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Bánkövi Gyula


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Gyula Bánkövi was born in Dunaújváros, in 1966. He got acquainted with art already at the age of 6: he studied ballett, played the piano, then the bassoon. At the age of 14, his relationship with arts was interrupted as he then wanted to become a geologist rather than an artist. At the age of 16, his interest turned to the world of jazz first, then that of comtemporary music.
He strated to study composition from Miklós Kocsár, and continued it with the directions of Attila Bozay, at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. He maintained a close connection with nature, further on too, as shown also in his first successful composition entitled Hydrophony (expressing the eternal recurrence of water).
He is interested in a wide range of genres: composes for greater chamber orchestras, children�s choirs, brass-bands, solo viola, percussion instruments and elecronics alike. He won several prizes at different competitions for composers. He is enthusiasticly seeking new soundings as well as unusual possibilities of ensembles of exceptional instruments offering special aesthetical experience.
Since 1992 he has been working for the Bartók Chanel of the Hungarian Radio as editor of specials series. His work at the Radio includes dealing with and popularizing comtemporary Hungarian music as well as monitoring, selecting, orderning disk novelties of the world market, and editing them into broadcast.

2004 Erkel Prize
2006 Artisjus Prize
2012 Bartók-Pásztory Prize
Title Type Year
4x4, Op. 31 Chamber Music 2010
5x5 Chamber Music 2011
The Danube, the River of Dreams Chamber Music 0
In the Splinterd Field of the Setting Sun, Op. 60 String orchestra 2020
The sound of the Soul - sound poem on the basis of Zemplén fragments Tape music 1997
The Girl Taken to Heaven Live and prerecorded music 2017
Porte de l’enfer, Op. 15 / The Hell´s Gate, Op. 15 Live and tape music 2003
Les fleurs du vent Symphony orchestra 2005
Les fleuves de l´obscurité, Op. 28 Live and tape music 2008
Agonia Balassiana Mixed choir 2023
Battery-Salad Instrumental solo 2018
Al secco – al fresco Solo voice(s) with ensemble 2007
Angels without Face Orchestral work 0
Angel Dance Chamber Music 2005
Ave Maria No. 1 Mixed choir 2003
Ave Maria No. 2, Op. 51 Solo voice(s), choir & solo instrument(s) 2017
Biberiamo String orchestra 2023
Biberiamo String orchestra 2023
Capriccio senza parole, Op. 37 Female choir 2013
Corale - in memoriam Luciano Berio Instrumental solo 2011
Wasps in Rhythm, Op. 75 Chamber Music 2022
Douleur fermée dans la glace, Op. 66 / Dolour Closed in Ice, Op. 66 Chamber Music 2021
Duo Fantasie, Op. 6 Chamber Music 1994
Délaissement, Op. 50 Instrumental solo 2017
Whisper of the Abandoned Angels Chamber Music 0
Lost Rhythms Chamber Music 0
Pictures from the Past Tape music 1992
Flowers of the Memory Chamber Music 2000
The Flowers of the Memory Chamber Music 2001
En arrière des nuages rouges / Behind the Red Clouds Chamber Music 2018
Conciousness, Op. 10 Solo voice(s) with ensemble 1997
Exclamations, Op. 16 Orchestral work 2002
Silver-Winged Butterflies, Op. 12 Live and tape music 1999
White Angels, Op. 39 Chamber Music 2013
Big-Head Children's choir 1994
Gli ultimi sospiri degli alberi Instrumental solo 1997
Accord(ion) Concerto, Op. 18 Concerto 2002
Brass Segments, Op. 7 Chamber Music 1993
Hydrophony, Op. 3 Tape music 1991
Thunderstorm of the Seven Humps Children's choir 2000
I misteri delle montagne lontane / The Mysteries of the Distant Mountains Chamber Music 2006
Invisible Footsteps, Op. 43 Chamber Music 2015
Kic-kac fakukac, Op. 61 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 2020
Two Songs to Pushkin´s Poems, Op. 1 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1986
A Tribute Composition to János Decsényi Chamber Music 2017
Struggle, Op. 4 Chamber Music 1991
Floating, Op. 20 Instrumental solo 2005
Light Flowers Chamber Music 2013
Lux aeterna - Hommage a Béla Bartók Mixed choir 2006
Roses of Flame Live and tape music 2004
Magnificat Female choir 2008
Glockenton ohne Gesinnung / Tollin without Persuasion Instrumental solo 2017
Miserere, Op. 14 Solo voice(s) a cappella 2001
Monochrome variations, Op. 68 Chamber Music 2021
Four-Six Choir and solo instrument(s) 2012
Orpheus Electroacoustic music 2005
Painted by the Time, Op. 32 Chamber Music 2010
Passacaglia con staccato Instrumental solo 2017
Passacaglia per orchestra Orchestral work 2013
Dialogi Chamber Music 1997
Repetitive, Op. 46 Instrumental solo 2015
Ripped rhythms Electroacoustic music 2020
Current Concerto 2002
Souvenirs de Pierrot, Op. 2 Chamber Music 1988
Spleen, Op. 42 Mixed choir 2014
L´ars-en-ciel en ombre / Rainbow in Shadow Ensemble 2017
Sonata WoO 1 Instrumental solo 1988
Chrystal of the Wind, Op. 48 Chamber Music 2016
Tactus articulatus Chamber Music 2013
Dancing Stones Chamber Music 2016
Distant song Solo voice(s) with orchestra 2005
Dancing of the Broken Glass Shoes Chamber Music 2018
Storm and Tree - Trilogy Mixed choir 1989
Itinerant Spaces, Op. 30 String orchestra 2010
Watermarks Chamber Music 2018
Night of the Green Light Orchestral work 2015
Dream in the Dream, Op. 49 Instrumental solo 2017
Dream and Reality, Op. 8 Chamber Music 1996
Transcription - César Franck: Prélude, Fugue et Variation, Op. 18 Chamber Music 2011
Transcription - Angel from Heaven Instrumental solo 2011
Transcription - Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit Ballet / Choreographic work 2005
Dissoluzioni Chamber Music 2003
Song from the Moutains Children's choir 2014
Respirations des anges gardiens abandonnés Chamber Music 2007