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Lajtha László


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

1892 June 30, Budapest - 1963 February 16, Budapest

László Lajtha, one of the greatest Hungarian composers of the first half of the twentieth century, was born in Budapest on 30th June 1892. He took his composer´s diploma as a pupil of Viktor Herzfeld at the Budapest Academy of Music and continued his studies in Leipzig and in Geneva, until 1914 spending six months of each year in Paris. There Lajtha was a pupil of Vincent d´Indy, who introduced him to the musical world of Paris and the periods he spent there brought friendship with a number of people who exercised a decisive influence on his musical language.

He began to collect folk-music in the second decade of the century, then spending the four years of the war at the front as an artillery officer. In 1919 he was appointed to the teaching staff of the Budapest National Conservatory. From 1928 Lajtha was a member of the International Commission of Popular Arts and Traditions of the League of Nations and then a member of the Commission of Arts and Letters until the outbreak of the second World War. He was also a member of the committee of the International Folk Music Council, based in London. It was in 1930 that he signed his first contract with the Paris publisher Leduc, his exclusive publisher from 1948. His international career as a composer began in 1929 with the award of the Coolidge Prize for his Third String Quartet.

After the second World War László Lajtha became director of music for Hungarian Radio, director of the Museum of Ethnography and of the National Conservatory. In 1947, commissioned to provide film music, he spent a year in London, but on his return lost all his official positions, for political reasons. In 1951 he received the Kossuth Prize for his activities in the field of folk-music. In 1955 he was elected corresponding member of the French Académie des Beau-Arts. Lajtha died in Budapest on 16th February 1963.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
1966 Béres Ferenc - Öt évszázad magyar dalai
(Ferenc Béres - Hungarian Songs Of Five Centuries)
Qualiton LPX 1292 LP
1993 Dohnányi - Lajtha: Sonata for Cello and Piano Op.8 - Sonata for Cello & Piano Op.17 - Concerto for Cello & Piano Op.31 Hungaroton HCD 31552
1993 Dohnányi Ernő: B-dúr szonáta Op. 8. / Lajtha László: Szonáta Op. 17; Concerto Op. 31
(Dohnányi, Ernst von: Sonata for cello & piano Op. 8. / Lajtha, László: Sonata for cello & piano Op. 17; Concerto for cello & piano Op. 31)
Hungaroton Own
1994 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 1.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 1)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223667 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
1994 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 2.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 2)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223668 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
1995 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 3.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 3)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223669 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
1996 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 4.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 4)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223670 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
1997 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 5.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 5)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223671 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
1997 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 6.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 6)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223672 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
1998 A magyar egyházi zene 100 éve - A Szent István Bazilika kórusának válogatott felvételei
(Hundred years of Hungarian sacred music)
Magánkiadás NL 1998 2
2000 Lajtha László: Zenekari művek 7.
(Lajtha, László: Orchestral Works Vol. 7)
Marco Polo (Naxos) 8.223673 Own
cond. by Nicolas Pasquet
2007 Lajtha László: Vonósnégyesek (Összkiadás) II.
(Lajtha, László: String Quartets (Complete) Vol. 2)
Hungaroton HCD 32543 Own
Complete edition
2007 Lajtha László: Vonósnégyesek (Összkiadás) I.
(Lajtha, László: String Quartets (Complete) Vol. 1)
Hungaroton HCD 32542 Own
Complete edition
2008 Respighi, Ottorino / Lajtha László: Kórusművek
(Respighi, Ottorino / Lajtha László: Choral Works)
Hungaroton HCD 32335
2013 Mariann Marczi: Splinters - 20th Century Hungarian Works for Piano Odradek Records ODRCD307
2014 Lajtha László: Vonószenekari művek (összkiadás)
(László Lajtha: Complete Works for String Orchestra)
BMC Records BMC CD 189
2015 Levente Puskás & Judit Váradi: Saxon Magánkiadás ISRC HU-AK5-17
2018 A fuvolaszonáták nagykönyve, 5. kötet: Szovjet és magyar művek
(The Great Book of Flute Sonatas, Volume 5: Soviet & Hungarian Works)
Hungaroton HCD 32777 The Great Book of Flute Sonatas
2019 The Masters Collection: Tátrai Quartet Hungaroton HCD 32817–19 3 CDs
2021 Tóth Armand / Lajtha László: Fák zenéje
(Armand Tóth / László Lajtha: Music of Trees)
Rabán Zeneművészeti Bt. RB-CD-01
2023 László Lajtha: Complete String Trios (Flash Ensemble) Pavane Records ADW7601 Own
Title Type Year
19 Hungarian Folksongs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 0
Capriccio, Op. 39 Ballet / Choreographic work 1944
Cinq Études (Quartet No. 5), Op. 20 Chamber Music 1934
Concert, Op. 31 Chamber Music 1940
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 15 Concerto 1931
Contes pour le piano, Op. 2 Instrumental solo 1914
Der Weckruf hallt Male choir 0
Deux Choeurs sur deux poemes de Charles d´Orléans, Op. 23 Mixed choir 1936
Deux Pieces pour flute seule, Op. 69 / Two Pieces for Solo Flute, Op. 69 Instrumental solo 1958
Divertissement, Op. 25 Symphony orchestra 1936
Des Écrits d´un musicien, Op. 1 Instrumental solo 1913
Dialogue Vespéral - Les Montagnards, Op. 16 Mixed choir 1932
Hortobágy Op. 21 Film music 1935
Hortobágy, Op. 21 (a) Symphony orchestra 1935
In Memoriam, Op. 35 Symphony orchestra 1941
Intermezzo, Op. 59 Chamber Music 1954
Stones, Castles, Men Film music 1955
Le Bosquet des Quatre Dieux, Op. 38 / The Grove of the Four Gods, Op. 38 Ballet / Choreographic work 1943
Le Chapeau Bleu, Op. 51 / The Blue Hat, Op. 51 Opera 1950
Lysistrata, Op. 19 Ballet / Choreographic work 1933
Magnificat, Op. 60 Choir and solo instrument(s) 1954
Marionettes, Op. 26 Chamber Music 1937
Missa in tono phrygio - Missa in diebus tribulationis Op. 50 Choir and orchestra 1950
Missa, Op. 54 Choir and solo instrument(s) 1952
Motet, Op. 8 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1926
Murder in The Cathedral Op. 45 (a) Film music 1948
Quatre Madrigaux, Op. 29 Choir a cappella 1939
Ouverture, Op. 19 (b) Symphony orchestra 1933
Par Ou Est Passé Le Chant?, Op. 32 Mixed choir 1940
Prélude pour le piano Instrumental solo 1918
Quatre hommages, Op. 42 Chamber Music 1946
Quatuor (Huitiéme Quatuor) No. 8, Op. 53 Chamber Music 1951
Quatuor (Neuvieme Quatuor) No. 9, Op. 57 Chamber Music 1953
Quatuor (Septiéme Quatuor) No. 7 Op. 49 Chamber Music 1950
Quatuor (Sixiéme Quatuor) No. 6, Op. 36 Chamber Music 1942
Quatuor No. 10, Op. 58 Chamber Music 1953
Quatuor No. 3, Op. 11 Chamber Music 1929
Quatuor á cordes No. 4 Op. 12 Chamber Music 1930
Quintette No. 2, Op. 46 Chamber Music 1948
Quintette pour piano et quatuor á cordes, Op. 4 Chamber Music 1922
Shapes and Forms, Op. 48 Film music 1949
Sinfonietta No. 2, Op. 62 Chamber orchestra 1956
Sinfonietta for String Orchestra, Op. 43 / Sinfonietta pour orchestre á cordes, Op. 43 String orchestra 1946
Six Piéces Pour le Piano, Op. 14 / Six Pieces for Piano, Op. 14 Instrumental solo 1930
Sonate en Concert, Op. 64 Chamber Music 1958
Sonate en Concert, Op. 68 Chamber Music 1962
Sonate pour le piano, Op. 3 / Piano Sonata, Op. 3 Instrumental solo 1914
Sonate, Op. 17 Chamber Music 1932
Sonatine, Op. 13 Chamber Music 1930
Suite No. 2, Op. 38 (a) Symphony orchestra 1943
Suite No. 3, Op. 56 Symphony orchestra 1952
Suite, Op. 19 (a) Symphony orchestra 1933
Symphonie "Les Soli", Op. 33 Chamber orchestra 1941
Symphonie No. 1, Op. 24 Symphony orchestra 1936
Symphonie No. 2, Op. 27 Symphony orchestra 1938
Symphonie No. 3, Op. 45 Symphony orchestra 1948
Symphonie No. 4, Op. 52 "Le printemps" Symphony orchestra 1951
Symphonie No. 5, Op. 55 Symphony orchestra 1952
Symphonie No. 6, Op. 61 Symphony orchestra 1955
Symphonie No. 7, Op. 63 "Revolution" Symphony orchestra 1957
Symphonie No. 8, Op. 66 Symphony orchestra 1959
Symphonie No. 9, Op. 67 Symphony orchestra 1961
Trio A Cordes, Op. 9 Chamber Music 1927
Trio Concertant, Op. 10 Chamber Music 1928
Trio No. 1, Op. 22 Chamber Music 1935
Trio No. 2, Op. 18 Chamber Music 1932
Trio No. 2, Op. 47 Chamber Music 1949
Trio á Cordes No. 3, Op. 41 / String Trio No. 3, Op. 41 Chamber Music 1945
Trois Berceuses / Three Lullabies Instrumental solo 1957
Trois Nocturnes, Op. 34 Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1941
Trois hymnes pour la Sainte Vierge, Op. 65 Choir and solo instrument(s) 1958
Variations pour orchestre sur un theme simple "Les Tentations" Op. 44 Orchestral work 1948
Vocalise-étude Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1930
String Quartet No. 1, Op. 5 Chamber Music 1923
String Quartet No. 2, Op. 7 Chamber Music 1926
Piano Quartet, Op. 6 Chamber Music 1925
Transcription - Béla Bartók: I. Suite pour orchestre Chamber Music 1913