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This is the Artist Database of BMC, which includes information about composers, musicians, orchestras, choirs and groups that are either Hungarian or Hungarian by origin or live in Hungary, as well as information about releases recorded with them.

Járdányi Pál


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

30 January 1920, Budapest - 29 June 1966, Budapest

Son of István Járdányi Paulovics. He studied between 1936-42 at the Music High School in Budapest as a pupil of Zoltán Kodály (composition) and Ede Zathureczky (violin). Parallel with his music studies he also studied ethnography at the university, where in 1943 he obtained his doctorate.

For a short time he worked as a music critic, but in 1946 he became a teacher at the Academy of Music and taught folk music there till 1959. After that he devoted most of his time to discovering folk music. From 1948 he was a member of the folk music research group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and he systematized and edited Hungarian Folk Music File volumes I (1951) and IV (1959). He gave a lecture in 1964 in Budapest at the folk music congress on Experiences and achievements in systematizing Hungarian folk music.

1952 Erkel Prize
1953 Erkel Prize
1954 Kossuth Prize
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
2005 Magyar zenei mozaik
(Hungarian Music Mosaic)
Hungaroton HCD 32330
2008 A közelmúlt magyar fuvolája
(The Near Past of the Hungarian Flute)
Hungaroton HCD 32578
Title Type Year
12 Little Pieces for Piano Instrumental solo 1939
Psalm 30 Mixed choir 1942
The Hiding Bird Mixed choir 1953
Daughter of the Pagan King Mixed choir 1952
Arietta Chamber Music 1958
Brown girl´s skirt Mixed choir 1953
Bulgarian Rhythms Chamber Music 1946
Borsod Rhapsody Orchestral work 1953
Farewell Female choir 1938
Concertino Chamber Music 1952
Concertino Concerto 1965
Divertimento concertante Symphony orchestra 1942
Forword - Cantata Choir and orchestra 1966
Fantasy and Variations on a Hungarian Folk Song Chamber Music 1955
The Sea Has Risen Mixed choir 1957
Songs of Gergő Children's choir 1959
Cotton Picker Girls Choir and chamber orchestra 1953
Dance at Dawn Mixed choir 1950
Dance at Dawn Choir and chamber ensemble 1955
Violin-ABC Chamber Music 1949
Sonata for Violin and Piano Chamber Music 1944
Violin-Duos Chamber Music 1937
Hey Mrs. Varga Mixed choir 1951
I Started to Wilt Female choir 1937
Parade March of the Home Guards Wind orchestra 1950
Harp Concerto Concerto 1959
Three Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1937
Three Choral Works on Poems by Endre Ady Choir a cappella 1937
Sonatina No. 1 Instrumental solo 1940
String Quartet No. 1 Chamber Music 1947
Sonatina No. 2 Instrumental solo 1958
String Quartet No. 2 Chamber Music 1954
Jeden, dva, tri (Saluting Kodály) Male choir 1962
Roundel Dance Mixed choir 1951
Christmas Light - For Mixed Choir Mixed choir 1963
Soldier Love Mixed choir 1950
Little Christmas Song Female choir 1938
Little Suite Instrumental solo 1942
What Belongs to Whom Mixed choir 1961
Clarinet Tutor Chamber Music 1950
Greeting of Kodály (Variations on a theme by Kodály) Symphony orchestra 1962
The Regiment of Lajos Kossuth Male choir 1953
Two Hungarian Folk Songs - For Mixed Choir Mixed choir 1952
Accompanying Music to the Hamlet Incidental music 1943
Girl Fair Mixed choir 1950
Hungarian Dance Chamber Music 1958
Melody Chamber Music 1952
Missa brevis. Ad duas voces inaequales Mixed choir 1947
It is Over... Female choir 1957
Four Folk Songs from Kide Mixed choir 1951
Oratorio to the Poem "Prologue" by Mihály Vörösmarty (Unfinished) Choir and orchestra 1966
Quartettino Chamber Music 1956
Rondo scherzoso - For Violin with Piano Accompaniment Chamber Music 1960
Rondeau Instrumental solo 1939
Savaria - For Mixed Choir Mixed choir 1963
Sinfonietta per archi String orchestra 1940
Poor Susie at the Encampment Female choir 1940
Love Songs Solo voice(s) with solo instrument(s) 1958
Symphonic March Symphony orchestra 1953
Sonatina Chamber Music 1965
Sonatina Chamber Music 1965
Sonatina Chamber Music 1952
Sonatina for Two Pianos Chamber Music 1942
Sonata Chamber Music 1943
Suite for Violin and Cello Ensemble Ensemble 1962
Szekely Rhapsody Orchestral work 1965
Broad is the Danube (Saluting Kodály) Mixed choir 1957
Sigh Female choir 1937
Terefere Tercsi Solo voice(s) a cappella 0
Along the Tisza Symphony orchestra 1951
Trio piccolo Chamber Music 1966
Dances I. Instrumental solo 1936
Dances II. Instrumental solo 1937
Dance Music Symphony orchestra 1950
Lane, Lane Mixed choir 1953
Vivente e Moriente Symphony orchestra 1963
Trio for Strings Chamber Music 1959
Variations Chamber Music 1954
Vörösmarty - Symphony in Five Sections Symphony orchestra 1952
Lone Bird Mixed choir 1952
Eve, My Dear Eve Mixed choir 1952