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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

...concertante... Op. 42


Original / Hungarian title
...concertante... Op. 42
Foreign language / English title
...concertante... Op. 42
To Hiromi Kikuchi and Ken Hakii
Year of composition

vl. solo, vla. solo - 2 fl., picc. (anche fl. III), fl.a. in sol (anche fl. IV), fl.b. in do (anche fl. V), 2 ob.,, 2 cl. in si b (II anche cl. in mi b), cl.b. in si b, 2 fg., cfg. - 4 cor. in fa, 3 tr. in do, 3 trb., tuba - cimb., arpa, cel., pnino. con pedale di supersordino (anche pf.), vibr., marimba, xil., timp., perc. (5 esec. - crot., tam-tam grave, 1 / 3 tam-tam piccolo sommerso nell´ acqua, 4 ptto., 3 bongo, 3 tom-tom, steel drum, gong, frusta, wood bl., camp.lst., 3 trg., gr.c., tmb.picc.c.c., tmb.picc.s.c., tamb.) - strings: 14 vl. 1, 14 vl. 2, 12 vla., 10 vlc., 8 cb.
26 min

Movements, parts
I - II - III - IV - V

Commissioned by
Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Premiere information
18 September 2003, Danish Radio, Copenhagen; Hiromi Kikuchi (vl.), Ken Hakii (vla.), Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Michael Schønwand (cond.)
Publisher / Source
Editio Musica Budapest 2005, Z. 14392
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BMC CD 129, 2007 - Hiromi Kikuchi (vl.), Ken Hakii (vla.), Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Zoltán Kocsis (cond.)
1 min. sample
1 1.
2 2.
3 3.
4 4.
5 5.
Remarks, other info
The performance rights of the violin and viola solo parts have been reserved for Hiromi Kikuchi and Ken Hakii until end of 2006. The conducting of the UK and the Italian First Performance has been reserved for Zoltán Peskó until without time limitation.

Revised in 2007

University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition 2006



Title Publisher
BMC Records