2 August 2024
House of Music Hungary

UMZE Chamber Ensemble: Renewable Music

2 August 2024. 8:00 pm
House of Music Hungary - Outdoor Stage
1146 Budpest, Olof Palme sétány 3.

The Renewable Music project aims to raise awareness of the global sustainability crisis and encourage dialogue on this issue within the contemporary music community. The project will present new music inspired by the idea of renewability by selected composers from the Visegrad Group countries - Máté Balogh (HUN), Samuel Hvozdík (SVK), Katarzyna Krewińska (POL) and Ian Mikyska (CZE). The commissioned works will be performed in four different concerts (in Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest) by local ensembles - the UMZE Chamber Ensemble for the Budapest concert - joined by musicians from the partner countries in the framework of the international artist exchange programme. Each piece will also be adapted to the specific circumstances of the outdoor concert venues, reflecting their links to their immediate environment. It can be said that all music is fundamentally renewable, as the musical material is inexhaustible. Each performance brings a unique interpretation by the artists, and thus renews the listener's perception of the piece. Beyond this definition, the renewability of music must be considered at the level of production, performance and consumption.
This project aims to continue the international dialogue on the subject and to delve deeper into the search for different meanings of this multidimensional metaphor.



Máté Balogh: Thoreau Second Hand
Katarzyna Krewińska: green&blue | dreamin
Ian Mikyska: Forest/Trees
Samuel Hvozdík: Stigma




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