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Dresch Mihály Quartet

Orchestra, choir, ensemble

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Mihály Dresch (1955, Budapest) was an engineering student of seventeen when he turned to jazz under the influence of Johnny Griffin. After completing his studies in jazz at the Béla Bartók Conservatory in 1979, he linked up with the vanguard of Hungarian mainstream jazz, and although since then he has created an independent musical world, he has not completely broken away from 'traditional' jazz. To this day, his albums feature the odd evergreen piece - this is his way of paying homage to the masters.

Mihály Dresch founded his first band in 1984. By the mid-90s its line-up had changed several times: on the albums "Sóhajkeserű˝ and "Gondolatok a régiekről˝ we can hear István Grencsó (wind instruments), Róbert Benkő (bass) and István Baló (drums), the record ˝Zeng a lélek˝ features Tamás Geröly on drums and Félix Lajkó on violin, then in 1994 Lajkó was replaced by Ferenc Kovács (violin, trumpet).

In spring 1998 the band was re-formed again and since then the line-up has remained unchanged: István Baló returned to play the drums, while the bass player came to be the then very young Mátyás Szandai. The first album of the re-formed quartet ("Riding the wind") was released in the UK, a highly successful release, which was followed by the even better received "Hungarian bebop" featuring the legendary, Archie Shepp as guest musician.

In addition to Archie Shepp, the members of the Dresch Quartet have worked with outstanding artists such as John Tchicai, Roscoe Mitchell, Chico Freeman, David Murray and Dewey Redman; and the band has been the guest of festivals and clubs as high-ranking as the Jazz & Wine Festival (Italy), the Festival Jazzebre (France), the London Jazz Festival (UK), JazzFest Wien (Austria), the Kalisz Festival (Poland), the New Morning (France) and the Jazz Brugge (Belgium).
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1985 Dresch Quartet: Sóhajkeserű Magánkiadás Jazz Studium No. 3 (MC) Own
MC - Bem rakpart, Budapest, 3th May 1985
1985 Dresch Quartet - Peti Jubilarni Internacionalni Susret Dzez Muzicara "Naissus Jazz '85" Magánkiadás LPD-20001244 Own
LP - Nis Philharmonic Orchestra Hall, Nis, Yugoslavia, 28. October 1985
1987 Dresch Mihály: Hazafelé Magánkiadás Jazz Studium No. 6. (MC) Own
1988 Dresch Quartet: Live in Cologne Hungaroton Own
LP - 10th Jazzhaus Festival, Cologne, 22 April 1988
1989 Dresch Quartet: Sóhajkeserű Krém SLPX 37212 Own
1990 Dresch Mihály Quartet: Gondolatok a régiekről Adyton 002 Own
1993 Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartet: Zeng a lélek Adyton 006 Own
1995 Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartett: ...Folyondár... Adyton ADYTON 007 Own
1996 Dresch Quartet: Túl a vizen Fonó Records FA-013-2 Own
1998 Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartett: Révészem, révészem...
(Dresch Dudás Mihály Quartett: Ferryman, Ferryman...)
Fonó Records FA-037-2 Own
2000 Dresch Quartet: Mozdulatlan utazás
(Dresch Quartet: Riding the Wind)
November Music FA-084-2 Own
2001 Dresch Mihály: Szép csendesen
(Mihály Dresch: Quiet As It Is)
BMC Records BMC CD 055
2002 Dresch Mihály Quartet/Archie Shepp: Hungarian Bebop BMC Records BMC CD 066 Own
2004 Dresch Quartet: Egyenes zene
(Dresch Quartet: Straight Music)
BMC Records BMC CD 093 Own
2005 Hungarian Jazz Store BMC HMIC BMC PCD 016 Not for sale - only for promotion / 4 CDs
2006 Dresch Quartet: Élő nád
(Dresch Quartet: Live Reeds)
X-produkció XP 025 Own
2007 Dresch Mihály Quartet: Árgyélus BMC Records BMC CD 131 Own
2008 Hungry for Hungary? - 2008-2009 Hungarofest Kht. HFEST-MXH 015-016
2009 Dresch Quartet: Ritka madár
(Dresch Quartet: Rare Bird)
X-produkció XP 037 Own
2011 Dresch Quartet: Fuhun Periferic Records FA2652
2013 Dresch Mihály Quartet: Kapu és kert Periferic Records FA289-2 Own
2016 Tördelős Periferic Records FA3812
2016 Dresch Mihály Quartet, Chris Potter: Zea
(Mihály Dresch Quartet with Chris Potter: Zea)
BMC Records BMC CD 235 Own