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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Mihály András


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

6 November 1917 Budapest - 19 September 1993 Budapest

Received his cellist degree in Adolf Schiffer's class at the Academy of Music, where he studied chamber music with Leó Weiner and Imre Waldbauer. Just like Sárai, he studied composing privately, with Pál Kaodsa and István Strassner. In 1946 he became a solo cellist of the Opera, and from 1948 he worked as a secretary-general there for two years; he returned to the institution as its director in 1978. A key personality of Hungarian chamber music teaching, he taught at the Academy of Music for four decades. As the head of the Budapest Chamber Ensemble, he gained undyng distinction in popularising contemporary music.

1952 Erkel Award
1954 Erkel Award
1955 Kossuth Prize
1964 Erkel Award
1967 Erkel Award
1969 Merited Artist
1972 Liszt Award
1974 Excellent Artist
1986 Pro Artibus Artisjus Medal

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Title Type Year
1871 Choir and orchestra 1960
4 Little Piano Pieces Instrumental solo 1958
The Red Cart Choir and orchestra 1957
Apocrypha Choir and solo instrument(s) 1962
Psalms of Devotion Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1966
Ciaccona Instrumental solo 1961
Concerto per pianoforte e orchestra Concerto 1954
Concerto for Cello Concerto 1953
Together and Alone Opera 1965
Memory and Warning Choir and orchestra 0
Fantasy Orchestral work 1955
Six Songs to poems by Attila József Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1961
Concerto for Violin Concerto 1959
Three Movements Chamber orchestra 1969
Symphony No. 1 Symphony orchestra 1946
String Quartet No. 1 Chamber Music 1942
Symphony No. 2 Symphony orchestra 1950
String Quartet No. 2 Chamber Music 1960
Symphony No. 3 Symphony orchestra 1962
String Quartet No. 3 Chamber Music 1977
My Beloved Hungarian Fatherland Male choir 1952
Little Tower Music !to be determined 1949
Two Vörösmarty Choirs Mixed choir 0
Monodia Symphony orchestra 1971
Mouvement pour Violoncelle et Piano Chamber Music 1963
Musica per 15 / Chamber Music for 15 players Chamber Music 1976
Musica per viola e pianoforte Chamber Music 1975
Overture to a Non-existent Operetta Symphony orchestra 1960
Rhapsody Chamber Music 1947
Rondo Instrumental solo 1958
Liberty and Peace Choir and orchestra 1942
Serenade Chamber Music 1956
Sonata Instrumental solo 1958
Suite for Cello and Piano Chamber Music 1957
Fly Poem Solo voice(s), choir & orchestra 1967
Youth! Defend Peace! Choir and orchestra 1950
Piano Trio Chamber Music 1940
Festive Overture Symphony orchestra 1959