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Bogár István


Place of Birth
Date of Birth

20 August 1937 Budapest - 26 December 2006

Istvan Bogar was born in Budapest in 1937 and graduated from the Ferenc Liszt Academy as a composer in 1963, after earlier instrumental studies.

In 1968 he became deputy editor-in-chief of Editio Musica Budapest and in 1972 he was appointed to the position of dramaturge for the National Philharmonic. Since 1976 he has been musical secretary to the Hungarian State Orchestra, under János Ferencsik, and since 1983 director of the music ensembles of the Hungarian Radio. In addition to his varied work in musical administration, István Bogar won a reputation as a composer and as a conductor, often of his own compositions.

He has appeared in recent years with the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and the Budapest Strauss Orchestra, touring Switzerland and France with successful programmes devoted to the work of Johann Strauss. This resulted in invitations from Italy, Belgium and England for further tours.
Year Title Publisher Code Remark
Neujahr in Wien - Musical Bonbons by Strauss I and II, Lanner and Ziehrer
(New Year in Vienna - Musical Bonbons by Strauss I and II, Lanner and Ziehrer)
Naxos 8.552006
Famous Marches Naxos 8.571074
Great Orchestral Classics 8 Naxos 8.570043
Brahms, Johannes: The Best of Brahms Naxos 8.551109
Discover Classical Music Naxos 8.550008-09
Stor Musik for Sma Oron - Children's Music Compilation
(Big Music for Little Ears - Children's Music Compilation)
Naxos 8.503156
Stor Musik for Sma Oron Naxos 8.570395
1988 Brahms, J.: Hungarian Dances Nos. 1-21 Naxos 8.550110
1991 101 Great Orchestral Classics, Vol.8. Naxos 8.551148
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1993 Best of Naxos 7 Naxos 8.550007
1993 Discover the Classics Vol.1 Naxos 8.550035-36
1993 The A to Z of Classical Music (Második, bővített kiadás)
(The A to Z of Classical Music (2nd Expanded Edition))
Naxos 8.555319-20 2 CDs
1994 Wedding Celebrations Naxos 8.550900(DX)
1995 Cinema Classics Vol.11 Naxos 8.551171
1995 Klassiska Favoriter Vol.2 Naxos 8.550554
1995 Bach, J.S.: Famous Works Naxos 8.553220
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1999 Flute and Orchestral Arrangements - Borne F., Doppler F., Briccialdi, G Capriccio C10831
2001 Listen, Learn and Grow: Playtime Fun and Games Naxos 8.555812
2001 A la Decouverte du Classique Naxos 8.550037-38 2 CDs
2001 Kreisler, Fritz: Kreisler Plays Kreisler (1942-1946) Naxos 8.110947
2002 Classical Moments 4: Classical Music for the Home Naxos 8.555360
2003 Cinema Classics 2003 Naxos 8.556696
2004 Art and Music: Klimt - Music of His Time Naxos 8.558146
2005 Brudens Guide Til Bryllups Musik
(A Bride's Guide to Wedding Music)
Naxos 8.557562
2005 Night Music Vol.8 Naxos 8.556822
2007 A New Year's Concert Naxos 8.571097
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2008 Panda Classics - Issue No.4: Toon Time Naxos 8.578011-12 2 CDs
2008 101 Classics - The Best Loved Classical Melodies Naxos 8.508004
2008 Panda Classics - Issue Nos. 1-3 (3CD box set) Naxos 8.503204 3 CDs
2011 My First Classical Album Naxos 8.578203
2012 Min Forste Klassiske Musik
(My First Classical Music Album)
Naxos 8.578232
2012 Great Classical Masterpieces - Bestselling Naxos Recordings 1987-2012 Naxos 8.578217
2012 25 ar med Klassiska Fevoriter
(Great Classical Masterpieces - Bestselling Naxos Recordings)
Naxos 8.578228
2016 My First Classical Albums (9-CD Box Set) Naxos 8.509003 9 CDs