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This is the Composition Database of BMC, which includes information about works by composers that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary.

Title of the work

Hölderlin-Gesänge, Op. 35


Original / Hungarian title
Hölderlin-Gesänge, Op. 35
Foreign language / English title
Hölderlin-Gesänge, Op. 35
Book One:
No. 1. to D. E. Sattler; No. 2. to Georg Kröll; No. 3. to Alexander Polzin; No. 4. to Reinhart Meyer-Kalkus; No. 5. to Heinz Holliger; No. 6. to the memory of Robert Klein

Book Two:
[No. 7] to György Ligeti; [No. 8] to Adrienne Csengery; [No. 9] to Rolf Hans; [No. 10] to Vera Ligeti; [No. 11] to Roland Moser; [No. 12] to Friedrich Cerha; [No. 13] to Jan van Vlijmen; [No. 14] to Kurt Widmer; [No. 15] to Karl-Heinrich Müller
Year of composition

Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s)
Number of players
Bar. solo - trb., tuba
Movements, parts
Book One:
1. An "
2. Im Walde
3. Gestalt und Geist (with trombone and tuba)
4. An Zimmern
5. Der Spaziergang
6. Paul Celan: Tübingen, Jänner

Book Two (in progress, songs in chronological order):
[7.] Hälfte des Lebens (also in version for three baritones)
[8.] und wenig wissen…
[9.] Zwei Fragmente: (Süss ist´s; und der Himmel…)
[10.] Das Angenehme dieser Welt…
[11.] Nun versteh´ ich
[12.] Brief an die Mutter
[13.] Sehnsucht und Wünschen (Two fragments from Mnemosyne III, and from Der Rhein
[14.] Nicht alle Tage…
[15.] Griechenland…

HÖLDERLIN, Friedrich
Premiere information
28 October 1999, György Kurtág´s Composer´s Evening, Inaugural Concert, Congress Hall, MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Budapest; Kurt Widmer (Bar.) (Hungarian premiere)
Publisher / Source
Universal Music Publishing Editio Musica Budapest © 2013, Z. 14463 (Book I only)
Available here!
ECM New Series CD ECM 1730, 2003 - Kurt Widmer (Bar.), Heinrich Huber (trb.), David LeClair (tuba)
Remarks, other info
Work in progress (Book I composed: 1993-1997)