for us. This way, our ever broadening palette gives us the chance to shed light on junctures of the Old and the New. This principle determines the arrangement of our work and concert programmes.

Current performances of Trio Lignum
Koncertkalendárium (
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
2003 Trio Lignum: Offertorium BMC Records BMC CD 090 Own
2008 Trio Lignum: Trialog BMC Records BMC CD 127 Own
2010 Lung-gom-pa BMC Records BMC CD 154