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Serei Zsolt


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Zsolt Serei was born in 1954, in Takácsi, Hungary. He early started learning music, first he played the piano. Later he studied the trombone under the direction of György Zilcz and József Nagy, and composition under István Fekete Győr. At the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music he received his degree in composition (1979) as a student of Endre Szervánszky and Emil Petrovics, and conducting (1982) in the class of András Kórodi and Ervin Lukács. As a private student Mr. Serei has also studied under Zoltán Jeney and Albert Simon. He has been a member of the New Music Studio since 1978 as a performer, conductor and a composer.

He has been a teacher at the faculty of composition of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music since 1986. In 1989 he founded the instrumental group @@KAR_74##, which has become one of the most significant base of contemporary music-making in Hungary. Componensemble has had Budapest premieres of pieces by Pierre Boulez, György Kurtág or Morton Feldman. Their repertoire includes international and Hungarian contemporary chamber works, and among others they have made CD-, radio- and TV-recordings of works by Gyula Csapó, János Decsényi, Barnabás Dukay, Zoltán Jeney, György Kurtág, József Sári, László Sáry, József Soproni, András Szőllősy, László Tihanyi, László Vidovszky and others. As a conductor of the ensemble Mr. Serei was attending at the Music Biennale Zagreb, the Warsaw Autumn Festival, the Melos Festival

In 1991 he conducted Pierre Boulez’s Le marteau sans maître, and Dérive with the Dutch Nieuw Ensemble. Mr. Serei's chamber piece, Rege, was performed in Brussels in 1982, and orchestral work, Calyx, was played in Budapest at the ISCM Festival in 1986. The Componensemble and Zsolt Serei was awarded numerous times by the Hungarian Bureau of Authors’ Rights awards several times for their excellent rendering of Hungarian new music. In 1999 Mr. Serei won the Music Award of the Soros Foundation, and in the same year his opera, One Minute Stories (based on short stories of István Örkény) was performed at the Budapest Autumn Festival.

In 2010 he was awarded with Béla Bartók-Ditta Pásztory Award.

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Title Type Year
...hill, wind, blue... Instrumental solo 2007
...while she is just asleep Chamber Music 1978 te, ollyan rózsaszál Solo voice(s) a cappella 1998
...stets blickend in die Höh´ Chamber Music 2008
60 Duets for Two Violins Chamber Music 2004
The Capital "T" Ensemble 1981
Commendation / Widmung Vocal ensemble 1989
Album Leaves and Interludes Instrumental solo 1996
Als Leiter zu Land und See Chamber Music 2011
Happiness into Song Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 0
Calyx Orchestral work 1984
Cents fois le jour / Hundred times a day Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1981
Clar-X Chamber Music 2013
One-Minute Stories Opera 1999
Memorial Drawing No. 2 - in memoriam Jeney Zoltán Chamber Music 2023
En route Chamber Music 2020
Epitaphium - in memoriam Ádám Rajhona Ensemble 0
Fax from X Chamber Music 2003
For 51 to LI Chamber Music 2009
Fugue - towards silence... Chamber Music 2022
Six Pieces for Flute, Viola and Violoncello Chamber Music 1973
Twenty-one Melody Fragments - In memoriam Morton Feldman Ensemble 1988
Three Chinese Quatrains on Poems by Li Taio-Po Chamber Music 1998
Seven Minutes for Twenty Years Ensemble 1991
Interszenen Ensemble 1998
Intonations Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1988
Isochrony Chamber Music 2019
Julia Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2019
Klaro Chamber Music 2008
Calendar of Pictures Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1996
Prayer in Hiding Mixed choir 2008
Prayer in Hiding Solo voice(s) a cappella 2009
Interludes for Rain, Wind and Bells Instrumental solo 2003
Stonedreamwhite Chamber Music 2009
Lehel - Fragment on the words of Petőfi Solo voice(s) a cappella 2014
Letters from X Chamber Music 1981
Letters to the Unknown (In memoriam Gyöngyössy Zoltán) Ensemble 2013
L´ombre sur les structures pliées Ensemble 2001
MM 20 Chamber Music 1979
MM 20 Ensemble 1978
Metamorfosi su quattro note - Hommage a Jeney Zoltán Chamber Music 2014
Why...forever... Instrumental solo 2019
Namost Instrumental solo 2004
A Hundred Times a Day I Think About What Love Is (Cent fois le jour Ronsand) Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2001
4 FOR 4 Chamber Music 1999
Lilac Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1974
Partita String orchestra 2001
Passacaglia in memoriam Szöllősy András Instrumental solo 2011
Passi velati Ensemble 1992
Pavane & Double String orchestra 2015
Pavane in D Chamber Music 1984
Quasi una sonata - Hommage a Beethoven Chamber Music 2012
Rege Chamber Music 1979
Rottenbiller Street 16-22 Live electronic music 1990
Round - rolls Ensemble 1980
Rynk !to be determined 2018
Second Book Chamber Music 0
Sinfoniente String orchestra 2004
Serenade Chamber orchestra 1993
Szín-Sarabande - Hommage a Vékony Ildikó Concerto 2018
Terra tremuit Choral music 1995
To meet John Chamber Music 2022
Tota pulchra es Male choir 1996
Tristesse du caprice - To a motif by Zoltán Horusitzky Chamber Music 2003
Conversation in Square - Hommage à Webern Ensemble 1977
Movemnets of the Vesper Male choir 2001
Lines in double space Chamber Music 2015
Imaginary Meeting Instrumental solo 1976
ein-tretende Figur (Hommage á Paul Klee) Instrumental solo 1984
fanatritratritrána Ensemble 1982
fanatritratritrána Chamber Music 1977
the Chamber Music 1974
the (Version A) Instrumental solo 1974
Branches Chamber Music 0
Dream drawings Chamber Music 2004
Arch Chamber Music 1976
Five Hommages Ensemble 0