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Baráth Bálint


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He was born in 1983 in Dunaújváros as the second child of his doctor parents. His musical interest showed in his early childhood. He improvised frequently and started to learn piano at the local music school. He continued his studies at the Kodály Zoltán Conservatory of Kecskemét. His piano teacher was László Gerhát. After graduation he attended Széchenyi István University in Győr. His piano teacher was Choi Insu who improved not only his technique but also his sense of music. He finished his studies at the École Normal de Music de Paris as a student of Professor Erik Berchot.

He started to compose pieces during his last year at the conservatory at the age of 17. He has always tried to do his best as a pianist but apart from that, also to improve his skills in writing music as much as possible.

As a performer he always tries to interpret the ideas and musical concept of the different eras, but as a composer he wants to express a personal view of the universal spirit.

He is interested in almost all products of the human creative process, may it be a geometric taught, a diversified poliphonous texture or the beliefs, rhythms and melodies of an ancient culture. He believes in the interdependence and the pluralism of the different types of art. He searches the source of his compositions in the impact of the different phenomenons as well as in the inexhaustible depth of the collective unconscious.

With his musical thinking he serves progress, and tries to bring the connection of subjectivity and objectivity to the highest possible level.

2006 – Libera me for mixed choir
2007 – Chants of Atlantis for solos, mixed choir, violons, viola, cello, doublebass and harpe
2007 – Masks for wind orchestra
2008 – Ave Maria for mixed choir
2009 – Lebenserscheinungen for mezzo, violon, viola, cello and piano
2010 – Itako no arioso for flute
2010 – Dances and remembrance for violon, piano and percussion
2010 – Show your face! for two flutes
2010 – Inclusion for grand orchestra
2011 – TroUte et PiCelle Concerto for trumpet, flute, cello and piano (percussion ad libitum)
2011 – Changing world for flute and piano

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