Composition database

This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

Die kleine Klemme, Op.15b / The Small Snag, Op. 15b


Original / Hungarian title
A kis csáva, Op. 15b
Foreign language / English title
Die kleine Klemme, Op.15b / The Small Snag, Op. 15b
Für Pikkoloflöte, Posaune und Gitar / For piccolo, trombone and guitar
to Botond Kocsis
Year of composition

Chamber Music
Number of players
picc., trb., chit.
8 min

Movements, parts
1. Fanfár Muszorgszkij modorában / Fanfare in the manner of Moussorgsky
2. Himnusz Stravinsky modorában / Hymne in the manner of Stravinsky
3. Scherzo
4. Nachtstück (В подполье c Федором Михайловичем [V podpol´e s Fedorom Mihajlovičem])

Premiere information
27 April 1979, Budapest; Mátyás Antal (picc.), Erika Bereczki (trb.), Erzsébet Nagy (chit.)
Publisher / Source
Editio Musica Budapest © 1981, Z. 12 020 (playing score)
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Bridge Records BCD-9004, 1987 - David Taylor (trb.), Susan Palma (picc.), David Starobin (chit.)
Channel Classics CD CCS SA 22305, 2004 - Jörgen van Rijen (trb.), Vincent Cortvrint (picc.), Helenus de Rijke (chit.)