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Virágh András Gábor


25 September 1984 Budapest

András Gábor Virágh has been the Titular Organist of the Saint Steven Basilica, Budapest, and he has been also lecturer at the Franz Liszt University of music (Budapest), and of the Faculty of Music of the University of Debrecen for composition, forms and analysis, instrumentation and solfeggio.

His first teachers were Endre Virágh, András Virágh (organ) and István Koloss (composition). From the Autumn of 1998 until 2010 he was the organist of the Virgin Mary Main Parish Church in the city centre of Budapest. In 1999 he was admitted to the Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music, where his organ teacher was Zsuzsa Elekes and his composition teacher was István Fekete Győr.

From September 2003 he was a student of Peter Planyavsky. In 2004 he started to major in organ playing at the Conservatory of the University of Debrecen where his professors were Dezső Karasszon, DLA, Szilárd Kovács and Hedvig Jakab, DLA. He graduated with honours in 2009. From 2005 until 2009 he was invited to occupy the post of organist and accompanist of the „Kántus” (mixed youth choir) of the Reformed College of Debrecen by their teacher and conductor, Sándor Berkesi. In 2013 he has finished his composition studies at the Franz Liszt University of Music in Budapest, where his professor was Gyula Fekete DLA. Mr. Virágh’s composition Trois Esquisses is published by the Ostinato Musikverlag, Salzgitter, Germany.

Outside Hungary he performed both as a composer and as a performing artist in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Holland, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia-Montenegro, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Mastercourses attended:

Ewald Kooiman (Amsterdam), Zsigmond Szathmáry (Freiburg), Antal Váradi (Stuttgart) – organ
József Ács (Eschweiler), Zsolt Gárdonyi (Würzburg), Miklós Maros (Stockholm), Nigel Osborne (Edinburgh) – composition

Prizes, awards:

2013 - Composition prize of the Hungarian Academy of Arts
2013 - „AURORA MUSIS AMICA” Composition PRIZE
2012 - International Composition Competition, Mürzzuschlag, 1st PRIZE
2011 - Composition Competition of the Franz Liszt University of Music, Budapest, 2nd PRIZE,
2011 - SPECIAL PRICE of the „Society of the Hungarian Contemporary Music”
2010 - Composition Competition of the Franz Liszt University of Music, Budapest, 1st PRIZE,
2010 - SPECIAL PRICES of the „Society of the Hungarian Contemporary Music”, and the „Béla Bartók Memory House”
2009 - SCHOLARSHIP OF ARTS, Debrecen
2008 - Composition Competition of the Franz Liszt University of Music, Budapest, 1st PRIZE
2008 - SPECIAL PRICE of the „Society of the Hungarian Contemporary Music”
2008 - SCHOLARSHIP OF ARTS, Debrecen
2008 - International Composition Competition, Oradea (Romania), 1st PRIZE (the jury gave no 2nd prize)
2006 - Singing Competition of the University of Theatre and Film, Budapest,
2006 - International Composition Competition, Los Angeles (USA), 1st PRIZE, (the jury gave no 2nd and 3rd prize)
2004 - National Organ Competition, Szeged, 1st PRIZE
2003 - First Zoltán Kodály National Organ Competition, Budapest, 2nd PRIZE, and also a „PERFORMING PRIZE” for the performance of his Organ suite (which he wrote at the age of 17)
2002 - First Béla Bartók National Composition Competition, Budapest, SPECIAL PRIZE
2022 - Bartók-Pásztory-Award

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Title Type Year
Psalm IV. Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2005
Accende lumen sensibus Chamber Music 2016
Adeste fideles Instrumental solo 2016
Allegro ritmico !to be determined 0
Aquila Chamber Music 2023
Balassi Song Mixed choir 2019
Cantemus Virginem Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2017
Canticum avium (Birdsong) Chamber Music 2020
Capriccio per marimbafono Instrumental solo 2008
Capriccioso Matuzo Instrumental solo 2016
Caprice Instrumental solo 2022
Chaos 0
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra Concerto 2012
Concerto for Orchestra Orchestral work 2012
Concerto for Organ, Brass and Percussion Concerto 2009
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra Concerto 2017
Silent Night Instrumental solo 2013
Creator of Stars Choir and solo instrument(s) 2022
Danse avec l´inconnu Instrumental solo 2014
Dialogue Chamber Music 2014
Due capricci Instrumental solo 2008
Dyptique Chamber Music 2011
Elegie Chamber Music 2015
Eucharistic Hymn Instrumental solo 2021
Fantasy Instrumental solo 1999
Faust Instrumental solo 2023
Femme Fatale 2200111XXG Opera 2014
Genesis Instrumental solo 2018
Genesys String orchestra 2017
Gregorian Notes Chamber Music 2019
Hommage á Munkácsy Chamber Music 2014
Hosanna, Sanctus Deus Sabaoth Choir with solo voice(s) 2015
Seven Choral Meditations Instrumental solo 2007
Easter Fantasy Instrumental solo 2001
Sonata No. 1 Instrumental solo 2001
II. Sonate für Orgel / Sonata No. 2 for Organ Instrumental solo 2003
Impromptu Instrumental solo 2017
Impromptu Chamber Music 2014
Intrada Chamber Music 2023
Double Fugue Instrumental solo 2000
Two Songs Chamber Music 2005
Les colueurs des vagues (The Colors of the Waves) Concerto 2020
Les visages de la lune Instrumental solo 2012
Lynx Wind orchestra 2024
Mephisto Instrumental solo 2023
Metal Music Instrumental solo 2010
Metamorph III. Chamber Music 2010
Metamorphosis Instrumental solo 2008
Metamorphosis Chamber Music 2017
Missa Brevis Choir and solo instrument(s) 2001
Monochrome String orchestra 2021
Morning Chamber Music 2018
O Magnunm Mysterium Mixed choir 2019
O Sacrum Convivium Female choir 2016
O Salutaris Hostia Mixed choir 2004
Paduana lachrymae Instrumental solo 2011
Pentagram Chamber Music 2016
Petite Suite Instrumental solo 2016
Prelude and Fugue Instrumental solo 2004
Quasi Improvvisato Chamber Music 2011
Quintet Chamber Music 2009
Rhapsody Chamber Music 2012
Risk Instrumental solo 2023
Rondeau - For Clarinet and String Quartet Chamber Music 2002
Sinfonietta Orchestral work 2012
Sonata da chiesa Chamber Music 2017
Sonate / Sonata Instrumental solo 2003
Song of Birds Chamber Music 2021
Spectre Instrumental solo 2022
Straight Labyrinth Instrumental solo 2016
Suite Bréve Instrumental solo 2023
Sonata - For Flute and Piano Chamber Music 2003
Sonata for Organ Instrumental solo 2003
Suite for Organ Instrumental solo 2002
Tantris Instrumental solo 2013
Tetra Chamber Music 2011
Tre Hymni Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2006
Tres Orationes / Three Prayers Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2011
Trinity String orchestra 2015
Triptichon Chamber Music 2013
Trio Chamber Music 2004
Trois Esquisses Chamber Music 2013
Trompeteria Chamber Music 2015
Tryptique Chamber Music 2012
Variations on Hungarian Folk Songs Instrumental solo 2006
Veni Creator Spiritus Instrumental solo 2015
Vom Himmel Hoch… Instrumental solo 2019
Variations on Christmas Songs Instrumental solo 2000
Waves Chamber Music 2014
Winderland Wind orchestra 2022
Wisp of wind Instrumental solo 2022
Sonata for Piano Instrumental solo 2018
I´m an Orphan Chamber Music 2021