4. December 2023.


4 December 2023. 6:00 pm
Budapest Music Center - Library
1093 Budapest, Mátyás utca 8.

"[...] a sovereign European improvisational musical language that integrates elements of modern chamber jazz, contemporary and folk music."
János Gonda (pianist, composer, former head of the Jazz Department of the Liszt Ferenc University of Music).

The lecture of András Párniczky (guitarist, composer, teacher) will build on his dissertation research, which was defended Summa Cum Laude at the Liszt Ferenc University of Music in 2022. The theme of the dissertation is the influence of Béla Bartók's music on the jazz genre, which the author is the first in the world to have comprehensively examined.



The presentation will briefly summarise the results of three years of research, presenting the results chronologically from the first Bartók-related jazz piece to the present day. It will also thematically list the areas where Bartók's influence, whether through his compositions, his ethnomusicological research or his human creed, has become exemplary for jazz musicians.
The presentation will explore the analogies between Bartók's stylistic features and the jazz idiom, which will help to facilitate the emergence of 'appropriations', as Bartók calls the incorporation of foreign elements into folk music, in their new medium. A distinction is made between independent compositions inspired by Bartók's music; arrangements of the composer's works; and improvisations in which the composer's compositional solutions are used.
An important part of the performance will be the musical interludes, in which new improvisations - inspired by Bartók's stylistic features and which have opened up new avenues in jazz - will be presented on guitar with the help of a looper. Many of these techniques can be used in music teaching.
The author, prior to this research, formed the Párniczky Quartet with the aim of performing his arrangements of Bartók's pieces (Párniczky Quartet: Bartók electrified. BMC, CD 260, 2018). The musical examples in this performance showcase both the Bartók-inspired ways in which the framework of jazz improvisation has been expanded so far, and the methods he has drawn from his work with the quartet.
Mr. Párniczky gave his first lecture at the MDW Music Academy in Vienna in November 2022 and has since received several invitations from universities abroad, with a series of English-language lectures scheduled for 2024. In Budapest, it will be heard in Hungarian only on this occasion.


András Párniczky - guitarist, composer, teacher


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